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Olivia Martinez 5 May 2021
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Digital Marketing for Commercial Real Estate

Millions of square feet of commercial properties worth billions are sold, bought, and leased all around the world every year. Typically, all of them have a network of important contacts they use to draw potential tenants, still, the most successful brokerage firms and solo landlords utilize marketing strategies to promote their businesses.

Before small, mid-sized and large transactions appear, the leaseholders and brokers spend much time, trying to match the right entrepreneur or a company with the right property and display commercial property listings on strategic websites to cater to the needs of even unknown clients, or those who may be interested in commercial real estate in the future.

When committing to digital marketing strategies, workspace providers should be aware of numerous important things. As, especially in the major metropolitan areas, the markets are overcrowded, and the construction never stops. It is not that easy to figure out how to distinguish your property and make it stand out among others. Adding value to commercial venues is one of the utmost important solutions, taken by landlords nowadays.

And the value, which digital marketing offers is more measurable than traditional advertising methods. The adoption of the Internet has significantly changed the way businesses operate today. Marketing opportunities are actually endless, due to the constant access to relevant information, data, statistics, and trends. Applying technologies, companies and landlords benefit from convenient and relatively affordable ways of targeting the masses. 

Core Digital Marketing Ideas for Commercial Real Estate 

The digital age dictates its own rules and regulations, and, year over year, different strategies can influence the commercial real estate market in a different way. Very often, the owners of commercial premises don’t understand to the fullest what digital marketing tools they need to pay attention to in order to sell or let their venues on the most favourable conditions.

Here are some basic things and issues that will definitely help to grow your business, as the CRE market is an ever-expanding and prospective sphere in many countries:

1. Invest in a Website 

The first thing you should expect from the prospective customer is that this person will conduct an investigation of the commercial real estate offerings in a particular location. And, the website is the first place they will potentially visit to find out more about your company, and what you offer in general.

The first impression really matters and a professional website is able to provide your potential clients with the right one. Invest in your website to build a powerful basis for all future digital marketing efforts. The website should be a user-friendly one, as well as available and convenient to be accessed on mobile devices. Mobile-friendliness is one of the crucial factors in regards to ranking on search engines. 

2. Advertise Your Properties on Social Media 

Social media is also one of the best ways to boost commercial real estate displays and meet potential customers online. From Linkedin to Facebook and Instagram - there are multiple ways to make your properties appear before a tenant's eyes. Start a social media campaign and ensure the rental process goes even more smoothly. 

3. Take Only Professional Photos (Videos) 

Visualisation of this or that particular building is also a “wow” factor. By taking professional pictures, photographers and video-operators make it possible for you to catch the eyes of future occupants and make them choose your property instead of others.

Websites are not the only means where these photos appear. Brochures, presentations and advertisements complement the list of marketing materials and are no less important than online tools. 

4. Apply a Comprehensive SEO Strategy 

If your goal is to keep premises on the top pages displayed by Google for the long term, then you should think about a comprehensive SEO strategy. Drawing human traffic is not the only purpose of this scheme. It is also important to post relevant data about the available premises, trends on the market, news regarding the CRE sphere, etc.

In such a way, you provide everything necessary so that the search engines can notice your activity and rank you high in the list of similar pages. It is one of the most useful means to boost awareness of your brand. 

5. Create and Post High-Quality Content 

Each user pays much attention to information about brokerage firms, the presented commercial venues, as well as other related data. The high-quality content is often called an influential “currency” on the Internet nowadays.

To be good enough and to be able to compete on the market, you need to publish well-written and captivating content - articles, blog posts, market studies, and so on. Up-to-date, interesting publications make it significantly easier to create trust, draw an audience, and always keep your CRE business on the radar. 

6. Try New Methods 

In the era of digitalisation, more and more businesses rely on digital marketing to lure tenants to their commercial real estate offerings. Thus, the competition also grows higher. In order to remain a top player, one needs to move further than the traditionally known means. Embrace your creativity by catering to newly presented tools for meetups, live streaming programmes, and advertising platforms. 

Summing up 

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to sustain a commercial real estate industry. The efforts marketers take are effective and consistent. Not so long ago, the digital world was not so familiar to us. Currently, almost everything can be bought, sold, leased or rented online.

Such an approach is extremely convenient for tenants, as they don’t need to travel long distances to view available properties, there is no necessity to meet with the landlord in person to lead a conversation about the venue, and so on. 

Nowadays, the commercial real estate industry is experiencing a digital marketing revolution like never before. In today’s tech-savvy environment, commercial real estate professionals must be able to expand their marketing strategies, which include paid social media ads, quality branded websites and other campaigns.

Define your objectives and target audience and develop a commercial real estate marketing plan to get a comprehensive overview of your overall business mission. Commercial real estate companies that streamline and optimize the various marketing-related processes in their operations are most likely to experience sustained growth and overall success.

Author Bio: Olivia Martinez has been working as a Content Writer at MatchOffice. She is a professional writing expert on such topics as business, real estate, digital marketing. She also likes travelling and speaks German and French.

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