Rakefet Yacoby
Rakefet Yacoby 27 April 2021

Are You Ready to Scale and Grow Your Ecommerce Brand?

To grow your ecommerce brand you must position and increase your online visibility successfully, and the key is to be able to scale the entire process. Here is exactly how you can scale and grow your ecommerce brand.

As an entrepreneur or ecommerce store owner you are on this continual quest to find ways to grow your online business. An effective ecommerce brand requires a strong presence that is built on brand trust, brand loyalty, and your online reputation.

One’s ecommerce business can really take off if the right content and marketing strategies are implemented. Rule of thumb: The more you scale your business the easier it will be to create and focus on your brand. In the end the stronger your branding the more likely consumers will buy your products.

So, what is needed to scale and grow your ecommerce brand?

Well, let's first take a look at what steps are required to position your brand, increase your online visibility, and grow your business exponentially, and then we will focus on how exactly to scale this entire process.

Step #1 Define, Understand and Create Your Buyer Personas

One of the most basic and crucial steps when marketing your ecommerce brand is understanding your customer. The more you know about your customer the easier it will be to sell to them, since the knowledge you gain about your potential customers will serve as base for your marketing strategy and all your future marketing campaigns.

You can guess and make assumptions of who your customers are and who you think you're targeting, but you are probably missing critical data that can help you fine-tune your marketing strategy.  So the best way to collect this data and identify gaps is to create buyer personas, talk with your customer and try to understand what their questions are, then you will be able to gain great insights and then you’ll have your answers.          

Buyer personas are not real, they just represent your ideal customer. Hubspot has free downloadable buyer persona templates that can get you started.

Step #2 Map Out the Entire Customer Journey - Create a Customer Journey Map!

Now that you created your buyer personas in step #1 if you map out your customer’s journey, you will get a better idea of your buyer persona/customer’s motivations, their key pain points, and what their needs are.  If you can create a diagram your employees will be able to have a better understanding of the entire customer journey where it starts and where it ends.

Then you will again be able to fine-tune your marketing strategy and better position your brand accordingly. This will help you understand and gain insights into the ecommerce marketing funnel and then you can create content accordingly for each stage, which will permit you to pinpoint and target your customers at every stage-transforming them from “strangers” to “loyal customers”.

Step #3 Decide Which Marketing Channels you are Going to Utilize Throughout your Campaign to Achieve the Following:

  1. Increase your brand’s online presence

  2. Attract and engage customers

  3. Increase traffic, leads, and conversions

Marketing for ecommerce business entails a whole lot! Fine tuning your ecommerce marketing campaign entails constantly looking for new opportunities, channels, new strategies, and a new level of expertise that will take you to the next level.    

Step #4 Set Realistic Goals and KPI’s- and Monitor Them!

Now that you did the first steps make sure you have very clear and realistic goals set up for your ecommerce business, and setting modest but achievable KPI’s will help you pave the way to measure everything you do and to ensure that your marketing campaigns are working or perhaps find the holes where they need to be improved.

In fact, by carefully monitoring your KPI’s every step of the way you’ll be able to see where you must improve and at what stages or channels you are utilizing that are bringing you excellent results.

Each one of these steps is crucial to building a successful ecommerce brand, and you must be able to scale properly since there are many aspects that need to be covered and tackled in order to succeed in the ecommerce game. The question is, how to scale sustainably and seamlessly so your underlying business still runs efficiently, and you can make those goals and meet those KPI’s?

What is Needed to Scale and Grow your Ecommerce Brand?

1. Put Together the Right Marketing Team

Putting together the right marketing team is the key. It is crucial to find people with the right level of expertise to guide your marketing efforts at every stage needed, allowing you to focus on your core business.

2. Use Deep Job Platforms

Technology is a great ally to scale your brand. Deep job platforms can help you select the best talent for the job by using algorithms to match your needs with the skills of vetted freelancers. In addition, the deep job platform will take care of the onboarding process, help you manage and monitor your team, and provide the tools for data analytics to make sure you are meeting your targets, goals, and KPIs.

3. Hire Marketing Experts for Each Area

The best way to scale your brand is to put together a team of specialists who can focus on each area you need. Breaking down jobs into specialized tasks makes the work more manageable.

Compounding this advantage by assigning these smaller tasks to experts will ensure the task is done correctly. In addition, smaller tasks are easy to manage and pinpoint problems early on. Specialists performing smaller tasks can troubleshoot and deal with any issues that may arise before they continue to the next phase.

In Conclusion

If you manage to scale your business by putting together the right marketing team, using a deep job platform that will monitor and ensure KPI’s are met at every stage, and hiring experts for each area, then you’ll be able to focus on developing products and strategies grow your brand and business even more while your team of experts performs and executes all tasks necessary smoothly.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to scale your business seamlessly and smoothly while increasing your ROI! And well nothing will be holding you back from competing with the big guys in the ecommerce game!

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