Deni Kaziyska
Deni Kaziyska 16 April 2021

Why Should You be Using AI Tools to Enhance Your Social Media Strategy?

Artificial intelligence tools have been revolutionizing the digital marketing industry over the last couple of years. AI tools have become many marketers' best friends as they help them make better decisions, enhance specific processes, and understand consumer behaviors.

Why Should You Implement AI in Social Media?

When it comes to social media, few have realized the power that AI tools can unleash. Social media marketing tools are starting to incorporate AI for automating tasks, drawing better insights, and improving the CX and service. Let's look at these in more detail.

Create and Manage Content More Effectively

Probably one of the most time-consuming tasks that social media marketers have. It goes from turning a creative idea into a post, writing the right copy, researching the appropriate hashtags, finding the best time to post, choosing the right format for each platform, tracking results, optimizing, etc.

AI can help social media marketers create content thanks to Machine Learning and Natural Language Generation. NLG is a branch of AI that can be trained to use data obtained from reports or other sources and create written narratives by emulating the voice of your brand and creating the kind of content preferred by your audience.

It can also help schedule content to go out at the best time to reach a higher audience. Last but not least, AI can help track results and optimize the social media content strategy to obtain better results. 

Improve Customer Service and Experience

Understanding your audience's preferences is key to social media success. When you know what their pain points and needs are you can start crafting a social media content strategy around that. AI in social media helps to understand what your audience's preferences are.

This will lead to better content creation, better ads, and create changes to your strategy. Not only this, but you will be able to respond to their problems with personalized answers that will help to improve your customer experience on social media. By improving the CX on Social Media, your company will be taking one step closer to closing the digital gap that many companies still have today.

Use Social Listening to Gather Insights

The incorporation of AI into social listening tools solves a lot of issues that social media marketers have, including the speed at which insights can be gathered, being able to discover new insights or trends, and being able to benchmark analysis.

AI tools can help analyze social media posts, listen to what people are saying about your brand, help you stay on top of competitors, trends, and discover new audiences.  

AI can also help in discovering new trends within your product or service and new ways in which users might be using them. This creates new opportunities for your brand to capitalize on something you might have never thought about.

AI-Powered Tools to Help You Capitalize on Your Social Media Strategy

AI tools can help in creating, scheduling, publishing, tracking, and optimizing your social media content. Some of these AI social tools have been in the market for a while already, evolving along with the customer behavior on social media.

These are some of the trendy AI tools for Social Media marketing you should consider if you want to take your social media strategy to the next level.


An AI-based social media management tool that allows you to monitor and analyze your social media channels, gain social insights for your brand and understand your audience. It can help you understand what makes your brand special and where it stands in the market.


  • It's particularly strong on Instagram data.
  • The wide possibilities offered by the tools in terms of impressions, clicks, shares, etc.
  • The cluster functions to find relevant cross topics. 
  • Useful to compare the visibility of social media channels vs. traditional web platforms and different websites across the world with a wide category of different numbers.


  • The nature of social APIs in general. 
  • Not possible to access historic data exhaustively. Most social channels are limited in how far back they can go.
  • The stats for Social media differ from the metrics used by the platforms. 


Socialbakers is the first AI-powered social media marketing suite for brands and agencies of all sizes. They empower their clients with the largest dataset in the industry and advanced tools for easy and successful top-of-the-funnel marketing that include: Content Intelligence, Social Media Management, Social Media Monitoring, Community Management, Audience, and Personas, among other features.


  • Socialbakers' graphics are great, especially when you are in a hurry and need to export a presentation in PPTX.
  • You can work on multiple accounts on one screen
  • Very user-friendly interface and the support works very well. 


  • It's an expensive AI social tool
  • Reports can sometimes be out of date and especially the daily figures often contradict the overall result - especially when it comes to geo-tracking and target audience.
  • You can only search Influencers on Instagram and YouTube.


Persado software uses AI and machine learning to produce language that resonates most with any given audience, segment, or individual to drive action and eliminate the guesswork of copywriting. It learns & evolves with every campaign. Persado can personalize the entire customer journey. 


  • Subject lines categorized by emotion
  • Helps you gain insights into the language that motivates your audience
  • Takes the pain out of subject line writing, especially for high-volume
  • Lots of subject lines to choose from in each emotional category, from straightforward to trendy


  • Less creative control over subject lines
  • Once you use Persado, you can identify other companies that use Persado; little difference between subject lines among different companies
  • Expensive platform and not very flexible when it comes to customized contracts, pricing, etc.


Lately is an all-in-one marketing dashboard designed to pull together content, project management, analytics, and more in one place, at a small-business price. It allows social media marketers to turn any long-form content like videos, podcasts, or blogs into social media posts. It also includes features such as AI-content writer, Social Analytics, SMM, and Social Selling. 


  • Very intuitive and easy to find all the information you need.
  •  It can create multiple tweets from a 30-min long video.
  • The software is user friendly and can be used from a mobile phone and laptop at any time
  • It allows you to schedule hundreds of social media posts in a few hours.


  • Some features like the queue can present bugs when trying to re-organize posts. 
  • Queues don't work independently.
  • It doesn't have slack integration.


Pattern89 explores billions of data points in the paid social universe and helps you discover winning patterns in your social ad data. It uses machine learning to optimize bid, budget, and channel management for your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. 

Unfortunately, there are not enough online reviews yet to be able to determine the pros and cons of this AI social media tool.

Implementing AI into Your Social Media Strategy Will Give You a Competitive Advantage

AI has been becoming the marketer's best friend and now social media marketers are seeing the benefits of utilizing AI tools in their social media strategy too. Furthermore, the market growth is expected to reach USD 2.2 billion by 2025, compared to USD 0.6 billion back in 2018.

It is also expected that the use of AI-enabled smartphones will accelerate the growth of AI in the social media market. By implementing AI into your social media strategy, your company will gain a competitive advantage against those who still utilize traditional SM tools.

AI tools will help your company generate new leads by reaching wider audiences, create the right content for them to be able to connect at a deeper level, increase the customer experience, and grow your brand in this very competitive field.

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