Henny Kel
Henny Kel 4 May 2021

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for Startups

The main objective of an entrepreneur is to maximize online business sales and presence. Companies offer something unique in a competitive marketplace on their website that turns simple visitors into potential customers.

Their marketing teams concentrate on a lot of tactics, but CRO-conversion rate optimization is one technique that gives them more from existing and new traffic.

CRO is the right marketing method used to improve the conversion rate by optimizing landing pages, ad campaigns, and the overall website design. In simple words, if a visitor calls you via a business website or fills the form on it to enquire about your products and services, it’s a conversion.

The percentage of the time visitors spend on your website and inquiries is your conversion rate. CRO is a standardized process that allows you to increase the number of potential customers on your site. A potential customer is one that takes any desired action on the site, like filling out a form, calling for inquiry or becoming a customer.

CRO does not have much to do with the volume of traffic available on your website or the nature of your social presence. It’s all about the conversion of visitors into potential customers.

Some entrepreneurs are doing great on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but they are still struggling to get more consumers. A social media scheduling tool can be more helpful to generate more engagement on social platforms.

Despite running so many ad campaigns on social media platforms and search engines, a lot of business owners are not happy with the rate of customer conversion and return on investment.

To ensure the effectiveness of a CRO operation, it is crucial that you have a thorough understanding of the audience visiting your website and social media pages. Know how they navigate your website, the meaning behind their actions and what stops your website visitors from converting into potential customers.

The first thing any marketer and businessperson can do is to pursue a clear and smart goal and identify a range of practical objectives. There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your business website’s conversion rate.

Here is the list of CRO strategies that you can perform to grow your online startup business.

1. Implement Smart Pop-ups on Your Website

Smart Pop-Ups of Sign-up forms on your website has been proven to increase email lists significantly and optimize the conversion rate.

You can use delayed pop-ups, pushup pop-ups, pushdown pop-ups, and exit-intent pop-ups of sign-up forms to increase the customer conversion rate on your website. It’s better to give control of pop-ups to the visitors so that they don’t get irritated while surfing your website.

There are hundreds of amazing references for pop-up sign-up forms on the internet. You can check them and implement them on your website.

While creating sign-up forms for your website, make sure to remove extra fields, as visitors don’t like to fill lengthy forms. Visitor’s name, contact number, email ID, company name, type of business, and additional comment section would be enough for the sign-up form.

Adding only a mandatory field will have an immediate positive impact on conversion rates.

2. Add Informative Blogs on the Website

Website visitors love fresh content, so keep feeding them with informative, unique, and fresh blogs. If you provide necessary information to your website visitors via blogs, chances are, they will come back to your website more often.

And every time, you have visitors on your website, you have a great opportunity to convert that traffic into leads. You can ask your visitors to subscribe for more informative content and this way, you will be able to collect a huge email database of potential customers.

The more information you provide your website visitors, the more authoritative you are going to sound. Publishing blogs also helps you in search engine optimization.

Every time you publish an informative, new, and unique blog on your website, you’re giving Google and other search engines more content to index. This means, your website is going to show up for more searches, and more searches mean more conversions. Blogging will make your SEO practices fruitful. It’s a completely win-win situation for you.

3. Answer the Questions of Users Before They’re Asked

If you wish to improve the conversion rate, then you have to mitigate user's concerns and doubts by reassuring them in each stage of the buying journey. To do so, you should take advantage of certain reassurance elements that are the basis of a good user experience, especially when customized according to your targeted audience.

Make sure to add FAQs, privacy policies, and terms and conditions on your website. This way, your website visitors will trust you, as you are making them feel safe. Use these elements in a highly visible area of your site. Try to be a forward-thinker by anticipating the questions that your customers may raise.

4. Make Proper Use of Images

Images have a great impact on the overall look and feel of your website. Make sure to embellish your web pages with highly creative images and banners. Images clarify your services and products in crispy and short words. It’s great for showcasing your brand identity.

Get creatively designed logos and images for your website from Designhill. It is a great platform for designing graphics for your brand within your budget. You can create highly creative banners, infographics, social graphics, etc. from Designhill and use them on your website.

This is the best way to improve the look of your website. If you use images properly on your website, visitors are more likely to spend more time on your website. This is a great strategy for improving the conversion rate.

5. Set up Live Chat

Having a live chat feature on your website will help your users get immediate answers to their queries and concerns. Live chatbot option has the highest customer satisfaction rate. Live Chat will result in increased leads, conversions, and sales. By answering customers’ questions, you can become a trustworthy service provider in the market and grow rapidly.

Final Words

These are the best strategies that you can perform to improve the conversion rate on your website. Some other things that you can do are, keep page load time below 3 seconds, add engaging CTAs, use interactive email content, etc.

Your website is an asset to your business. Make it more interactive and innovative. You will surely get the best results by improvising the overall functionality, features, and design of your website.

Also focus on online advertisement, search engine optimization, and social media optimization for better conversion rates. In this highly competitive online world, you have to work with tried and tested strategies.

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