Umarah Hussain
Umarah Hussain 14 September 2020
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Things to Know About TikTok’s Rival, Instagram Reels

Ever wanted to record video clips on Instagram that go straight to your account for everyone to see at their leisure? You’ve probably heard of this concept already, but this time you’ll see videos from popular and trending accounts.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are simply 15-second videos that you can edit, chop up, add emojis, buttons, filters and much more to, to engage with your audience. These short-form content videos have a dedicated feed on the Explore page on Instagram so you can scroll through and watch the latest, most trending videos out there right now.

What you can do on TikTok, but more. Reels has currently been released in over 50 countries, in which they were first tested out in Brazil to a surge of success. Reels has it’s own ‘For You’ page of which the algorithm has yet to be locked down, which is akin to TikTok as it is influenced by those that you currently follow and interact with as well as where you’re located. 

Instagram Launches Reels, Its TikTok Clone, in the US | WIRED

What Do Reels Look Like On Instagram?

On the surface, it may just seem like TikTok offers the same exact viewing experience as Instagram Reels as you can like, comment and sift through videos at your convenience. However, TikTok allows you to scroll vertically through videos rather than having to go back to the Explore page. 

Instagram Reels looks a little something like this:

Just like TikTok, if you find a song you like, you can attach the audio clip to the video and you’re good to go! Another great thing about this tool is that you can take a peek at others’ videos and select their music to use on your own video. 

There are a lot of handy tools that you can use such as a video countdown timer, video speed adjustments, video effects and other editing tools. Once the Reel is complete, you can then use the draw and text tools on the videos as well as a selection of Instagram videos, too.

How To Use Instagram Reels For Business

Reels are a great way of showcasing your successes, products or services on Instagram that will help to build your community. If TikTok’s rise to fame is anything to go by, it could definitely be worth trying out Reels to grasp a wider net of an audience across Instagram considering 2 billion people currently use the app.

Be sure to showcase educational content that will lure your audience to buy from you. Having authentic material will make a massive difference to your conversion rates and keep people watching your content for longer. Whilst we are unsure how Reels algorithm works, it’s vital that you make use of hashtags and descriptive captions to let Instagram know what it is you’re trying to push.

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