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Laura Butler 30 September 2020
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How to Recycle Website Content for Posting on Social Media

Creating quality content takes a lot of time and effort. From researching the subject to finding the latest information, writing a well-crafted post to create appealing visuals. A lot goes into crafting good quality content for a website. Making it the perfect content to be repurposed for social media marketing content. 

To win the race of digital marketing several websites overlook the quality of content and keep updating their website and social media profiles with irrelevant information. Many businesses think posting one article each day on their website and social media channels can drive in a lot of traffic. However, they can easily lead the game by creating just a few high-quality posts for their websites and regularly repurposing their content on different social media channels.

Different audiences have different interests. Not all audiences like to read blog posts. Some prefer infographics while others prefer short videos. Rather than spending time and energy on creating different formats of content for different audiences on social media, you can create master content and creatively repurpose it to suit the varied needs of your audience. 

When repurposing website content for social media marketing, all you have to do is give it a creative flair and make it more engaging. To keep a consistent flow of content, businesses must create smart strategies to repurpose their website content and attract new leads by targeting an audience from different demographics. 

Repurposing website content also helps marketers save a lot of time and can focus on other important marketing strategies such as converting leads into customers. To help you develop a repurposing mindset, here are some of the best ways which guide you on how to creatively repurpose your great content for social media marketing content.

Repurpose Blog Posts

Blog posts can act as the most crucial tools in lead generation. Many international businesses continuously add fresh content to their business blog for search engine optimisation (SEO). These blogs also help businesses establish a leading position in the market. 

With the help of blogs, businesses offer valuable information which takes a reader from observer to a potential customer or brand supporter. Despite carrying a lot of valuable information, a great deal of blog posts are not able to gain the desired attention. If you have produced a blog post which is struggling to drive traffic, then you can consider reintroducing it by using different repurposing techniques. 

For example, you can make social media graphics in the form of GIFs, memes or quote graphics using some of the important points from the blog. Additionally, you can make an infographic or a video of noteworthy facts and figures from your blog post to make it more appealing on social media. 

Make a Webinar Inspired by Your Website Content

A major portion of the audience on social media prefers watching videos over reading a piece of content. Moreover, videos are known to have a greater impact on the audience as compared to any other type of content. 

If you have created a great piece of content which describes how your products work, then you can reproduce it in the form of a webinar or vlogs. Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram are highly efficient in conducting webinars as they allow users to participate in a webinar in real-time and drop comments during the live broadcast. Demonstrations also work well on Youtube and can help drive traffic to your product. 

Repost Older Posts With a Twist

Many times we create evergreen content for our website. As evergreen content can stay relevant for a longer period as compared to the regular content, it can be posted more than once. Evergreen content covers a broader range of subjects and does not aim at a specific topic. 

If you have some evergreen and old content which is relevant to any of the latest topics or discussions then consider posting it again. No matter whether the original content was able to generate a limited amount of engagement or it was a hit amongst viewers, reposting old content can help you promote your content once again. Your refreshed content will reach a new audience, helping you to generate more engagement. However, make sure to add a catchy caption or image along with your throwback post to make it more interesting for viewers.

Turn an Ebook into Smaller Posts

A lot of information, content and statistics go into creating a single ebook. Websites can lose their audience as they present all the information at once in a big ebook. Some readers may prefer to get straight to the facts and want specific information which is easy to access. 

If you too have a long ebook, then you can consider breaking the information of the ebook into small sections. Once you have divided the information in your ebook, you can repurpose it and create smaller blog posts, images, infographics, videos, webinars or podcasts. Later you can share these small repurposed portions of your ebook on your social media channels and can also ask viewers to visit your website to access the complete ebook.

Create a Round-up Post

A round-up post is a collection of some of the most popular content from the previous year. It describes different popular content with a link to every article. Round-up posts are helpful in adding links to a website, driving traffic to different web pages and building a search engine authority surrounding the most trending keywords. 

To create a round-up post, go through your website and segregate content in a similar category. For example, if your website aims at producing lifestyle blogs, then you can round-up a collection of “best places to visit in 2020”. Here, you can feature the blogs describing some of the best destinations. This kind of post can work well as a gallery post of beautiful images and suggestions, attracting the attention of your social media following.

The Bottom-Line

A single piece of content can be more valuable than expected. When done correctly, repurposing website content can increase web traffic, enhance conversions, boost audience engagement and improve search engine rankings across a wide range of social media marketing channels. 

Repurposing also helps businesses save time and resources, thus improving their returns on investment. Be creative and use different ways to repurpose your existing website content and publish it on different social media channels to boost your business even further.

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