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Devansh Bansal 6 October 2020
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Ensure Full-Fledged Ecommerce Development With Shopify

Shopify enables ecommerce businesses to setup stores quickly and easily. Select your favorite design theme, customize it with plugins and add a POS feature with Shopify.

If you are planning to launch a new ecommerce business, set up an e-store as an extension to your existing retail business or simply looking to migrate to a new platform, you will have numerous options to choose from. With a 32 Percent market share in the ecommerce industry, Shopify holds a significant lead over other platforms in the self-hosted ecosystem.

Shopify enables businesses to set up stores and start selling products without any waiting. Being a flexible ecommerce platform, it offers a three-tiered pricing format that starts from $29 to $299 per month meaning that you can start off small and grow with time. Also, since  it is a fully hosted platform, it eliminates the need to spend on hosting services saving a decent amount every month.

However, if you are looking for interactive features and advance integrations for your Shopify store then it is recommended to avail the Shopify development services from expert professionals. Shopify developers help you optimize on customer interactions, gain centralized access of data from online platforms, address high cart abandonment rates and automate business activities thus improving user experience.

Shopify contains numerous features, plans and applications that make it easy to customize and scale an ecommerce business. The following reasons show why Shopify is an ideal choice for most retailers:

Multiple Design Themes

The look and feel of an ecommerce store influences the customers to make purchases. Shopify makes it easier for e-store owners to choose a theme from hundreds of the available ones including minimalist style, grid-style layout, and more. However, for some businesses, the customization may be the ideal option to meet their business needs. In such a case, you can reach out to a Shopify development company for plugin development, theme enhancement, or third-party integration.

Variety of Apps to Choose From

The Shopify platform offers a wide range of applications, both free and paid to choose from. These applications enable Shopify developers to build stores faster without writing lengthy and complex code. Such apps include those including inventory management, shipping, accounting, social media integration and other business requirements. However, if you need additional features in your Shopify Admin or Store, then you can share the API access to your store and Shopify admin to an expert Shopify development company.

Multiple Sales Channel

As a hosted ecommerce development tool, Shopify enables businesses to set up online stores without requiring additional hosting services. Besides this, it also helps enterprises and SMBs to boost their online revenue by leveraging multiple sales channels — social media platforms, web stores and third-party sites. With this, users find it easy to synchronize customers, products and orders on various sales channels using the admin panel of Shopify.

Shopify website owners also use email automation to send automatic emails to potential buyers and engage them by sending shopping cart reminders, view buyer interaction with email, and so on. Additionally, Shopify businesses also leverage dropshipping features that enable them to sell products of established stores like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. and gain commission from the sale without having to list their own products or carry out deliveries on their own.

Mobile Optimization

As per Shopify, the mobile sales accounts to about 80 percent of total online purchase which is much higher from other devices used to access digital retail. With a mobile-friendly Shopify website, businesses engage with mobile users at their convenient time and send personalized product recommendations, advertisements, push notifications etc. thereby increasing conversions. Moreover, a Shopify mobile application enables businesses to accept payments, manage order deliveries, view dashboard containing customer behavior reports, inventory status, and overall marketing and sales analytics thus adding to the convenience of Shopify users.

POS Feature

Shopify's Point-of-Sale feature enables businesses to turn their iOS or Android devices into cash registers enabling payments on the go. With this feature, retail businesses can do transactions in a physical store or pop-up setting. It makes it easy to find items, process orders, swipe credit cards, generate receipts, and everything else from your iPad or smartphone. By integrating a point-of-sale application with your Shopify store, retail businesses are able to keep track of their customer information generated from online as well as offline stores.

In a Nutshell

Apart from these five advantages, there are other reasons to choose Shopify for ecommerce development. The built-in blog feature, SEO features, or cart abandonment recovery, and numerous other features allow Shopify owners to convert the inbound and affiliate traffic to sales.

Besides this, Shopify subscribers have access to more than 100 payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, PayMill depending on client’s geography and customer’s usage. With high customization capabilities, easy store management, excellent customer service, built-in SEO, and omnichannel sales features, Shopify is the preferable choice of a large proportion of retailers.

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