Alice Herman
Alice Herman 29 September 2020

5 of the Best Ideas to Boost Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most important and influential marketing tactics that brands can leverage. Not only to grow sales, but enhance brand engagement, build trust, expand reach, build awareness, and gain many more benefits from organic marketing. So, explore these ideas on how you can build a stronger brand presence through these results-driven word of mouth marketing ideas.

Word of mouth marketing is a productive and cost-effective way to create new leads for many companies. As per Nielsen's report, it is taken into consideration that 92% of consumers trust suggestions from their family and friends more than branding. 

Nowadays, customers search for online info before making a purchase. At that time, word of mouth becomes a natural and vital part of the purchasing process. For as far back as any of us can recollect, every one of us has been relying on our close one's suggestions while making a purchase. 

Be it that you are making a purchase of the best brand of shoes to cars, you look for recommendations from your friends and family. Therefore, word of mouth is hugely influential for consumers in today's digital age.

Knowing about the importance of word of mouth, it becomes essential for brands to leverage word of mouth (WOM) marketing perfectly to gain immensely profitable results. 

Word of Mouth Marketing - A Brief Introduction

Word of mouth is a form of advertising your brand organically through your fans and happy clients. It is a substantial and crucial way of marketing your product. It is due to the reason that happy clients who generate such content genuinely care for your product. 

In simple words, word of mouth marketing or WOM marketing makes customers talk about your brand. In this way, you can transform your customers into a fan.

They will create authentic content and will never say bad things about it. To put it in simple words, the advertisers or marketers try to make something worth talking about and then effectively urge people to talk about it. 

Word of mouth marketing is being on the lookout for an exponential referral chain that brings nonstop traffic, leads, and sales.

5 Best Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas

All in all, now the question is how to motivate your intended audience and the local community to spread the word about your brand? The answer is listed here. First of all, give them something worthy to spread a good word, making it easy for them to do so. So, now let's jump into the subtleties of these two ideas underneath.

1. User-generated content

User-generated content is the content created by the users for a particular brand on a social media platform. UGC can be any content from blog posts on brand websites to Instagram posts showing shoppers wearing your product. By obtaining UGC, it helps to talk widely about your products. 

Also, your brand can put forward some incentives for promoting your brand. You can also offer some points or other perks by having a referral or affiliate program for your clients' different types of content. 

Ask your customers to produce content using their product and send the pictures to help them win free products or gift cards. One of the other ways of boosting WOM marketing is by asking them to get their friends to vote on the post and help them win. 


2. Host giveaways

If you are beginning out with your brand, then organizing contests and giveaways is a good way of WOM marketing. If you are starting with your brand or business, you can think of giving away free products. 

You can have entries from customers at your social media channel and share the giveaway that offers them a chance to win the prize. It is an organic way to reach new audiences. 

3. Ask for reviews

It is always better to gain more and more positive reviews about your brand. One of the trusted sources for influencing consumer decisions is recommendations from others. Unless asked, many of the individuals will not review your product or services by themselves. 

Therefore, it is a wise time to make use of call-to-actions. In a perfect world, you need positive audits. However, in any case, if you receive a few negative reviews, then also respond to them professionally and politely just like you would to positive reviews. 

4. Create shareable content

Social media is word of mouth marketing exemplified. Through this, the individuals can share content and comments on brands that matter to them. It is essential for you to create content that is valuable, fascinating, and seeks client attention worthy of being shared. 

It is an asset for the brand if the brand is shared by their clients, whether it be an infographic, blog post, videos, photos, or anything else. You get more audience to reach when the content is shared more.

5. Arouse emotion

Creating values and emotions goes hand in hand. The content that provokes high excitement among consumers usually gets a high promotion. People are more likely to share content where some emotion is put forward. Nobody likes to share an 'OK' experience. People usually move with the things that make them happy or emotional and share the content.

To Summarize - Encourage Word of Mouth

Take your business or brand to the skies with a solid word of mouth plan that pays back. Besides, you can build high brand recognition by creating a word of the mouth marketing campaign and also get advancement in sales.

In a world where everything is digitally and socially connected, word of mouth marketing is high-reward lead generation at a low cost. Do not leave any chance to surprise clients with your awesomeness, which, as a result, will make them spread the word of your brand all across the land.

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