Ankit Kharola
Ankit Kharola 5 October 2020

Why You Should Have an FAQ Section on Your Website

An important part of any SEO strategy is to understand what potential customers are looking for in search engines. Learn how to use the FAQ section to answer these questions.

Search engine optimization aims to understand what's going on with googlers. It's not just that you answer questions from visitors to the website, but it also seeks to answer the things that the visitor doesn't even know to ask.

The front page and services page do not need to answer all possible questions, as these pages should usually be easy to see and provide just the right amount of information without creating a headache for the reader.

For these reasons, it's a good idea to make an FAQ page that answers all the most important questions that visitors can ask. Therefore, your website provides answers to these questions in a reasonable manner. When done correctly, search engines also prefer these pages in search results, where the FAQ section increases the customer experience at the same time as it increases the number of organic visitors to the site.

What Are The Benefits of Using The FAQ Partition?

As I mentioned earlier, the FAQ section increases the organic visibility of your site. Let's take a closer look at how this supports your SEO strategy:

Search engines can see that a site knows a lot about something. It's more likely that the page will rise in search results, as search engines are always trying to find the best information for applicants.

A better chance of getting a so-called 'featured snippet', where Google provides a larger search result and a snippet of the page's content directly into the search results. This snippet appears above other search results, allowing a large number of visitors to usually click on it. Below is an example:


This allows your site to answer questions directly in search results. When you press a question, you'll see an answer with links below it. This is one of the rich snippets formats and it raises the authority of your site in the eyes of your browsers and allows more and more people to find your website. Below is example :  


Enabling UGC (User generated content) on your website can give customers the ability to add answers to the FAQ section. This makes the content of your site richer and more approachable. Visitors' posts on the site also indicate to Google that the site is good and thus increases its ability to make better investments organically.

Most importantly, however, a well-done FAQ section raises your site's customer experience, which ultimately appears as growing conversions.

How to Find The Right Questions in The FAQ Section?

When you make an FAQ section for your site, you may think of the idea of asking questions just to take advantage of your own professionalism. If you get different questions from customers every day, why don't you just put most of the questions you want on the site and get it done? The truth is that search engines are asked of things you never could have imagined. Some may write questions colloquially or in their dialect, while others ask such practical things that the service provider takes them for granted. There are many reasons, but it is important to remember that there are a lot of tools to find the right questions and they should be used. Below I have listed a few free ways to search for the right questions on your FAQ page.

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a great place to look for questions that people are looking for on Google. From there, you'll see the words and phrases that you type on your site that appear on Google, or that have been used to navigate to your site.

In Google Search Console, you can manually search for questions about your service by using queries, for example, "how", "how", or "when.". This works well when your site already has some kind of search engine visibility. You can also download keywords directly, in Excel for example, where you can filter all questions.

People Also Ask Box

People Also Ask is an interactive widget (rich snippet, which I told you about above) that appears in Google's search results and allows you to browse similar questions. So the widget works in practice so that when you click on one question, a few new questions and answers will appear as an extension of the queue. This is a very good and easy way to find relevant questions on your FAQ page, as one of your goals is to get to this kind of search hit. If your content is in English, you can use this site, for example:

Related Searches

One easy way to find questions is to explore google's related searches. These can be found in most searches and are located below the search results. However, you should look into these with a reservation, as not all questions are relevant to you.

Google Trends

Even if you can't directly find questions in the Google Trends tool, it's still a great tool to search for trending words. Search for words related to your service and press "Related queries" to see which words and phrases are searched around your service. Works well when your services are searched for a lot, or if your content is written in English.

I'm going to add to this list one paid way to look for the right questions. If you want a very affordable and very useful tool for searching for keywords, then I highly recommend this tool. is used in our office every day and is a good and simple way to find words and phrases that are searched from search engines. For example, when you search for "How much does a pool cost," the tool will show searches related to that sentence. For example, you can search for a "swimming pool", so the tool will show you all the things you've been looking for around the pool. So when you want to save time and effort, take this or some similar tool.

Learn more about optimizing the FAQ section: How to optimize your content for Q&As


Once you've finished your questions, we need to help search engines better understand what the FAQ section really contains. This is done by adding structured data to your site's HTML, so that search engines can better see that it is an FAQ section and therefore be able to raise issues they see as important directly to search results. When doing this in practice, please read the instructions here.

When you want to get better results in search engines, be sure to take advantage of the FAQ section. When you think about the right questions, you should include the ones you know are certainly important. For example, it's a good idea to use the tools I've mentioned to help you complete your strategy. When the FAQ section is complete and you've entered it on your website in a pleasant way, you'll have another competitive advantage against those players who haven't realized it will be an advantage.

In search engine optimization, you should always remember that ultimately we improve the site for customers, not search engines. So keep in mind that the site serves customers well, so the results will follow suit.

From Cliffex we are experts in the development of mobile applications and will be willing to help you with any questions that may arise regarding the mobile app development.

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