Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma 29 October 2020

Social Media Campaigns: 5 Amazing Ads You Can Get Inspiration From

Want new ideas for your next social media campaign ad? Learn from the best. Here are some creative social media ads that you can look to for inspiration.

When a social media user is scrolling through their feed, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. If your social media ad isn’t engaging or captivating, you’ll ultimately lose out.

Sure, the platform gives you the opportunity to reach out to a massive audience. 

But whether you are able to utilize the chance successfully or not totally depends on how creative you are. If you are looking for some ideas for your next social media ad, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, let’s take a look at some of the most innovative social media ads so that you can learn from the best.

5 Great Examples of Social Media Campaign Ads That You Can Learn From

While it’s not a good idea to copy these social media campaign ads directly, you can always look to them for inspiration. They can help you take your social media marketing efforts to the next level.

Witty, eye-catching, sentimental — this list has it all, along with an explanation of why they work and what you can learn from them.

1. Dollar Shave Club

While other grooming brands take a gendered approach to marketing, Dollar Shave Club takes a bold, progressive stance. Their social media creative breaks gender stereotypes with just two words and a creative graphic.


Image via Vagabomb

Why This Social Media Campaign Ad Works

The message clearly portrays the company as a forward-thinking brand that isn’t afraid to challenge the norms. While it takes on a complex social problem, the ad uses very few elements to communicate the message.

The focus is on the similarity of the products for both genders. 

It’s simple, yet intriguing enough to interrupt your scrolling. Even the ad caption gets straight to the point. The conciseness of the ad creative and the graphic makes sure that your attention stays on the concept.

What You Can Learn From This Ad

  • Succinct copy and clean graphics work best to communicate a powerful idea
  • Highlight your brand’s values via social media ads
  • Don’t be afraid to go bold

2. Slack

Everyone knows long work emails are an energy drain. Slack picks this idea up to highlight its USP. The ad positions Slack as a powerful tool that can bring more efficiency to workplace communication.


Image via Nanigans

Why This Social Media Campaign Ad Works

It’s an ad that resonates with professionals across industries. Inefficient communication and pointless emails are relatable corporate problems. 

The best part:

Instead of dwelling on the problem, the ad shows users what it feels like to use their product. With the playful use of bright colors, Slacks paints a happy picture. The ad is fun, imaginative, and refreshing. 

Their catchy tagline, “Make Work Better,” reiterates the message that their tool can improve the way we work.

What You Can Learn From This Ad

  • Focus on how your product makes your customers feel
  • Use memorable taglines
  • Use eye-popping colors and imaginative visuals to grab audience attention

3. Kriser’s Natural Pet

Pet wellness store, Kriser's Natural Pet, knows that photos of cute animals are a sure-shot way to stop prospects from scrolling further. 

In this social media ad, they’ve shown an adorable puppy being pampered and groomed to give viewers a glimpse into their grooming services.


Image via WordPress

Why This Social Media Campaign Ad Works

“Show, don’t tell” — that is a well-known technique of marketers all over the world. 

It’s always more effective to let people experience something rather than you telling them what your services are like. Through smart use of visuals, Kriser’s Natural Pet manages to do exactly that. Instead of using words to market their grooming services, they showcase them in action. 

Their mantra for online marketing is simple: Be straightforward, yet charming.

What You Can Learn From This Ad

  • Showcase your products/services in use
  • Use endearing photos to get audience attention

4. H&M

Who doesn’t love an amazing discount? 

H&M’s social media ad leverages incentives to invite users to shop with them. 

Their social media ad cuts straight to the chase. Right up front, they give users a reason to engage with them — they can get a 15% discount. 


Image via Instagram

Why This Social Media Campaign Ad Works

Even before they showcase their products, H&M tells users about their discount. There are no elements or distractions in the ad. 

The focus is on highlighting the discount. Also, note how the color red is used for the text as well as the CTA. Not only does it make them stand out, but it also subconsciously creates a sense of urgency.

All the other posts in the Carousel ad showcase their products with rates. Seeing the products further encourages consumers to make a purchase.

What You Can Learn From This Ad

  • Use bright colors to encourage users to take action
  • Leverage carousel posts to showcase multiple products
  • Highlight your discounts or rewards prominently


LEGO’s ad for their astronaut training program used eye-catching visuals to create an imaginary universe. It’s whimsical, colorful, and extremely creative. 

The ad doesn’t have a catchy tagline, but the amazing graphics are enough to grab anyone’s attention.


Why This Social Media Campaign Ad Works

As a brand, LEGO embodies the spirit of imagination and innovation. With this creative ad, they clearly communicate their brand’s values and what it stands for. 

What’s more, they are not trying too hard to get people to join their event. Instead, they use a very low-commitment CTA like “View Event” to dial down the pressure. It’s casual, yet inviting.

What You Can Learn From This Ad

  • Create an imaginative scene
  • Use striking colors 
  • Don’t sell your product/services too aggressively

Ready to Rock Your Social Media Campaign Ad?

What a blank canvas is for artists, a social media ad is for marketers. It presents a world of opportunities to reach out to your audience and get their attention. From building a QR Code strategy for a contactless menu with their tech-savvy audience, marketers have done it all.

Some of the best social media ads have a few qualities in common — they are original, innovative, and stay true to their brand. Remember these points while you’re designing an ad for your brand.

Which one of the ads showcased above did you like the most? Please share your opinion in the comments section.

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