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Emorphis Technologies 12 October 2020

How RPA Impacts Business Strategies During The Covid-19 Crisis

What is automation of Robotic Processes? It is automation software that uses AI and ML resources to effectively manage repetitive and high-volume activities previously performed by people employed in an organization. Furthermore, how is it different from traditional IT automation? The response is that enterprise RPA software systems should adapt them in the best possible way to new circumstances and conditions.

When RPA software is developed to train in the successful analysis and capture of the action for a particular process, there is simultaneous manipulation of data with the initiation of new behaviour and contact with other systems.

Besides, RPA software tools have been useful for those organisations that operate under a complicated structure and need regular interaction.

Thus, it could be well said that RPA is now the backbone of most of the organisations during the difficult period of today (due to the ongoing pandemic via Covid-19). In such drastic circumstances, it becomes necessary to adopt the given RPA automation tool. It is because of this that your company strategy will change forever and for your benefit too.

A leading American management consulting company called Mckinsey is conducting research. According to them, the RPA programme has influenced all company practises in the four major workplace regions, which are as follows:

Automate your Workplace Activities:

Various study results contradict the argument that the individual job would not be absolutely replaced by automation. Instead, it will occupy those unique jobs that will need automation to improve their efficiency. Besides, another false fact that is condemned by them is that routine-based operations are easily automated.

They also pointed to the fact that RPA would have the least impact on industries that are capital and hardware intensive. Why? This is because these industries are sluggish and require more time to profit from the investment, and automation is also costly.

On the other hand, software-based industries such as financial services would reap the greatest benefits of investment in automation systems such as RPA. The explanation behind it is that they can generate value at a lower cost and shortest time.

Re-Defining of the Roles of Work after Automation Takes Over:     

As it has become clear that automation can alter the working processes of workers in industries, it involves the redefinition of their positions and duties with regard to their profile.

Researchers have found out that with the current level of technology; only 5 percent of the occupation can become fully automated. So, opting for redefining the position would enable the employees to take automation in a positive note. Besides, it will also free them ample time to use creativity and focus more on high-value work and allow automation to take care of the repetitive tasks.

In addition, working with ML would enable RPA in any given mission to diagnose hidden defects that will help to increase the competitiveness of the organisations by giving them a better outcome. It is thus going to have a huge effect on delivering the best RPA service solutions to their customers.

Great Impact on Administrative Jobs Rather than Customer-Facing Roles

If you want to provide good customer service; then start offering the customers what they need. For that to happen, the service rep needs full knowledge of the clients' past, their issues, and steps taken to alleviate that.

RPA bots will easily connect to various record systems in such a scenario and effectively provide the representatives with information at that moment. Furthermore, they shift the focus from housekeeping to the software bots, that frees the reps and allow them to focus on taking strategic decisions for effective customer service.

It is the human decision that makes RPA useful for administration, because it is not possible to substitute the given action once taken. Employees employed in the administrative role would then have to make room for the intelligent computer that is provided. On the other hand, employees working in customer-facing roles can collaborate with RPA to offer greater services to their customers.

After going through the above aspects, the study will include some of the impact areas in detail through RPA that will assist business leaders to make better choices and gain access to the full gain.

With the widespread havoc caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic, RPA has emerged as the best choice for using digital techniques and building a fresh road to success. Few places have seen the effect of the automation tools delivered and have actually accelerated the direction of a form to give it real business value. They are:

  1.  The requirement of minimum workforce
  2.  High speed differentiates RPA system with traditional system
  3.  Higher quality has made majority of firms to have faith around RPA
  4. Great potential to deliver, thanks to new capabilities


As per the report, it was made clear that most companies face a similar challenge: how to open the protection of the office and how to quickly get the critical business operations back to the road. The role of the RPA service providers comes to the fore in such instances.

While business strategies will be disrupted, their effect will be too far and in favour of the companies. RPA automation will help the companies in accomplishing goals, and will offer additional tools via digital strategies to create a perfect solution that will be right for them, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

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