Madelyn Wilson
Madelyn Wilson 9 October 2020

How Businesses Can Use Data Automation for Company Growth

Artificial Intelligence is bringing in the privilege of automating many tasks in your business. It not only saves time but also brings in more productivity.

Machine learning is advancing steadily, enabling computers to understand natural language patterns and think somewhat like humans.

The advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are increasing the prospects of businesses to automate tasks. With automation, you can save time and bring in more productivity for your business.

The following are how automation will take your business to the next level:

Performing Repetitive Tasks

Some tasks in business are repetitive. An example will be entering sales figures into the ERP system. Data entry operators work the whole day typing the numbers. For such repetitive and mundane tasks, it makes more sense to automate them to increase efficiency.

Automation can enable you to create adaptive solutions. As an example, consider the case where your salespeople need to add massive amounts of figures to the database for running reports. You can simplify the process with automation by letting the system pull out the information from order sheets and inventory information on pricing.

Speed Up Data Analysis

All companies possess a massive volume of data, regardless of their size. Even small companies often have an enormous volume of data that is cumbersome to manage. It is almost impossible for a human to extract all the facts from the data and make a report. It is precisely where the reliable role of a machine comes in. A machine--the computer--can accomplish such tasks in a short time. It can generate a chart within a minute or create a presentation for you in no time.

By automating tasks you can do a lot of useful things, such as forecasting sales and setting goals for your sales team, looking at the sale numbers for the territories you cover, etc. You can also find out the strengths and weaknesses of your business. And at the same time, you can also generate business insights that help you make the right decisions.

With automation you can guard your business against the negativities of incorrect figures by creating accurate reports.

Accurate Inventory & Logistics Management

Proper inventory management is key to productivity and efficiency in business. And data automation can play a vital role in the process.

There are many businesses worldwide that are adhering to the old ways of doing things. They do not keep track of their inventory or use a manual system for the tracking, neither efficient nor fast. The significant inefficiency often leads to issues, such as running out of the fast-moving items or piling up slow-moving items, etc. In such eventualities, cash flow related issues will crop up, and customers will become unhappy, taking a toll on your business.

Again, it is where automation can play a decisive role. It can track the sales, alert you when you should place orders, show you the fastest shipping methods for the orders, etc. Likewise, automation also helps employees to execute processes more efficiently. Consider an exemplary case, say a customer makes an online purchase, then the software searches throughout the inventory and selects the warehouse with the highest stock of that item and then fulfills the order. In this way, the employees can focus more on quality control and better customer service than double-checking figures.

Improve Customer Relationships

There seems to be no need to say that no business can thrive without good relationships with customers. If you fail to build good relationships with customers, you are out of business.

You can rely on customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows you to connect with customers for solving problems and make them aware of the trends in vogue. For example, a shopper purchases from you every three months, but five months have elapsed without a purchase at a time. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for your salespeople to keep track. But, if you automate such tasks, the system will take care of when to alert your salespeople. The system will automatically generate reminder emails, remind salespeople to make a phone call, etc.

Lower Operating Costs

There are substantial costs associated with running a business. You can reduce the operating costs by automating some of the tasks. Once you lower the operational costs, you will see an increase in your profit.

But, you might find it somewhat challenging to choose the automation tasks. As a rule of thumb, you can select the automation tasks that do not call for human thought but a sequence of steps that could be accomplished with computer logic. For example, all paper-based processes can be automated, such as digitally signing documents and contracts and managing business expenses.


Automation is gradually making inroads to businesses. It speeds up data analytics and frees humans from many repetitive tasks, allowing them to concentrate on other important tasks to scale up the business.

When it comes to speed in data analysis, automation is second to none. A system can sort, analyze, and generate reports in a short time. If a human does that, it will take several days.

With the popularity of AI increasing day-by-day, the software prices are also likely to come down. As such, smaller businesses will also be able to automate some of their processes.

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