Tabish Khalid
Tabish Khalid 15 October 2020

What to Ask Your Designer Before You Start a Website

Designing a results-oriented website is a huge undertaking. It can easily overwhelm a person, especially if he or she is new to web designing. As a professional, you know the purpose of building a website is to provide your customers with a smooth, transparent, and engaging experience. In this regard, web designing agencies play a critical role in making or breaking a website.

Whether your business needs to build a website from scratch or want to revamp its existing website, you must choose the designer carefully. This can be possible by asking the right questions before hiring a design partner. Such questions include asking about expertise, analyzing their design portfolio, design style quality, and more. Doing so will not only help your design partner to get a clear understanding of your project but also help you in spotting your website in front of a wide-eyed client.

Here is what you should ask from a web design company.

1. What Kind of Research Do You Conduct Before Designing?

Successful web design starts from doing wide research of a particular business or industry before even starting the concept of its design. Partnering with a web design agency that can thoroughly understand your business, target audience, and business market is, therefore, the first step.

Even though a lot of web design agencies can design websites for any kind of business, however asking about their specialties is essential. As your prospective customers are the way to breathe the soul to your business, designers must need to build their design strategy keeping in mind your customers.

2. What Are Your Criteria of Offering Services?

In the plethora of web design agencies claiming to be the best, everyone cannot fulfill the distinct needs of your business. Believe it or not, but some companies don’t even have the qualified in-house staff, and they outsource your project. This may sometimes result in project failure or delays due to miscommunication and other such factors.

So, if a potential web design company is handing over your project to a freelancer, you need to be aware of the designer working on your project. Doing so will help in avoiding any misunderstandings on either you’re or the client’s side and will deliver a website that completely aligns your business needs.

3. Do You Offer Readymade or Custom Web Designs?

A lot of web design companies offer both tailor-made and ready-made web designs to meet the needs of diverse clients. Some clients want to provide a unique look and user experience to their customers, while some want pre-made web design templates. Ask your web design partner what they offer and discuss what your business needs.

4. What is Your Design Process?

Process plays a vital role in making or breaking the design of a website that varies significantly from company to company. Every design agency follows its own web design procedures that are used to implement each design project. Knowing the process, the ways to implement them, and how these impact on your project helps in deciding whether you should take service from a particular company or not. Not only this, but you also need to know about the team that is going to get involved in your web design project.

Ask your chosen web design partner if they are going to show you a documented design process or if they are using any project management software. Finally, settle on a web design company that ensures to keep you in line with the tasks, budget, and deliver the project on the estimated time. Checking the speed efficiency, site navigation, mobile-friendliness, and other such things can also give you valuable insight into the prospective web designer.  

5. Will You Show Your Design Portfolio?

Analyzing the portfolio of previously designed websites of the chosen web design company is effective in evaluating the quality of their work. Not only is this helpful to give you an idea about their performance level but also help you decide whether their design standards meet your industry or not.

Reviewing the portfolio includes making sure that the websites they designed are modern, well-crafted, and align with the business. After doing this all, you will be confident in finalizing a web designer for your website.

6. How Much Time Do You Take to Complete a Project?

The duration of finishing a project depends on its complexity level, the ability of a web designer to meet the deadlines, and more. By thoroughly understanding your project requirements, a potential web designer can give you an estimated time of delivery and provide you the schedule accordingly. Not only this, but a web designer should also elaborate the factors that can affect the estimated deadline and where the issues can arise.  

7. What Testing Do You Perform Before Launching the Website?

Testing is the most critical task that must be done before launching the new website. The reason behind it's necessity is to ensure a smooth running of websites on various browsers. So, your chosen web design partner should conduct browser testing on several versions of Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and more.

Not only is cross-browser testing essential, but designers should also ensure doing cross-platform testing. Additionally, web designers should follow a checklist that makes sure to cover all the basic aspects before the launch of a website.

Connect with the Best Web Design Company by Asking the Right Questions

Deciding on a web design partner from a pool of top-notch design agencies is not easy. You need to ask about a designer a lot more than just blindly trusting on their verbal talks. This is why asking the right questions, and settling on great answers is an ultimate way to connect with a reliable graphic design agency. Connect with the best web design company such as Designster to turn your complex business ideas into simple and functional website solutions.

From generating ideas to design, deployment, and more. Designster is a one-stop solution to satisfy all kinds of web design needs with great quality. Connect with Designster to get a website that is appealing to your target market, provide them the required information, and convert them to your regular customers.

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