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5 Ways to Use Backlinks And Increase Visitors to Your Website

Backward links are links that allow you to go from one site page to another. When someone places a link on your site, you get a backlink from them. Having a backlink to your site makes it more authoritative and visible to search engines. It is evident that the resource is useful to the internet community and receives attention from other websites related to the same area.

Backward links are valuable for three reasons:

  1. Rankings. Search engines treat backlinks as signs of trust. The more trust your web pages have, the higher they will be ranked when they produce results for relevant search queries.
  2. Easy search. Because search engines visit accessible pages more often than unpopular pages, they will find your content faster if it is back-linked from popular pages.
  3. Referral traffic. Backward links exist to direct people to what they are most interested in, so people follow them.

It is not enough just to know the benefits of backlinks. It is also essential to use them correctly for this site promotion tool to be effective. In this article, we will look at 5 ways to apply backlinks to increase traffic on your site.

Write Unique and Interesting Content Using Backlinks

Do you know how Google's search algorithms and other services work? They are primarily looking for engaging and useful content. It manifests itself in absolute uniqueness, structure, and readability. Just 10 years ago, it was enough to write in the text as many keywords as possible in an unreadable form for the search engine to index the page. Now, this method spells a failure.

Qualitative content using backlinks must meet the following criteria:

  • 100% uniqueness (verified by authoritative services)
  • Readability (no complex or illogical sentences)
  • Relevance
  • Structurality (use headings, subheadings, and listings in the text)
  • Prescribe meta title
  • Add "Share" buttons for social networks if you publish content yourself
  • Publish texts only on sites that are adapted for mobile devices
  • Do not use broken links
  • Use a readable link
  • Use relevant key phrases with a readable link to the text

These recommendations will help you write quality content with a backlink to your site. This text you will need to place on several reputable web resources that correspond to the topic of the link.

Don’t Forget About Effective SEO

Search algorithms change every year, but they are always based on relevant keywords and phrases. You should use backlinks in articles and publications where keywords are inserted. The subject matter of these keywords and phrases should correspond to the content of the anchor inserted in the text. For example, if you use a link in the text to your website about cars, then the article’s topic with the keywords must correspond to this meaning.

Only in this case, search engines will find the return link useful and correct, adding to it a few rating positions. Also, the organic use of backlinks increases user feedback. Hardly anyone would want to go to a site about microbiology if the article itself is about the entertainment trends of young people.

Several rules form the correct SEO-structure for an article with backlinks:

  • Application of key phrases in the title, subheadings, metadata
  • Presence of subtitles on the second level
  • Structuring of the text and availability of lists
  • Uniqueness
  • The text should be well written

If you do not know the peculiarities of search engine optimization, it is better to entrust the process of writing texts with backlinks to professional authors. They know exactly how to achieve the necessary readability and correct the occurrence of key phrases.

What is the advantage of SEO when writing texts with backlinks:

  • A page with your backlink will be better indexed by search engines
  • Users will navigate directly through the anchor if they are interested in the text content
  • Your site will be easier to find, as it will get to the top of search engines
  • ROI increases

Another important topic relates to broken links. The fact is that the promotion of web resources through link building was relevant 5 years ago or more. It means that, over time, previously active links may be lost or damaged on the pages. For example, if a page with an anchor was moved or removed because of its irrelevance.

It cannot be avoided in the future as it is impossible to buy links forever. Sooner or later, they will lose their relevance, or the site will stop working. It can happen in six months, a year, five years or more. Your task is to check your resource for broken links on external resources periodically.

There are several ways to get rid of this. For example, ask the site owners to replace the remote page with a new one with unique content and a similar old link. It requires effort, but the result will be positive.

Use Different Types of Content with Backlinks

We have already written above about the fact that content with backlinks should be interesting. It is true, but you can't publish texts on the same topic all the time. Content must be divided into different formats and themes to reach more users.

According to statistics, the following types of content are the most valuable for users:

  • Useful compilations
  • Infographics with statistics or relevant facts
  • Comparisons
  • Videos
  • Lists

These types of content are easy and fast to read, so they reach more target audiences. And such pages are easier to share with friends, which greatly increases the reference mass. Most importantly, use truthful information that you won't have to disprove later.

Use Only Authoritative Sites for Backlinks

As you know, Google and other search engines do not publish information about how they check the site’s credibility. But the credibility of the site improves the indexing of pages and links that are placed on it. It means that you should try to place anchors only on verified and indexed sites. This parameter is influenced by the uniqueness of content, the correct structure, and much more.

New sites without a good reputation with search engines can publish your articles with backlinks cheaply or even insert anchors in the already published content. But this will only harm your site because the search engine will not take this external link into account when indexing.

Don't Build Up the Reference Mass Artificially - Be Consistent

A common mistake in promoting your web resource using backlinks is buying them in bulk. You can buy 10,000 or more anchor placements at a time, but in most cases, these will not be reputable sites with very poor Google rankings. The highest quality guest posts are posted on blogs that you choose by one or the other criteria. Before making your choice, go to that website yourself and review its publications and statistics.

The site should be updated frequently and be popular with the audience. Make sure it is easily searchable by key query or domain. It means that its search engine promotion is well done and Google algorithms index pages for specific keywords.

Search algorithms are gradually improving, and now the quantity and quality of content are coming to the fore. You will have to create a unique and fascinating article for each anchor that the audience wants to read. It will take at least one year to promote a blog or other web resource using guest posts. Use the methods described above to achieve a guaranteed result.


Guest posting is one of the most affordable methods of search engine promotion of your site. You need to be creative to come up with valuable content. Perhaps you want to trust an authoritative service and automated publication of guest posts on verified sites. It all depends on you. Know that this method is still effective and it is superior to many other SEO methods in cost.

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