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10 Best Global B2B Ecommerce Websites to Expand Your Business in 2021

According to the Forrester Research, which came out in January 2020, global B2B ecommerce websites "will reach $1.8 trillion and account for 17% of all B2B sales in the U.S. by 2023.” Moreover, according to the BigCommerce report released in 2018, “Ecommerce is no longer nebulous for B2B but a driving force. Merchants need to take advantage of that growing opportunity or risk being left behind."

Business-to-business (B2B) has turned out to be the fastest growing business in the IT industry. As the use of smartphones increased up to around 2.71 billion users, the growth of digital businesses is surpassing every prediction and expectation.

According to the Forrester research, which came out in January 2020, global B2B ecommerce websites "will reach $1.8 trillion and account for 17% of all B2B sales in the U.S. by 2023.”

Moreover, according to the BigCommerce report released in 2018, “Ecommerce is no longer nebulous for B2B but a driving force. Merchants need to take advantage of that growing opportunity or risk being left behind."

The core reason for the massive outreach and unstoppable success of online B2B marketplaces is the many advantages and facilities it provides to the market. It ensures bringing consumer and supplier together and building an avenue for improved trading practises. Furthermore, it creates multiple channels to have a progressive business online through the distribution of goods and facilities. Showcasing wholesale goods and an optimized outlook to reach out and indulge the target audience.

In 2021, as predicted by Forrester Research, the B2B ecommerce transaction would reach up to $1.2 trillion. The basic aim of marketers is to provide convenience and transparency to end users that will make them stand apart and outshine the fierce competition. Today, 74% of B2B consumers carry out online research before making a sales decision and over 91% of users use mobile devices to search for a product online.

This throws some light on certain aspects as the key factor to ensure your prosperity. The factors include transparency, authenticity, clarity, mobile-friendliness and engaging aspects in your content. With such traits present in your B2B business model you will be able to take a leap to success. With so much said about the scope of B2B industry and the core aspects to drive success, let's learn about some of the leading B2B marketplaces in 2021 below:

  1. Amazon
  2. eWorldTrade
  3. Global Sources
  4. eBay
  6. AliExpress
  7. MadeInChina
  8. Flipkart
  9. SnapDeal
  10. ETrade Asia

Amazon - Credited For its Unmatched Diversity

The ecommerce industry chart presented by Statista shows Amazon enjoying the highest position in the online retail industry. Not only this, it provides around 250 million products belonging to a diverse range of industries. Amazon is the biggest ever online marketplace with its product ranges from apparel to books, health and beauty to electronics and lifestyle. Despite being enormous in size it never fails to keep its customers contented. It provides highly professional product delivery.

Moreover, keeping user convenience in mind, Amazon provides a product specification number that makes the buying journey serene and hassle free. The uniqueness of the platform lies in its commitment to deliver exceptional quality products. The many service features of the platform bring it among the top names of the B2B industry.

eWorldTrade - A Gateway to Wholesale Shopping

eWorldTrade, renowned as the premier B2B ecommerce company, has paved its way to success by delivering promising quality products. The website is vast and its interface is so seamless that it ensures creating a hassle free and engaging buyer’s journey. Those who are looking for a wholesale avenue, eWorldTrade is the best spot. It’s a go-to place for retailers and consumers for being in search of credibility and massive online reach. 

The moment you step on the platform, you get catered with the most professional customer support services to guide you about the ins and outs of the platform. If you are a retailer you get to showcase your products with a high definition image and a precise description with keywords indexed to ensure easy accessibility. 

For buyers, eWorldTrade offers a window to shop from top brands and manufacturers under a single roof. You can set your desired filters and discover products of your specification; thus, cutting the time one is likely to waste while shopping.   

Global Sources - Provides Region Specific Products

Global Sources is a proud B2B venture, functional for over 49 years. With a unique approach to connect with targeted prospect, the brand stands apart with an uncanny approach. It caters and facilitates to over 1.5 million active users from across the world. However, Global Sources is known for its provision of region-specific products. This China-based company has uncountable Chinese suppliers and manufacturers who offers distinctive supplies.

eBay - Promises Most Trusted Product Delivery

eBay is one of the oldest B2B ecommerce platforms. Established back in 1995 the platform not only provides a large variety of products but is known for having archaic collections as well. What you cannot find anywhere else is available on eBay, that's what most of its active consumers believe.

eBay has always opted for distinctive product delivery services. One of its special features which has boosted its fame recently is the individual top auction section the platform provides. There you can auction your stuff freely and get a good price for your stuff. Now that's called bringing an innovative idea in the B2B ecommerce industry. - The Premium Chinese B2B Marketplace

Do you know that around 62% of the buying decision is entirely based on the digitally published content? Well, that’s true as one of the premier Chinese B2B marketplace has shown the industry how to efficiently utilize its content to garner attention towards the website.

The brand is known to have more descriptive and well-structured product description and other content forms all organized with a single aim- to lure the prospect closer to the product. This China-based B2B firm has broken all the ecommerce sales records by appearing in the list of leading companies within such a short duration. Undoubtedly, is preferred by a huge target audience who are active users in the B2B industry.

AliExpress - Provides Amazing Deals & Discounts

Whether you plan to purchase sewing accessories, block heel sandals or an exquisite emerald ring, AliExpress has it all. The brand after leaps and bounds gradually paced up and surfaced itself among the top retailers in the B2B industry. With an interactive website having seamless navigation, consumers enjoy every second spent on the site. Moreover, it provides an ample range of products from automobile & motorcycle, toys, kids, babies, jewellery & watches, consumer electronics, phones & telecommunication, men's and women's fashion.  

Made In China - Ensure Region Specific Products

Coming up next in the series of top B2B online marketplaces is Made In China, a hub of Chinese retailers and manufacturers. For those who are fond of Chinese products, this is the go-to platform for you. You can search through a well-organized inventory of products and enjoy most competitive pricing. The platform though ensures region specific products buts gives an avenue to a wide range of leading brands and companies.

Flipkart - Door To An Enhanced Buying Experience

Flipkart is a renowned India-based B2B marketplace which facilitates users with an enormous product range. The platform gives an avenue to thousands of suppliers and manufacturers belonging to a vast range of industries. It's one of the most favourite and widely recommended shopping ventures in India. And with its promising services, it has surfaced itself among the credible names around the globe. Furthermore, Flipkart offers the most exciting deals and bundles to its active users. It encourages online shopping and make it more convenient for the consumers and retailers to indulge in a stress-free shopping experience.

SnapDeal - The Leading Avenue For Electronics & Gears

Launched in 2010, this progressive B2B ecommerce marketplace - SnapDeal - has emerged for providing exceptional deals and packages on electronics of all kinds. You can find the most advanced gears and gadgets and indulge in an incredible shopping experience without any trouble at all. You can set your required specifications through optimized filters on the platform. It helps in cutting down your time in product discovery and helps you connect with promising consumers in no time.

ETrade Asia - Renowned For Its Global Outreach

ETrade Asia is yet another India-based B2B marketplace known for its wide range of products and exceptional customer support. It's an online store for consumer electronics, electronics and gear. You can find a wide collection of highly integrated and advanced machinery and electronics provided at the most competitive pricing. The platform facilitates services to thousands of valued customers and encourages B2B business with its unmatched approaches.

Wrapping Up

B2B ecommerce platforms need to be designed keeping accessibility, convenience and appeal in mind. You need to know what factors can create a hurdle in your buyer’s journey and things that must be added to ensure the utmost facilities to active users. If you want to excel in such a crowded industry, you need to find out that one aspect that can make you stand apart. 

So, that's all about the scope of the B2B ecommerce industry and how to win over the hearts of your target prospect. If you are a consumer you can check out the aforementioned platforms and pick the one that goes well with your needs.

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