Mayur Panchal
Mayur Panchal 18 November 2020

8 Steps to Build a Perfect Mobile App Marketing Plan in 2021

This article will help you with 10 easy steps to build a perfect mobile app business and marketing plan.

Millions of apps are available on the App Store as well as the Play Store. So, how will you make your app stand out of the crowd and get noticed by the people?

Just developing an app will never be enough to make it successful. What if users are not able to recognize your app? Will it be beneficial to you in any way?  With app development, a perfect mobile app marketing plan is essential.

Mobile app marketing plan covers everything right from the first user interaction with your product to how they will become loyal users. The ultimate goal of mobile marketing is to gain traffic by letting users know about your app.  So, are you interested to know a complete process of building a mobile app business plan?

If yes, then this article will help you best with 10 easy steps to build a perfect mobile app business plan. These 10 steps are divided into three parts based on the marketing stage your app reached.

Steps To Follow For Developing a Mobile App Marketing Plan      

Stage 1: Pre-Launch Stage

So, this stage is built aiming at the awareness of your products and services. Here you’ve to plan how to reach your targeted audience. Below are the few steps covered under this pre-launched stage of your app marketing planning.

#1  Market Research to Know Your Customers

One of the most common mistakes which every business does is not having proper market research about their targeted audience. Henceforth, when you start the development of your app, it is crucial that you have the needed data for your targeted customers and your competitors of the specific app category.

Know your customers, see what solutions are they looking for and how you can solve them. In your marketing plan, address the pain point of the customers. This will attract users to your mobile app.

#2 Know the Expected Date of Your App Release

If you have built an app for Android as well as iOS, then you need to be careful regarding their timelines. Apple is more strict with the app launch guidelines in comparison to Google. So, be much adequate for choosing the launch date of your app.

Above all, even have a look at the nearby events which are relevant to your mobile app. This will gain the users’ attention to the app launch.

#3 Build a Landing Page or Website

To the fact, the mobile website is one of the best sources for reaching out to the targeted audience. So, we would recommend you to build a landing page or website for your app marketing. Keep adding newer contents to your website in order to stay in touch with the audience. This is the most lucrative mobile app business plan for your marketing.

#4 Social Media Marketing

The most influenced way to get in touch with the audience of your interest. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on for your mobile app marketing. Create some short clips and gifs for your app launch and post it on the various mediums to get the user engagement.

#5 Make a Content Marketing Strategy

It is advisable to write the contents like blogs, press releases and more. This will keep users engaged in your business and they will develop an interest in your app launch. Some of the benefits which you get from the content marketing strategy are as mentioned below.

  1. Drive traffic and brand awareness for your app
  2. Blogs will help you to build a trust
  3. You can use the blog content for email marketing
  4. Easy to build a brand and become an expert in your niche

Stage 2: Acquisition Stage

The best part is possibilities are endless with the user acquisition stage. Though, it is crucial to try different and creative strategies for getting the maximum downloads. The main goal at which every business aims after the app launch is getting the maximum downloads in the first week. Below are a few steps that you can follow for the same.

#6 Paid Strategy

If you have enough budget then going for paid advertising is the best option for mobile app marketing. You can start paid ads on platforms like Google, Linkedin, Facebook, and so forth. Point to note here is if you’re going for the paid social media ads, then remember that people have a short span of catching an eye to your message. Therefore, being quick in conveying your message.

#7 App Store Optimization (ASO)

It revolves around optimizing your app so that it could be shown on the top apps whenever a user searches for it. App Store Optimization is just similar to search engine optimization in Google.

The main goal is to increase the visibility of your app to the user and ultimately increase the downloads. Sometimes it may happen that people may love your app but could not find it because the app is not available in their language. ASO will help you best in this situation.

Stage 3: Retention Stage

Most people think that once they’re done with the acquisition stage, they can sit back and relax. But the same is not the situation, you need to keep the user engaged in your app by proving new features. Thus, include a retention plan to add new customers to your list.

#8 Push Notifications

It has been seen that push notifications have increased user engagement to 88% higher. And the fact is higher the user retention higher will be the ranking on the app store or play store. Give some lucrative offers to the users in order to let them use your app.

The Ending Thoughts

The most crucial point to always take a note is to never do over-marketing or oversell. The above given are the few points to always remember when you are going for a mobile app marketing plan.

You can make some ups and downs in the steps given above based on your business apps. So, good luck with your mobile app marketing plan!

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