Manish Rawat
Manish Rawat 9 November 2020

8 Ways Augmented Reality Can Supercharge Your Sales in 2021

AR is the way of the future and has been adapted by many companies because of its various benefits. Find out how it can boost your sales as well.

Sales are the backbone of every industry and no matter how advanced and sophisticated, if a company can not generate sales, there is no point it can survive in the future. For ages, we have seen people pushing the envelope in terms of sales and trying new methods to boost their selling power. From door-to-door selling to advertising and shopping festivals, all are the tools to increase sales.

The next entry in the list of tools to boost sales is augmented reality. It is the new way of eliminating various hurdles from the sales channel and offering an amazing experience to the customer to help them make an informed and willing decision. AR has helped companies by increasing their effectiveness and efficiency of their sales processes and has increased their numbers.

What is Augmented Reality?

In simple words, augmented reality is an interactive experience for the user where they can use the technology to experience or review something through computer-generated perpetual information, by utilising multiple sensory modalities like visual, auditory, haptic somatosensory and olfactory modes. It has its benefits similar to those you get when you implement AI and machine learning in apps. Here are some examples of companies who are already using AR with great results.

  • The New Yorker: Through animated AR models of the front and back covers of their magazines they give an immersive experience to users.
  • Vespa: Links up its printed magazine pages using AR where customers can scan the ad and create their custom scooter from all the available options.
  • Volkswagen: Uses AR features for print marketing like billboards. Customers get interactive advertisements through their app.
  • Manor: Customers can scan their printed catalogue pages and get video footage of cover shoots and various other features.
  • LEGO and IKEA: Both companies use AR for their printed catalogues. Users can scan a product through the app and see a 3D model and how it will look in the real world.

How Can Augmented Reality Supercharge Your Sales?

If it is still not clear, let me put it in words for you. You need AR to increase your impact as a company and give your customers a better user experience. Here are a few points to make you understand better:

1. Get Instant attention

Marketing is based upon grabbing attention and AR is the way to do it in 2021. A report says more than 50% of users want to see how any product they are going to buy physically looks and feel. It’s a great way to create AR models of your product and make them available through apps, to generate enough buzz around your products. 

2. Interactive leads on outboard channels

Interactive channels like emails and social media have immense potential for promoting your product, but creating attention-grabbing and convincing content for them is challenging. Through AR you can send interactive content which will immediately pique the interest of your prospect.

3. Better demonstration

To create convincing sales you need to demonstrate the benefits of your product and match them with the requirements of your prospect. If you deal in something massive or heavy, naturally “showcasing” it in front of anyone is not going to be an easy task for anyone. With the help of AR, you can make tasks much easier. You can use the AR generated models and show them through the app to the prospect. You can easily draw attention to any feature of the product you wish, make real-life comparison and demonstration, through an easy to use and interactive screen.

4. Effective storytelling

Storytelling is a great tool for making sales, especially for some products created with a vision. With AR you can take your storytelling to another level and create compelling anecdotes to put your point across. Create an immersive experience through AR and explain your ideas with the help of visual and sensory aid.

5.Reduce delay

Using AR for making a sales pitch and explaining the utilities gives users a complete idea of the product in context to their environment. This eliminates the need for multiple interactions before anything substantial can be decided.

A complete AR demonstration of the product helps the user to create a better understanding of what the product is about and how it can benefit them. They can simply forward the link of the demo to the other relevant partners like stakeholders and decision-makers and save precious time. All this makes the decision-making process fast and straightforward and removes any lag from the process.

6. Memorable experience

Creating a pitch with AR will create a greater recall value from any other method. This experience will give users something to remember when they have left the meeting. Your product will stay with them even when they check other options. Even if the deal is not closed, whenever the user will think about making that purchase, your name will be at the top of their head.

7. Save resources

Using AR for making sales pitches is the easiest way you go for. It is simple, convenient and fast. You can send a complete demonstration and explanation just by sending a link. With augmented reality there is no need of sending the product for preview, hence saving you a lot in transportation and travel cost. AR will generate 3D models of the products in all variations, sizes and colours.

8. Structured and easy to operate

Using a standardised process is always easy and efficient. Data shows that sales professionals spend only 34% of their time in making sales. The rest of the time is wasted in struggling with paperwork, data entry, making presentations, keeping records and whatnot. With AR backed sales pitch, the need of doing all that hefty paperwork diminished and sales professionals can focus more on what they are supposed to do. They can make better decisions by data-driven reports and analytics.

In Conclusion

Recent times have introduced many technologies to us and AR is here to stay. Companies have already been using it towards their benefits and you should too. And why not? AR has solved many issues related to demonstration and giving better user experience from a distance.

Visit Ray-Ban’s website and tell me what you didn’t try some of their frames yourself. Or go to Royal Enfield and create your custom bike on their AR backed website. AR is doing wonders in terms of expanding brand influence and 2021 is the year when more and more companies will be joining this race.

Get in touch with experts who know how to evaluate mobile apps and discuss what value AR can bring to your app. It's better if you see what benefits you can get from AR and utilise it before it's late.

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