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Vlad Hughes 13 November 2020
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5 Top Trends in Cannabis and CBD Branding and Packaging

Find 5 trends that are in cannabis branding and packaging. If you want to grow your cannabis business, you should know all of the trends that will help to grow your business faster. Also you should check the state regulations and requirements before starting the design of the packaging and production of the packaging designs. Creative designs that follow state laws build trust.

In the U.S. pundits forecast sales to reach as high as $37 billion in 2024 compared to sales of about $13 billion in 2019. More states are coming on board the green wave with legal medical or recreational use. The support of Americans for the legalization of cannabis has increased tremendously.

With the stigma erased from its dark past, the number of legitimate cannabis-related businesses is on the rise. The marketplace is fierce. It is important for companies to establish their connection with customers by differentiating themselves from competitors.

Cannabusinesses that place a premium on effort and creativeness have an opportunity to convey their story, establish a personal link that makes their clients come back and even bring new customers. The top-performing companies treat marijuana packaging and branding as part of their product. The looks of the packaging are just as important as the high-quality of the item inside.

With a myriad of products on the shelf of a marijuanna dispensary, a CBD package should attract attention to a potential buyer. Cannabis consumers are becoming mature in their selection. They are aware of the harm the package does to the environment, so the material should be eco-friendly. It should meet the guidelines and regulations like child-proof seals and FDA approval. The CBD packaging must be stylish and maintain the freshness of the product inside.

Here are 5 branding and packaging trends that will hold in 2020.

Packaging that follows the rules

Just as cannabis laws vary in every state, so does marijuana packaging. Check the state regulations and requirements before starting the design of the packaging and production of the packaging designs. Creative designs that follow state laws build trust.

General labeling requirement

Although labeling requirements vary by state, there are general labeling requirements that must be followed by all.

Medicinal or recreational cannabis products should not take the shape of people, fruits, or animals. Logos on cannabis packaging are exempted and can take any form as well as edibles, which can be marijuana leaf-shaped. The concentration levels of cannabinoids should appear from lowest to highest percentage.


Marijuana packaging containers such as jars and bottles are required child-resistant (C-R) caps to keep children from consuming cannabis products.

Eco-friendly packaging

Many Americans are aware of climate change as a growing global crisis. Packaging materials that are not sustainable create a waste problem. Buyers would shift their purchasing and consumption if the product is not eco-friendly. In Canada, there were about 10,000 tons of packing waste during the first year of legalization.

Cannabis is promoted as a green industry, it follows that producers and manufacturers will use packing materials that are biodegradable. Adult-use cannabis can be bundled in hemp-based sacs and paper products. Green, amber or blue glass containers have innate UV filtering capacity that will keep the potency of the products and cut the environmental effect.

Many companies are packaging cannabis with materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable instead of waste ending in a landfill. Some are discarding unwarranted packaging or consider packaging that can be reused by customers. There are three eco-friendly cannabis packaging trends that will be noticeable as the cannabis industry progresses.

  1. Reduced packaging trash: Trimming useless shipping and packaging materials
  2. Eco-friendly materials: Hemp, cotton, glass, recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable materials
  3. Non-toxic design methods: Plant-based dyes and inks, embossing, etching, biodegradable adhesive

Creative point of sale display

Once the product is displayed on the shelves in the dispensary, it will be side-to-side with other products. A buyer will have a myriad of choices and the packaging that catches the eye is a step ahead of the other brands. A knowledgeable buyer expects clean sides, lively tints, and minimalist designs in the marijuana packaging. Contemporary designs will have high-grade graphics and logos and will contain classy options such as:

  • Clean outlines and elegant package schemes
  • Stamped gold and silver sheet, and frosted glass
  • Intelligent brand marketing meant for professionals
  • Emphasis on friendly logos
  • Designed for the target market

A professional design should be able to distinguish between medicinal cannabis products and recreational use to guide buyers.

Grow Methods Matter

Just like food, consumers are inclined to all-natural cannabis products. The growing methods will take the center stage and they would want to know how you cultivate your goods. The merchandise should be produced without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or other artificial agents. Include the percentages of cannabinoids in your products for THC, CBD, and terpene.

As there are a lot of types of cannabis strains, such as cannabis strains for creativity, for insomnia, etc and that is why transparency is also very important, consumers would like to know the type of strain and what it does. The packaging should speak for itself whether it is for medical or adult use. Naming the cannabis products will move away from scientific names and declarations, and center on the feeling and benefits of either medicinal or recreational cannabis.

Poking Fun 

Producers of cannabis are having fun from creating intelligent gags about the wrong ideas about cannabis usage. Packaging designs may use description labels not meant to insult but to create a relaxed vibe when using cannabis products. Some examples:

  • Don’t panic, it's organic.
  • A joint a day keeps the bad mood away.
  • Just wanted to say high.
  • A friend with weed is a friend indeed.

These statements may be followed by evidence of medicinal and health benefits.


Vlad Hughes is a business development manager and digital marketer at Cannabiz Supply. He has over 5 years of experience in the cannabis industry, specialized in writing different educational guides on Marijuana packaging topics, cannabusiness digital strategies, laws etc.

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