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Trudy Seeger 26 May 2020
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Top Tips to Promote Your Movie Songs through Instagram

Instagram has taken the world by storm. With it, the music industry has evolved too, especially movie songs; in particular, the way they’re published and marketed these days.

Musicians rendering compositions for movies use Instagram, which is feature-rich and drives super engagement, unlike other social media platforms.

Apart from song creation and recording, a music director needs to manage and supervise all aspects such as getting gigs, graphic designs, website development, and of course, managing their Instagram presence. Therefore, you can use Instagram to promote any movie songs irrespective of the genre. Movie songs are popular among the young generation in the age group of 18-34 years, who use the internet and another group in the age bracket of 25-34 years use Instagram.

According to an article published on, Instagram has more than one billion users, monthly and over 500 million users daily, making the photo-sharing site the most engaging social media platform. Here are some of the best tips to promote your movie songs via Instagram:

Improve your bio

Not many movie song composers pay that much attention to optimise their Instagram bio, which is effective in introducing your work and build engagement among your fans. When it comes to the bio, there is not much scope to tell your story; you have only 150 characters to do so. Therefore, you need to use it smartly. There are many creative ways and approaches to make the most out of your Instagram bio. Here is how:

Let people know about the kind of music you create. Though it is sometimes difficult to fit a couple of your movie songs into a specific genre, then you should try it at least. Again, you can post Instagram content about the popular songs you have created; it could be anything like a recording, a musical event, a tour, or the latest releases.

There are other content to post like awards, achievements, or career highlights. No matter what content you publish on Instagram, be honest and candid about the same. It means all your awards, accolades, and accomplishments should be valid. If any big media house or industry influencer reviewed and appreciated your movie song, include those too in your Instagram bio, but in a short and snappy way. Remember that you cannot use more than 150 characters. If you have a music team, include their Instagram handles as well. 

Diversify your visual content on Instagram

Instagram is the best platform to promote your movie songs through images and videos, and therefore, some music composers are leveraging the platform. Use visuals in creative, innovative ways to promote your movie songs, indirectly. Think of some interesting behind-the-scenes facts related to your music and post those on Instagram. Do not forget to add the link to stream or download the songs in the caption segment.

When it comes to videos, you can post 60-seconds live or recorded visuals in your posts. These videos could be appealing to your targeted audience, which helps in promotion and user engagement. You can also use a still photo with a music snippet if that works for your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Make smart use of text

You can always use text-based content, blogs, on this photo-sharing platform in the caption section. Yes, you have the liberty to add 2,200 characters, at the most, in the captions, which comes to 300 or 450 words including space. Again, you can post your blog on any other platform and upload the relevant screenshots as image posts.

When it comes to Instagram, many users read the captions provided your story or content piques interest. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, use high-resolution images of a current concert, especially the popular movie songs sung, and next write a concise blog telling an engaging story about the concert. These little things matter a lot when it comes to the promotion of your movie songs on Instagram.

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