Adele Thomas
Adele Thomas 28 May 2020

Offline Marketing in a Quarantined World

The streets are empty, people are staying indoors and your offline marketing efforts are suddenly feeling a bit pointless, but they’re not. There are so many ways you can still market and push your brand, even in a quarantined world.

The first step is to understand the world around you, what’s increased, what’s decreased and what type of offline marketing is going to provide your brand with the best opportunities.

Naturally the online world is receiving a lot of people’s attention at the moment and so also utilising online marketing alongside offline is going to give your business that extra push you might not have received previously.

What type of Offline Marketing should I use?

Before you start crafting your next bus stop advert, which frankly isn’t going to receive as much attention as once planned, you need to look further into the world of offline marketing.

Personalised Gifts

Have you ever received a branded gift? That’s offline marketing. That delicious piece of personalised chocolate, which landed on your doorstep gave you a moment of luxury that was addressed just to you, with ‘Thanks’ from one of your favourite brands, or perhaps a client you recently worked it.

In the current world we live in, personalised gifts is a great method of offline marketing that will continue to build the relationship you have with that brand, without having to leave your house.

If not chocolate, then maybe a greetings card or gift card or even a unique discount that enables them to engage with you online at a time that suits them.

Printed Advertising

With people being stuck inside all day, reading a book or magazine could be part of their new routine and so being visible to your audience through print is another great way of getting in-front of people.

Whether you’re advertising a product or being interviewed, conveying the right message in these current times could make a huge difference when it comes to people learning about your brand for the first time or simply engaging further and continuing their journey by checking you out online.

You should also take into consideration however, that the current lockdown may lead to more people opting for an online subscription of their favourite magazine, instead of a physical one, so it’s always worth checking out both options.

Of course, depending on your audience and demographic, you may still find printed media is worth your time and money, due to the lack of online audience.

If you wanted to try something at a lower cost which would target people more locally to your business, flyers and leaflets can be a good option – if you do them properly.

When it comes to preparing and creating a flyer, you need to ensure there is just the right amount of information presented, so not to overload your potential customer with too much information that they lose interest.

Get straight to the benefits; keep them short, sweet and simple with added details that include how they can find you online, give you a call or send you an email.

TV Advertising

If you have the budget for it, expanding your offline marketing to the world of Television is definitely going to get you seen. In the UK alone there are 28.5 million homes with a television and we watch over 19 hours of TV every week – and that doesn’t include streaming services.

If you do want to target streaming services, you could potentially open the door to over 13.3 million homes of which some kind of streaming subscription.

If you factor in the current world events, these numbers are surely going to reach higher numbers, as much people stay inside and find entertainment in the means on their TV and streaming services.

Radio Advertising

The current pandemic has also changed our listening habits, so much so that popular radio stations such as Capital FM and talk station LBC reported an increase of listeners by 15% with BBC radio stations increasing by 18%.

 Creating a radio ad could be another successful offline marketing opportunity, especially if you want to advertise locally or nationally.

Don’t forget to utilise offline with online marketing

Offline marketing is by no means dead; in fact, currently offline marketing could potentially have more impact now than ever – although under unfortunate circumstances. With that though, marrying your offline and online marketing efforts together will ensure you have a well-rounded marketing strategy.

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