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Aditya S 28 May 2020

Landing Page Optimisation: 13 Tips to Increase Your Conversions

Landing page optimisation aims to improve the feature on your website to gain more visitors. An optimised landing page ensures to improve your conversion rates. Check out these 13 tips to boost your conversion. Read on...

Landing page optimisation aims to improve the feature on your website to gain more visitors. An optimised landing page ensures to improve your conversion rates. It lowers your customer acquisition costs, gains more leads, and maximise the worth of your ad spend. The main factor behind landing page optimisation is to promote features which make the audience stay engrossed in it.

However, one of the biggest challenges faced by marketers is landing page optimisation. On average, a standard landing page converts around 1 to 3 percent. It is a truth that you don’t get the best result for the first time. It requires a lot of testing, optimising, and learning to improve conversion rates.

According to the statistics of WordStream, only 52% of the organization tests their landing pages to learn ways to improve conversions. Testing is said to be the backbone of landing page optimization. There are two ways to measure the results depending on what you test and how much traffic you get.

  • A/B Split Test: This is the most simple and common method of testing a landing page. This lets you compare two distinct versions of a page to analyse which one converts best. However, changing too many aspects of the competing landing page will make it difficult to conclude which change actually increased the conversion.
  • Multivariate Testing: Though this is more complicated than your A/B split test, it can analyse the results faster. Multivariate testing works better, especially if you want to test multiple elements on the page. As the name suggests, it helps to test many variables at a time.

It is sure that landing pages are more customer-oriented than on specific products or services. Despite analyzing and solving the test errors, there are more tips to increase your landing page conversion. Below are 13 tips to boost your conversions, read on…

1. Being a minimalist: Simplification is the key here. The number of actions on the landing page should be restricted. Avoiding extra forms and other unnecessary functionality will lead to more number of conversions. The more minimal the page is, the more it will attract visitors.

2. Make your offer clear: The goal here is to make your customers feel smart and not focusing on making your company look smart. It is a very well-devised marketing strategy. The more you make a positive customer experience, the more you get positive feedback.

3. Add contrasting colors: Have you ever noticed that the best landing pages make great use of the contrast? The use of contrasting colors on websites has always been an attraction to the viewers. This further increases the number of conversions on the website.

4. Build trust and credibility for the business: Online marketing is totally built on trust. So, it is necessary to include elements like logos, partner logos, customer quotes and reviews, forms of social proof, etc. to your landing page. This makes the customer feel that he is not being scammed.

5. Keep the major part above the fold: This concept was introduced earlier in the newspapers. The important stories were kept in the front page and that too above the fold. This ensures that it receives the full attention of the viewers.

6. Get customer’s contact information: If your customers fail to demand your services/products, then it’s time to attempt for an attractive exchange offer. Plan for a free ebook in exchange for their personal information. However, potential customers readily give their details in exchange for some values.

7. Reduce page load time: Page loading time is an important factor that affects your conversion rate. Most of your customers use mobile to initiate a search and page loading time becomes a key point in it. The faster a page loads, the lower will be the bounce rate.

8. An exit popup: A landing page with an exit popup is an opportunity to create a conversion. Exit popups are less interrupting than those which show up when the visitor arrives or is around your website. A combination of strong headline, CTA, and visuals will prompt the user to click.

9. Optimised for search engines: Landing pages optimised for search engines look way better than those designed for paid media. Search engines are quite choosy on sending organic traffic to the pages which fail to provide the best value for their users. Well-optimised landing pages always rank better on search engines, which increase your conversion rates.

10. Emphasise the value proposition: The customer should get a clear idea of the unique things you provide. The value proposition must be something exceptional they gain for choosing your service. The landing page of Uber does a good job with their unique value proposition. They used the right method to attract people who look for financial freedom. The words like “work when you want,” “good money,” and “no office, no boss” made up with their users.

11. A straightforward call to action button: It is important to note that the offer you put should be clear cut, brief, and to the point. It should not strain out the viewers or should confuse them.

12. Add your contact information: Providing your contact information and having a transparent outlook in your information creates trust among the customers. Since online marketing is totally built on trust, being transparent on your behalf will be beneficial.

13. Be Consistent: Consistency is the key to have an enhanced web page. Being visually consistent can make a great difference in the conversion rates.

If you place a Facebook ad that takes the viewers to your landing page, you must be sure that the imagery, texts, and other elements of your ad reflect on the landing page. They must look alike visually to avoid your potential customers being irritated or confused.


Landing page optimization is surely a tough task. There is no straightforward method to get it right. The above thirteen steps will surely give you a ground to form a highly converting landing page.

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