Fabrice Beaux
Fabrice Beaux 6 May 2020

How to Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Managed IT Business in Corona Outbreak

In the age of the internet and Covid19, there is no reason why managed IT services providers should not promote their services online. A lot of people and businesses are currently using the internet to find IT companies that offer top-notch services. Make sure you are on their radar.

It makes perfect sense for providers of managed IT services to implement a robust digital marketing strategy with the help of the tips mentioned below. The right measures will keep your business afloat amid the ongoing pandemic, and may even bring you more clients. Although developing a successful digital marketing strategy online may seem like a task, the results will be well worth the time and effort.

When it comes to marketing and promotions, providers of managed IT services face several difficult and unique challenges. Leveraging the power of digital marketing can prove to be a good idea, especially during the current Covid19 outbreak as it will continue to keep you active and relevant among your customers while finding and nurturing new leads.

In the modern world where technology is advancing by the day, the market is becoming increasingly competitive. Managed IT service providers are aplenty and customers have numerous options to choose from. Needless to say, they will prefer the services of a company they can trust with their data and IT systems monitoring.

To be perceived favorably by customers, IT service providers need to shine through the clutter through differentiation and make an impact.

Whether or not you have an in-house marketing department, social distancing and quarantine have become the order of the day amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This does not mean your marketing initiatives should take a back seat. In fact, now is the time to be visible to and heard by your target audience more emphatically than ever before. Remember, out of sight is out of mind.

This is where digital marketing comes into the picture.

Here are a few tips on how managed IT service providers can use digital marketing to their advantage.

1. Use Keywords Smartly to Get Found

Almost each managed IT service provider is implementing SEO in their online marketing strategy, which means ranking well for keywords such as “IT managed services providers” or “IT services” can be extremely difficult. To stay ahead of the competition, you will need to tweak your SEO approach. Consider targeting keywords that include your IT company’s niche service(s) or those that address common issues your audience faces.

Try targeting long-tail keywords. “How-to” and other query-based keywords are easier to rank and can also generate considerable traffic. The best way to use these keywords is in your blog content, where you can offer solutions to your target audience’s problems.

You can also focus on targeting local keywords as they tend to be less competitive. This can be particularly effective for providers located in areas where the competition is low.

Using solution-based keywords such as “managed backup and recovery services” instead of simply “backup and recovery services” can help. Even though they generate less traffic compared to general keywords, they often better align with brands.

By optimising your pages with the appropriate keywords, you will find it easier to rank on the first page in SERPs. Further, you will get better-quality leads as the keywords will be tailored to your company’s specific offerings.

2. Make Content Your King

The technology industry evolves all the time and keeps churning out new solutions and services. It is crucial that you keep your audience informed of all these changes while educating them on how your offerings work and are exactly what they need. It is, therefore, advantageous to have a blog on your website that keeps existing and potential customers abreast of your offerings.

Creating compelling articles, “how-to” guides, whitepapers, case studies, infographics, and more will be effective in the above endeavor and help you convert website traffic into leads. If your content can convince visitors to give you their contact details, it would be the icing on the cake.

You need to be careful in choosing your topics though. Any title and content you create should have the latest information and must address the most pressing goals, opportunities, and challenges faced by your audience. This can include anything, from ensuring online security and cloud migration to managing installations and data backup.

For best results, focus on creating the following types of content:

  • Blog posts or articles that are unique, informative, factual, and resonate with your target audience
  • Vlogs or video blogs that demonstrate a process or procedure
  • Ebooks that are insightful and provide relevant details
  • Infographics that compress large amounts of facts and figures and present them in a digestible and easy-to-understand manner

3. Harness Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies of driving genuine prospects towards managed IT services. It is most effective when used to convey ideas rather than brands. For a provider of managed IT services, sending email newsletters can work well.

For email marketing to be a success, you will need a reliable email marketing tool. You will also need email IDs of prospects who have opted to receive the newsletter. Make sure to send out the newsletter regularly with each one offering meaningful and insightful content. Having an editorial calendar can be helpful here.

Email marketing can be used for lead nurturing. It’s no secret that the main challenge lies not in adding leads but engaging them. When implemented properly, email marketing will help you nurture leads in the long-term with the help of great ideas.

4. Get Linked to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably the biggest networking platform for professionals all over the world. It is also a great platform to find prospects who are genuinely interested in availing of your managed IT services. Here’s how you can optimally leverage LinkedIn to promote your company.

  • Upgrade to a premium account (if you haven’t already)
  • Get the top order in your company to make numerous first-tier connections. The higher the number, the better.
  • Publish links to your articles to your LinkedIn profile
  • Join groups and communities that discuss the interests and needs of your find potential customers
  • Create and publish short insightful content pieces in these groups over time
  • Use like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find prospects and connect with them
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