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Trudy Seeger 1 June 2020
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How To Get More Out of Instagram If You Are a Designer

Instagram has over a billion users, and the numbers are always on the rise. It registers the highest number of per follower interaction.

Instagram has over a billion users, and the numbers are always on the rise. It registers the highest number of per follower interaction. There are over tow million active advertisers on the platform, and thus it has emerged as a reliable platform to strategise business and the marketing aspect of any venture.

There are graphic designers and illustrators on the platform who are working around the clock to build up a follower base and further the personal goals and the business. Instagram is, therefore, a vital tool for anyone actively pursuing a career in the creative arts.

It is not just about posting regularly, especially about your personal life, and cramming every post with hashtags. If you are trying to use the platform as a business opportunity, then make sure that you are taking all the necessary steps. Keep in mind you are looking for organic interaction with your followers to get real comments on Instagram. This will increase your visibility and transform even modest investments into a global brand.

Here is what you need to keep in mind about incorporating Instagram to further your career in graphic design.

Switching to a business account

You need to switch to a business account that is more straightforward and business-oriented. You don't have to let go of your personal account for this reason. However, it creates the impression of a serious endeavor and enables your followers to learn more about your venture as well as promotional content and performances. You can add the contact button to your page. However, since Facebook owns Instagram, you need to create a Facebook business page first.

A short bio

A succinct bio that will clearly explain your outlook, your preferences, as well as your goals, drive, and motivation for the project, is vital. It tells the user who you are, and a clean image is what is essential when you are looking to leverage Instagram. Even when you are promoting and selling, the quality of the photos should be high. Keep in mind that you can post an active link in the bio; it is the only place where you can, so use it wisely to link up your domain or landing page.

Your feed is the portfolio

Here is what you need to understand. You need to start treating your feed as your portfolio. You need to have a visual sense of styling your profile and the images you share. Moreover, you need to maintain consistency with the styling. It will allow users to connect with your content and turn you into a reliable authority figure for the topic.

Here is a trick for an industry insider, where it is a neat ploy to keep posting on the same theme since users of Instagram love consistency, and it makes it easier to connect with a broader audience base. You need to take a look at your feed and understand how every post stands up to the others on the feed. You can work with a color theme or some other idea.

Captions and hashtags

Even with Instagram being a visual platform, there is still ample room for complementing images with captions, which increases the attention-drawing power of the post. You can even add details regarding purchasing the work and other attachments.

Also, when you are looking to increase visibility, hashtags are the way to go. Keep in mind that the trick is not to go overboard, as this will end up looking amateurish. Keep in mind that businesses often use generic tags. So they can get buried under all the posts that are happening simultaneously all around the world. It is a great idea to mix original high-value tags with more general ones.

About videos and stories

Videos are often the ones with more comments that photos. So, you can use various apps and tools for creating short video clips that can add a different dimension to your profile. Another fun way to engage with your audience is to use Instagram stories, which automatically disappear after 24 hours. Numerous expert content creators strongly believe that there is more room for creativity through Instagram stories.

About engagement

What you need is a dedicated group of engaged followers and not hundreds of them without any engagement. It will allow you to have conversations through replies on your profile. This builds up the loyalty and the trust factor, which in turn is extremely crucial when you are looking to gain traction through your content and business profile.

It is also crucial to understand that you should be consistent with the timing of your posts, which will allow you to engage better with your crowd. On weekdays the best times for posting are between 9 am and 6 pm. Keep in mind to avoid posting on Sundays because, as per social experiments, it is the worst day to engage with audiences.

These are some simple tips that will allow you to utilize your Instagram for better gains if you are a graphic designer. Make sure you do it right.

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