Andrew Simon
Andrew Simon 29 May 2020

5 Exciting Design Trends to Craft an Appealing Logo in 2020

Designing a logo isn’t an easy task. There are a myriad of things that need to be taken care of before starting to work on it. Even every year there would come some new trend that also you need to take into consideration to keep your brand ahead of others. So, let’s delve into those trends which helps you to craft an alluring logo.

In this fast-growing world, comes with something extraordinary in the global market. The world is full of competitors in whatever field you work, and you have to face a lot of challenges to survive in the market. While setting up the business online or offline, there are plenty of factors that need to be decided. Some of them are website, logo design, marketing of the company, and many more, being unique in those to allure the customers towards your business.

From the last few years, the trends of designing a logo has changed drastically and will keep changing in the upcoming years. Due to that, it becomes the predominant part of the corporate world. People are taking the Logo design as the visual representation of the vision, mission, and goal of the company. Be engaged with the client through the attractive business logo design. Design a logo in such a way that it’s memorable, attractive, creative, so you stand uniquely in among others.

1. Motion graphics


“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.” -Walt Disney

The widely accepted business logo design trend from a couple of years ago. It’s not just a logo but is used as the storytelling medium for the companies. Present your corporate visual identity with the animated logos, and surely it will capture the attention of the potential customers. Looking for the marketing tool for the business, an undeniable motion graphics logo would be the most excellent option to choose as people are highly attached to the video and animation.

Motion graphics is not just a video, and it can be the animation or the GIFs with 2D and 3D effects. Therefore, custom logo design using animation would be an effective way to represent your firm in a unique way.

2. Gradient effects


The popularity of the gradient has been changed drastically from the last few years. Merge more than one color in such a way that it creates a fantastic design for the logo. When a single color is not enough to give an aesthetic look, then use the gradient to make it more unique. Turn your simple custom logo design into a great visual interpretation through the gradient effects. Give your brand a unique identity from this trending technique of logo design.

Make your logo full of various colors using the multicolor gradient technique. Want to experience the pleasing look of your logo, blend the dark color with the light color. Therefore, it's a great choice to opt for the gradient while designing a logo.

3. Flexible design

An essential to keep in mind while crafting the custom logo design for any firm or organization. Due to the popularity of the various gadgets, designers need to consider that point as well to give better user experience. Companies require the logo, not for the single device, they want it to be flexible enough in every device. They can’t afford to design a different logo for each device, and it is highly costly for the corporate company.

Moreover, make sure that your logo design gives an aesthetic look at the website, posters, social media, and many other places. Thus, it's the designer's responsibility to design in such a way that it can be used everywhere.

4. Unconventional logo

Showcase your creativity to turn your good logo into a fantastic logo. Designers may have a great opportunity to deliver the brand value through the logo by showing their imagination. A smaller touch of creativity in your design can make it more special and unique from other millions of designs. Creative design is something that is memorable, timeless, and effective enough to represent your company. What makes the difference between you and your competitors? The simple answer is your creative business logo design with an appealing design.

5. Simplicity

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”  –John Maeda

Want to showcase the professionalism of your company, try to craft a simple logo design, not a complex one. The benefit of having a simple logo is that it can be used for a variety of purposes that cannot be possible with the logo which includes more than one color and fancy font style. Simple custom logo design would never go out of trend, and it always remains the best solution for the design. Even the many multinational companies have accepted this point, and they have created a simple logo.

Wrapping up

In this competitive world, it’s mandatory to have a great attractive logo design for your business. There are many ways to craft an alluring logo, but when you follow the trend, it will give you an unexpected result. Make a unique identity from the tips as mentioned above for custom logo design and boost the overall growth of your company.

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