Scarlett Brown
Scarlett Brown 2 April 2020

5 Smart Technologies Defining the Future of Digital Marketing

This is the era of technology. Look closer and you will find yourself surrounded by it. Even the reason that you can read articles and garner knowledge online is technology. So, when it has touched almost every area of life, how marketing can remain unaffected by it. So, here are 5 amazing technologies that will soon change the way brands promote their products and reach the target audience.

Marketing is a crucial part of any business and needs constant attention at every step. Although the marketing principles are intact for years, the tools used by businesses have evolved immensely. The traditional advertising modes are replaced by digital marketing fueled by the latest technology. It is interesting to see how technology has revolutionised the advertising industry and reshaped new concepts, ideas, strategies, trends, etc. 

This article will take you on a journey of how technology is seeping through marketing and helping millions of businesses achieve their goals and success. We have listed 5 smart tools that have the potential to take the brands to a new level. So, have a look:

Virtual Reality

Imagine if your potential buyers can experience the product before paying for it or they can have a virtual demo while sitting at their home. Sounds exciting, right? Well, virtual reality has made it possible for businesses to provide their clients with real-life experience. Now, rather than showcasing the product or service at every showroom to boost their sales, companies can simply offer this interactive method to get their attention and reach the users.

With VR as a marketing tool, brands don’t have to bother about logistics, marketing strategy or setting up of products. Many big brands like Audi have already adopted this technique where customers can drive cars in a virtual sandbox before making the buying decision. Travel and tourism is also not untouched with the wonders of virtual reality as people can have a preview of their holiday destinations and resorts before booking their tickets. Surely, VR has emerged as an effective and innovative marketing mode for companies across the world. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been around for quite some time now and most of us are familiar with what it exactly is. If you are still living under a rock, then here is a brief insight into this technology. In simple terms, when the efficiency of machines is enhanced in a way that they can perform human tasks while ensuring little room of errors, the development is called artificial intelligence. These days, you can witness the presence of this technology in almost every field and industry.

From gathering information to interacting with clients, businesses are making the best of it, thereby, seeking an artificial intelligence service. Now, marketing is covered as well where it assists companies to gather data about the users via several modes, like predictive searches and recommendation engines. Chatbots are also a popular AI tool that combines messages, text and voice to directly communicate with clients. They take care of customer grievances, answer their queries, provide them with appropriate feedback, offer smooth user experience to form a basis of future marketing plans. 

Big Data

We hardly need to emphasize the importance of data for a business. Every brand with a digital presence is using clients data to improve its effectiveness and make an informed decision.

Marketers are using data analytics to access consumer behaviour, find their preferences, purchase history, consumption pattern, their interests and more. Thanks to technological advancements, it has become a lot easier to get even the tiniest detail to know the clients closely.

This helps companies to prepare a powerful marketing campaign with customised images and messages for their potential buyers. This personalized marketing approach engages more audience and boosts purchases. Also, when clients provide any data, they expect some sort of return, be it shopping coupons or personal advertising message. Big data assures that, hence, driving better conversion. 

Internet of Things

Although IoT has been a talk of the town for a past few years, some people are still not familiar with this concept. If you are one of them, then here is a brief explanation. Internet of Things is simply a network of connected devices. It is a system of interconnected machines, computer devices and digital machines that can sense and collect data and send it to the internet. It allows a smooth transfer of data along with real-time interaction.

Considering its influence and scope, even the biggest brands worldwide are using the technology to expand their reach and promote their product amongst the international audience.

According to statistics, IoT technology is expected to generate over $14 trillion in the coming years, paving a way for new business opportunities. If marketers can go deeper, they can understand buying patterns and consumer psychology using IoT. With digital assistants that are voice-controlled, automation tools and other advanced technology, companies can create marketing strategies that can do wonders to their brands. 

Voice Search

Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri have set new popularity standards and are widely used for voice searches. If statistics are to be believed, then more than one-third of 3.5 million searches on Google are voice searches and the numbers are sure to rise in the coming years. Whenever you ask Google a question, it goes through all the information available online and provides you with relevant results.

So, if your business is also digital, then the chances are high that people can find it through voice search. Hence, it has become necessary for marketers to adapt to this technology and adjust their content to make it more conversational and useful. They must start by tailoring their SEO strategy by predicting what users mostly speak during voice search and then prepare answers that can appear on top of search engine. One important point that brands need to consider is to make the content detailed and interactive.

Summing It Up

The key is to know what customers want and how you can meet their demands efficiently and these above-mentioned technologies can help you access the same. Of course, you have to train your marketers to utilize them and incur the required expenses. However, the result will be worth every penny that you will invest. We hope that this article will guide you through your marketing plan and help you attain set objectives. So, without any delay, make notes of these latest technologies and start your journey to success. 

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