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Ravi Sharma 6 July 2020

Usage Of Augmented Reality Technology in the Ecommerce Industry

Augmented reality completely transforms the ecommerce industry. It provides an aid to the online buyers and works by improving their shopping experience. With industry growth, it becomes a great source for online business owners to impress visitors and place orders.

Everyone is introduced or may experience virtual reality. AR is the revolutionary technology that works like a bridge between virtual reality and the real world. It combines both elements and presents augmented reality in front of the users. It presents visuals by examining objects from the real and online world to showcase a perfect combination. This particular characteristic makes it best for ecommerce industry improvements and development.

AR and Ecommerce - Real Stats 

According to SocialMediaToday, the following are some major stats regarding the usage of augmented reality in the ecommerce industry

  • Over 61% of online buyers choose an eCommerce platform with the feature of augmented reality technology.
  • As per the feedback of online shoppers, around 63% of users mention that they get a better online shopping experience with AR. 
  • 40% of buyers show consent of paying more money if they can access AR features and get proper product review. 
  • 45% of buyers admit that AR features are useful in saving their lots of time. 
  • Preference of the buyers now starts shifting from videos to augmented reality previews. 78% of users admit such change. 
  • 73% of mobile users admitted that they get highly satisfied with the AR experiences. 

These stats will help you in understanding how AR is important to impress visitors and how AR can be beneficial to your online business.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

Augmented reality creates virtual things with a combination of real-world elements. Such a technology can be accessed via both types of devices, mobile, and desktop. Mainly it scans the real-world surroundings and places the virtual objects in the scanned portion. It will help you in understanding how your things are going to appear in the real world. 

However, virtual reality functions in a completely different manner. It works by visualizing real-world scenes in 360°. The users can experience such effects with some specific tools and sources. Along with it, the users can control or perform actions by using movements of the eyes. 

These details will help you in differentiating both augmented reality and virtual reality based on their functionalities. 

Usage Of Augmented Reality in the Ecommerce Industry

The success of an ecommerce platform is completely based on strategy. If you do not have a clear point of view regarding the usage of AR technology, then you should be focused on these upcoming explanations.

Cut Down Your Competition 

Competition in the online marketplace is regularly increasing. All online companies are trying to figure out a perfect way by which they can cut down the competition and take the lead. It will help in getting the best results with lots of sales and achieving the objective of building a big audience base.

The use of AR technology for serving online customers will provide a perfect way to take a step ahead in the competition and differentiate yourself as compared to the competitors. Many big online business firms like - IKEA, Adidas, Amazon, and so on, adopt such technology and serve the visitors effectively. The usage of AR by these companies gives clarity about the fact of boosting sales.

Work With Your Own Business Application 

The benefits of using augmented reality in ecommerce business will increase the profit rate. For good results, everyone has to pay a cost. In the case of AR, the cost is having your own business application. If you don’t have an application, then you cannot incorporate the online business with such advanced technology to facilitate the buyers. You have to choose the ecommerce application development experts who have knowledge regarding AR technology and know-how to integrate it. 

Don’t Forget About Feedback

Adding such an advantageous technology to the ecommerce platform doesn’t mean your customers definitely get benefits. It can make their shopping procedure easier and provide a good experience, but every time it may not happen. You should try to integrate the feature of feedback with such technology. 

Feedback will help you in getting introduced to the visitors’ experience. In case your integration is lacking anywhere to serve perfectly, then you can get information about such factors easily. Consequently, you can work on improvements. 

Checking Out Multiple Products in One Go

When it comes to shopping online, then everyone has lots of options. It is not necessary that you can find all options suitable. It leads to confusion for choosing the perfect one as per the requirements. Checking every single one will consume lots of time. On the other hand, AR technology makes the complete procedure simpler than before. Your visitors are capable of checking multiple products at a time and figure out the suitable one quickly. 

How Can AR be Useful to Customers Online?

Augmented reality technology serves all types of ecommerce users in several ways. The usage completely depends on the industry and type of products. Here, you will get some major options.

Try-On Solutions 

Some big companies launch their try-on ecommerce application with the integration of AR technology. It will be useful in figuring out whether you are going to buy a suitable product or not. The biggest example is the Nike Fit application. It helps the buyers by scanning the feet and giving estimations regarding size and some other elements. A similar kind of application is also released by Gucci and some other reputed companies.

Preview Placements
If you focus on the decor industry, then the most important element is how an object will appear after placing it with real-world surroundings. In the case of online shopping, the buyers are facing a lack of such features a lot. AR completely eliminates the issue and provides the option of placement preview as well while shopping online. By accessing this particular technology, the buyers can figure out how a sofa, furniture, or other objects appear after placement in the house. 

Body Measurements 

In the clothing industry, the online world is facing a serious issue regarding body measurements. Due to it, sometimes, the buyers get the product that may not appropriately fit. With the usage of augmented technology, this particular issue can get eliminated quickly. With a body measurement application, you can get proper information for buying adequately fit clothes. 

Such points will help you in understanding how AR is useful in the ecommerce industry for providing a better shopping experience. 

Examples Of AR in the Ecommerce Industry

Many reputed companies adopt augmented reality technology to serve their online customers effectively and impress them quickly. 

YouTube: Beauty Try-On

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform. It is accessed by internet users all over the world for watching different types of videos such as - tips & tutorials, songs, different types of upcoming updates, entertainment, comedy, and so on. 

Now, it is also known for the beauty try-on AR-based feature. By using such a feature, YouTube users are capable of trying different types of makeup online without affecting the skin or causing any damage. It will help the users in saving lots of money and figuring out the right makeup combination quickly. 


Adidas facilitates its customers by providing try-on assistance. It assists the Adidas buyers in making sure how sneakers will look on their feet and what size is going to be suitable as per the comfort level. As a result, you can buy the perfect pair of the shoe without visiting the store physically and any kind of flaw. 

Modiface On Amazon

Modiface is an impressive AR feature that is integrated with Amazon for L’Oréal’s customers. It allows the users to overlay different types of makeup and test them with the help of images or videos. 

Dulux Visualiser 

Everyone wants to keep the home perfect and good looking. For such a task, they try to choose the best combination of colors and create a happy environment inside the house. In the case of the paint business, Dulux is a well-known brand. To provide good user experience, the brand releases a Dulux Visualiser application. 

The application is integrated with augmented reality technology. By accessing this particular technology, you are capable of scanning the walls of a house and trying different color combinations. With the use of mobile devices’ cameras, you can scan each and every detail, such as - surfaces and edges. 

It serves the users by allowing them to choose a color and paint the walls virtually. Consequently, the users can easily figure out; it looks good with the surroundings or not. 

IKEA Place

IKEA is a reputed company in the furniture industry. It provides online services with the help of AR features in the form of IKEA Place application. It assists the buyers in placing the furniture virtually with 3D functioning. As a result, the interested ones will get highly realistic testing experience, which is useful in making the correct decision easily. 


Toyota integrates its online sources with AR for providing an effective vehicle demo to audiences at home. The users can interact with such a demo application for gathering complete information about the car and its features. 

The use of augmented reality technology by these reputed brands sets a big example in front of the whole world regarding results and growth of business with AR. Many online companies are getting inspired by these types of examples and work on the integration in their business. 

Augmented Reality Tools For Ecommerce 

Some online sources are serving the ecommerce industry by offering free-hand AR tools. These types of tools are useful to the audience in avoiding major confusion and finding perfect answers to queries. Some of the tools are mentioned below.

Total Immersion 

While working on building a good home with lots of impressive objects, then interior decoration becomes much more important. Total immersion is a big solution for these types of individuals. It allows the users to test their ideas related to the house interior, such as - the color of walls & floor, furniture placements, placing different types of decor elements, and so on. Many business owners are also accessing such an application to serve the customers and completely satisfy them. 

Marxent Labs 

This particular tool is useful to ecommerce owners to provide some attractive features to the customers. The use of these features will help their potential customers in placing office furniture or different types of appliances at home perfectly. It eliminates lots of hassle and increases the chances of conversions for the business owners. 


Augment is also a placement preview application. It is associated with lots of advanced features like the users are capable of moving the objects to find out the right place to keep them. The users can also create variations in the color, finishes, and sizes if available. 

By using all these types of tools, the business owners can provide the best experience to the visitors. You can find out more options or similar tools on the internet. 

Final Thoughts 

All these details will help you in easily understanding lots of factors about AR in the ecommerce industry and its usage. If you are interested in providing such useful experience to the visitors and boost sales, then try to discuss your plan with experts today. It will uplift your business quickly. ​

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