Rushabh Patel
Rushabh Patel 22 June 2020

Top 10 IoT App Development Trends in 2020

The evolving technologies present us with some new gifts every year, and of the fantastic results of continuous innovations is the Internet of Things or IoT.

It is now a buzzword to most of the industries, including healthcare, retail sector, and consumer electronics. Internet of Things is a concept denoting an interconnection of devices and the transfer of data through a network. Besides, IoT has stirred the digital world and turned out to be the biggest player in the IoT app development field.

Apps developed with IoT technology can trigger the curiosity of your target audience. Look for an IoT app developer to create a unique app for your business.

1. IoT app merged with AI, ML, and Big Data

Increasing uses of different devices mean more data transmission. Surely, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence play a major role in processing the high volume of data. Besides, Machine Learning is another thriving technology to enable automation in different aspects of our lives.

Moreover, combined with IoT, Machine Learning and AI can reshape the human-machine interaction systems. A thoughtful blend of IoT and these data-driven technologies result in the automation of daily tasks. We can simplify our work and receive accurate data while providing services to our customers. For instance, these automated processes are important for the product manufacturing industry.

Create your IoT mobile app to make the best decision with the help of data analytics. Thus, you can make your branding and marketing campaign more effective.

2. IoT app- Block chain will play a role

Block chain technology mainly helps in making safe digital transactions without the presence of intermediaries. With the increasing use of interconnected and online devices, more data on the cloud has the risk of hacking. Block chain can increase cyber security level for IoT gadgets, and hence, you can develop customers’ trust for your business due to the promising data security.

Besides, we can find decentralized and smart infrastructure in governmental and financial institutions. Lots of emerging companies are relying on IOTA ledger for transactions between IoT-connected devices and for creating modules without SaaS costs.

Wait and see how the monolithic and centralized computer models in micro services are allocated to decentralized devices. Moreover, in the future, IoT will find its value in different fields, including finance, health, and transactions.

3. Cloud computing going to be replaced with edge computing

We will find a big change. For the past few years, we had been highly reliant on the cloud technology to store data for IoT devices. However, nowadays, IoT application developers have started realizing the value of analyzing, storing, and calculating data to some limit.

Besides, rather than transferring the IoT device data to the modern cloud platform, developers send the data first to some local devices, present at the network edge. The local device is capable of filtering and measuring data before sending it to the cloud to reduce network traffic. Thus, this edge computing approach helps in managing data, reducing cloud dependency, and minimizing latency.

Due to the local data collection and data processing trends, the IoT mobile app consumes low bandwidth. When there is no cloud connectivity, the app will continue performing its function. Consequently, the adoption of IoT has paved the way of innovation in the computing world. The reducing use of cloud also results in better security standards.

4. IoT to make energy consumption more sustainable

The modern age has already predicted the impact of climatic change. It is the right time to think of the best solution to make water and air cleaner. Apps powered the IoT will promote sustainable energy usage.

In some commercial sectors, we can find innovative water treatment systems to purify the water to make it drinkable. But, we need to wait for some more years to take the IoT research to an advanced level. We hope that IoT-enabled apps will surely make a sustainable environment.

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