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Clipping Tools That Can Help Monitor Your Brand

Good clipping is made up of a series of very specific characteristics that are vital for brands. By using the clipping tools correctly, you can offer your team analysis in context about the sector of which it is part, and which is generating pressure beyond your borders.

Having clipping tools allows you to know first-hand what users are saying about you and your brand in the different media and their different channels.

Being in the digital conversation sees your brand as a reference. While it may or may not be favourable, it will always let you know how you are viewed and make the most of it.

Clipping in the Face of Reputational Crises

Good clipping is made up of a series of very specific characteristics that are vital for brands. By using the clipping tools correctly, you can offer your team analysis in context about the sector of which it is part, and which is generating pressure beyond your borders.

The true importance of a clipping tool is that it supports and quantifies the position of organizations and brands in the conversation within social settings.

With the right message in the right place, your business will grow faster. The clipping tools give you the license to be in those places. In addition to transcending the relevance of the information. The more you scrutinize and cover the media, the more information you will be able to collect.

The Value of Leading the Conversation

Think about this. The coronavirus outbreak has become the most disruptive force we have faced in modern times. The brands that know how to be part of the conversation of the users will be entering their most intimate spaces: their home.

Being up-to-date with clipping tools gives you, as an organization, the ability to think about what to say, and know what to do, exploring truly meaningful ways to deliver real value.

Clipping tools serve as a foundation that requires a deeper look than traditional vision. While the latest market research is explaining that users ages 16 to 64 with incomes between $ 32,000 and $ 85,000, spanning all walks of life, are consuming far more digital information.

Visualize Market Behaviour

With clipping tools, you can manage to visualize that behaviour in more detail. For example, the Boomers (57-64 years) are consuming in their day to day⁣ 15% press⁣.

While Generation X (38 -56 years old) is pending in 31% of the press. As well as Millennials, that their content of interest is 36% in the media when in the Z, their intention of searching the press is 21%.

What does this indicate? That the press continues to be an important factor of interest. With clipping tools, you will have how they read what users say about you.

When evaluating this information, it can be clear, depending on the target of your company, where you should be and invest. That's what the clipping tools are for. In order to anticipate the objections of your users.

Quantify the Impact of Communication

However, if you work as a press agent for organizations and brands, being able to measure the investment results of the campaign you have sold will always be a plus. What will result in a client who trusts you as a professional?

The reason is that there is nothing more valuable to a customer than seeing your business name appear in an article, news report, or blog post.

This credibility of third parties and the ability to attract the attention of consumers is key to building a brand. But without the right clipping tools, you could be missing out on hundreds of earned media mentions.

How Can I Appear in the Media?

Creating relevant information, well presented and that impacts media audiences. But, before typing the name of an email address, ask yourself if the audience you want to reach consumes the content of this medium.

Well, not only do you have to have information to provide, you have to be able to use the necessary channels. These will be where your audiences really are.

Every day the media desperately search for news that can fit within its content. Many times, a well-structured press release can serve as a basis to expand it through a report.

Content marketing is key to a media space. You just have to take your time and start writing the news!

However, this requires strategic planning. Try to start with previous quality work. Think about why your story deserves to be in the media. Beyond that what you write must be attractive to the journalist, the ultimate goal is to attract potential prospects.

In this sense, it is crucial that your press release adapts to the needs of new readers. Empathy has already been mentioned when developing content proposals. Therefore, try to keep it short, concrete, with an impressive and attractive headline.

The New Generators

Given that the world of communications is changing, the area of ​​public relations and the press does not escape this. Traditional clipping tools have overlooked the significance of blogging and influencer engagement. Above all, in the generation of conversation within social settings.

Journalists and editors increasingly turn to Twitter, comment boards, and other sites for sources, resulting in reduced newsrooms.

If you are in search of knowing who, what, where, when and how you were mentioned in the media, this is the list of essential clipping tools that you can count on.


The Access360 clipping tool enables public relations teams to effectively find the right journalists for their stories, send personalized presentations, collaborate as a team, and quantify their impact.

Today's public relations professionals don't have time for inaccurate contact information, disjointed workflows, or archaic software.

That is why big companies in the world of finance are counting on REBOLD. Which is also the solution of choice for journalists who use their automatically updated portfolios to showcase their work and provide information on what stories they are looking for, their personal interests and how they prefer to be presented to them.

Google Alerts

It is ideal when you are looking for a free way to monitor the position of your brand name in the media. Or if you have a very limited public relations budget. Google alerts is a clipping tool with which you can easily and quickly stay on top of the conversation.

You can also use Google alerts to follow your competitors. So you can be aware of any press release or news coverage they are getting.

Google alerts is one of the clipping tools that offers a summarized version of all news of journalistic interest. Depending on your search intention, of course.


It is a content platform that allows people to organize, publish and request media opportunities. The information is obtained from the current news reported by the media.

Public relations junkies can do it all from the Prowly app, which divides its features between two pieces of software: Brand Journal and Audience Pitch.

The first thing you should do is build your newsroom with Brand Journal. Then you can distribute the content and track the results with Audience Pitch.


With Mention, you just have to enter the name of your company, the name of an executive or other information that you want to monitor, along with the sources or websites that you want to follow up on. Then you can receive notifications and emails from your desktop or mobile when someone mentions your brand.

In addition, you can manage your social media accounts from the dashboard and reply, bookmark or complete other actions through the dashboard.

There is a free trial version. Then you can switch to a free plan that includes an alert and 250 monthly mentions. If you need more, prices start at just $29 a month.

Mind you, be sure to click "See all mentions" to make sure you're getting all the information every day. If your team uses Slack, you can integrate the mentions into a Slack channel.


It is one of the best known and most complete public relations software options on the market. Its database contains more than 1.6 million journalists, influencers, and editorial contacts.

The platform provides advanced distribution, tracking and analytics features. So you can make sure you never miss a mention or demonstrate the value of your agency's public relations efforts.

You can also run content amplification campaigns across the site so that your publishers are displayed in the recommended content modules on the sites.

Cision's price depends on the customer's needs. But small business plans are known to cost just $20 a month.

In short, at this time it is time to start new paths using correctly the clipping tools at your disposal.

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