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How to Transmit Brand Identity Correctly: Practical Guide

When we talk about brand identity, we refer to the set of features that define the values ​​and mission of your business. These are transmitted through company logos, product designs, and business ethics. Each of these elements should represent the aspects of your company. Discover how to successfully transmit brand identity so that your business is known not only for its products but also for its values.

Your company may be present on the web, but do you really know how to transmit brand identity? This is a real challenge for people who are in this digital world where competition abounds. However, there are strategies that can help you achieve this, you just have to know them to know which one is right for you.

Do images have to do with this? Yes, they really are very connected, because it has been your cover letter to users. This digital age has increased the importance of visuals, people are more interested in what they see as attractive. That is why it is essential for your brand that your website reflects your values ​​and what you offer.

That is why it is essential that you know how to transmit brand identity. But if you have no idea how you can do it, don't worry, here you will find all the necessary information to be successful. You just have to pay close attention so that you can later apply what you have learned.

What is it and What are its Objectives?


When we talk about brand identity, we refer to the set of features that define the values ​​and mission of your business. These are transmitted through company logos, product designs, and business ethics. Each of these elements should represent the aspects of your company.

If you want to know how to transmit brand identity, you need to establish certain objectives that will be your goal to achieve. Some of the most common are:

  • Show customers who you are, what you offer and how you solve problems
  • Use visual and physical elements to create a positive impression on your clients
  • Give your products a unique feeling
  • Convey how you want customers to feel when using your products

Foundations of a Successful Brand Identity

How to convey brand identity is the key question in this opportunity. The best way to do it is by knowing the fundamental bases if you want to be successful with what will be your cover letter to users and future customers. For this reason, it is essential that you are clear about the pillars that will support it, which you can see below:

  • Strengths:  The main thing is that you evaluate all those positive aspects that make you better than the competition. And so you will discover the benefits that this generates for your brand
  • Weaknesses:  Just as you value your strengths, it is important to know and recognize the weaknesses that do not allow your business to advance. For this, it is necessary that you do a study of quality, price, attention, location, among others
  • Opportunities: Workaround emerging industry trends and consumer needs
  • Threats: Determine what the obstacles are that hinder the development and productivity of the brand. By knowing these factors you can avoid or correct them in the event of having fallen

Advantages of Brand Identity


Knowing the advantages that a good brand identity gives you will be useful to start. Perhaps some do not give so much importance to this aspect but many customers are not only interested in the product, but also in the recognition of the company. And you can check it when you see the following advantages:

  1. Consumer loyalty:  To win customer loyalty you have to let them know that you know them and that your brand has something in common with them
  2. Market segmentation:  You can transmit many characteristics through your brand. That is why it is necessary to have an identity because this helps you segment your market. You will attract only those consumers who are really interested
  3. Brand consistency: If you create a well-structured brand you will be more efficient and effective when offering your products/services. In turn, this will help you generate reliability and satisfaction in customers because you met their standards. And optimize the way you show yourself on the web and social networks
  4. Brand value: By having a strong brand identity, it becomes a valuable asset. If the strategy applied is good enough, consumers will feel connected. Over time they can become ambassadors in your community, and they will volunteer your products to their acquaintances

Learn How to Transmit a Brand Identity

Do you want to know how to transmit brand identity? If the answer is yes, you must take into account many influencing factors. It goes beyond having your own business. It is about making it known through different channels.

Therefore, all the elements you use must reflect your brand. But if you have doubts about the strategies you can apply, then take note of the following recommendations:

1. Strengthen your identity with images


The images are the key point of your brand identity. The logo is your greatest representative, it can be simple and elegant or with more fun features. All this will depend on what you want to transmit and the audience you want to reach.

Carefully select the colour palette and typography, so that everything fits together harmoniously. The idea is that when a client sees it immediately, they associate it with your brand.

Now you will surely ask yourself how to transmit the brand identity in your products. Just as you spent time on the logo that will be part of that item that you will sell, you also have to make an effort to design the product that will go on the market. You can create a distinctive packaging, box, or bottle that reflects your business. As well as prestigious brands such as Pringles or Coca Cola that always try to innovate.

It does not hurt to consult consumers at the time of launch. Many brands take advantage of their influence on social networks to ask their customers for suggestions on how they would like the new product to be seen on the market. Remember that we are in a digital age where you can use users to your advantage and avoid negative comments that discredit your business.

2. Stay true to your identity


It is good that you take other brands as an example because it will serve as a guide to build yours. However, you have to be very careful not to become a cheap copy. Get oriented with popular models but create your own identity, so that when they see you they recognize you for your values ​​and not because you look like another.

Once you have structured your identity you must be faithful to it and you will see the results in the long term. You will wonder what benefits it will generate for you, and the answer is simple, you will win loyal customers who will feel happy and safe to make continuous investments in your brand's products and services.

3. Transmit your identity through the web


In this digital age, it is essential to have a presence on the internet, that is why you have to have a web page that represents your identity. There are many companies that have a site but not all have a structure and design that goes hand in hand with the brand. What does it take to make it work? 

  • Simple and easy in navigation:  This means that the design must be friendly so that the user experience on your website is good and without complications
  • Ordered structure: If upon entering, the client finds an agglomeration of content they will feel saturated and will not continue browsing. Do not saturate the page with long texts, use images or videos that complement the content
  • Images and audiovisual content care:  It is important to use images and videos that are created by you or your team. Without a doubt, this will strengthen the identity of your brand
  • Importance of positioning:  Being in the top positions of Google search engines will be of great help to your brand and will make it easier for customers to search
  • Link to your social networks: Generate traffic and increase your engagement with customers, you only have to link your page with your profiles on social networks
  • Contact page:  If you want your clients to communicate with you in a more traditional way, you cannot miss the contact page. Here you can put your phone numbers, mail and location of your offices

4. Reflect your identity on your social profiles


It's time for you to know how to transmit brand identity on your social media profiles. Currently, it is a mistake not to take advantage of the benefits offered by digital channels that have a high reach. That is why it is necessary to create a social media strategy and, if you have doubts, pay attention to these steps:

  • Contents related to the personality of your brand
  • Generate conversations with clients so that they feel confident and special. In turn, you will be demonstrating the values ​​of your business
  • Use a tone and style that is easy to understand, polite and friendly
  • Humanize your brand, be sensitive to situations that affect your audience and show your solidarity with emotional messages

You already know how to transmit your brand identity correctly, now is the time to put what you have learned into practice.

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