Diana Morris
Diana Morris 13 July 2020

Digital Marketing Trends – The Blessing For Marketers Post Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has been a sudden attack on human life and the business world. Considering the abrupt halt we are facing, marketers are sailing through this time with digital marketing. This is an excellent time to pay attention to your website's long lost spark and optimize it. The shift to the digital mode of marketing will be beneficial in the longer run. The digital platform is acting as a medium to connect the two parties, i.e. marketers and audiences. Therefore, it must be utilized well.

There's no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our way of life. The same change has even been witnessed in our business world. Although it's very uncertain right now about how we resume life back to normal, there are ways to make a dull business effective and run successful digital marketing campaigns. Below are few digital marketing trends that are developing amid the global pandemic and how you can respond proactively to adapt them.

​Physical Visits are Nearly Eliminated

Since the outbreak of the virus pandemic, businesses have witnessed in-person store visits or physical meet-ups drop 90% within just a month. This limited foot traffic that most businesses rely on has been affecting the way marketers and businesses are handling their digital needs.

The question that arises from this is, how will you respond to the growing change? Now is the time when marketers can be attentive towards their digital mode of marketing and pick innovative ways to approach prospective clients. Bringing convenience to your clients with services on their phone and computer screen will benefit your business and bond you better with your clients for future deals. There are multiple ways to solve the issue of physical meet-ups and visits. Let us talk at length to get a better understanding of it. As per reports, from the billions of searches that occur on a specific day, 15 percent of daily searches are new to Google. Therefore, we need to stay gripped with the trending topics to catch hold of customer expectations.

Step 1: Optimize your website

A website is the face of any enterprise on digital platforms. The first thing people seek in B2B deals is checking the website and how well it is structured and updated. Therefore, you must optimize your website from time to time to run it smoothly. By optimization, you can spend time to update it as per the industry standards and make your landing pages more crisp and catchy. The better your site seems, the better the PPC (Pay per click) will be. Add blogs, infographics, and newsletters from time to time on your website to keep it fresh and engaging. Around 57 percent of marketing executives say on-page content development is one of the most effective SEO tactics.


Step 2: Google my business

Companies these days ensure they get their business listed on Google. With the elimination or postponement of physical visits, you need to make sure your updated business hours, address, posts, photos, and reviews are accurately and adequately aligned and displayed on Google. With most of these attributes being altered, it is essential to make sure you are delivering the right information to your customers.

Step 3: Social media existence

Social media is becoming more prominent than ever in the times of Covid-19 due to its quick results and effectiveness. You must ensure to stay active and hold a noticeable existence of social media channels as a mode of communication with your clients. A strategic marketing plan will work best at this time. Most marketers use bulk digital marketing strategies for various channels to have a relevant social media existence. Being socially available will enable a trust factor to your customers and make them feel you are there to listen to their expectations, which will gauge their interest. In a survey of B2B marketing specialists, Omobono analyzed that 79 percent of them claimed social media as the most effective marketing mode, with 38 percent of them are of the opinion that if they had an extra budget for next year, they would spend it on social media.

Step 4: Ecommerce mode

Ecommerce is the best mode of business in such adverse situations, like Covid-19. It is an efficient way to keep the sales coming and meet client needs through the internet. It is essential to stay proactive and have business available for customers.

Step 5: Promote your work

Once you have set the foundation of your business in place, start educating your prospective clients about the product and services and begin promoting it. Make sure you do thorough research and take advantage of all available PPC avenues. Fields where you can seek a platform for promoting your work through paid ads such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, and other social media outlets such as Instagram and LinkedIn.

​Internet Dominance by Covid-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world majorly, a noticeable impact is seen in the users' online behavior. Covid-19 related topics are dominating the search list of users, which implies you need to shift your attention to strategies that center on the Covid-19 outbreak. Let us seek detailed notes on how to have a piece of the dominance of the internet.

Step 1: Search reports

Firstly, you should make sure you adjust your paid search campaigns for these new search terms and volume that is rushing as a trend. You must review search terms regularly in order to understand what sort of traffic you are getting and what they are seeking.

Step 2: Eliminate negative keywords

Secondly, along with running frequent search query reports for your paid marketing campaigns, you must ensure to check the keywords you are using. They must not be damaging the quality of content. With the new kind of traffic coming through, there's also more irrelevant terms within those queries. You must ensure to make your content in a way that flushes out those irrelevant keywords, and you are not spending budget on terms that do not apply to your business.

Step 3: Follow the trend

A lot of rising firms use Google Trends as a useful tool to dissect and understand how people are searching. You can follow the trend, which includes a new hub specifically related to Coronavirus search trends. You can also review on a regular basis to see how people are prioritizing within their searches, which will aid you when finding your keywords in your PPC campaigns.

The Diminishing Mobile Traffic

Apart from what we see in new traffic coming on our site, we are also noticing new places this traffic is coming from. In March, Google witnessed paid search mobile search traffic diminished by nearly 25% due to the pandemic. The usual traffic we can always count on is now suddenly beginning to decrease. Besides people being physically less mobile, they are also less mobile in their online behavior.

Step 1: Device bid alterations

You can alter the device bid by revisiting device bid adjustments. Generally, marketers would make this type of alterations based on specific data present in the marketing campaigns. But, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, you need to stay informed that more users are shifting back to their desktop.

Step 2: Smart bidding

Marketers consider implementing smart bidding in their marketing campaigns. With PPC (Pay per click) strategies being altered during the pandemic, it is bound to become trickier to understand how search behavior will change abruptly. Smart bidding is a potential avenue that will enable marketers to digest data that is changing and adjust CPC bids in real-time.

Concluding Note 

It is important to remember that marketers still have control over how they are presenting their company in front of the customers. In times of Covid-19, you must ensure to stay active and available to the clients in response to the campaigns you are running. Customers seek quick help, and as a marketer, it becomes essential for you to follow these trends and stay upgraded to be present to assist existing customers and engage the newer ones. You can also seek the help of these marketing strategies of 2020 that will benefit your business to sail through the year.

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