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Morris Edwards 9 March 2020

Web Designers Guide to Build your Professional Website

Are you looking for a guide for the web designers? Here is the comprehensive guide for web designers to build professional website that helps to increase conversion.

Are you getting involved in professional web design? Good, you have made the right decision. You are giving users more reasons to engage with you. But wait... do you know how to make the best professional website?

Either, you will hire a website designing agency to do that, or you will do it on your own.

However, there are some significant things that you have to consider while designing the website. 

Website design plays an important role in engaging more customers to your website.  It gives them the reasons to stay longer. But, if you fail to introduce the best aspects, then get ready to face a higher bounce rate. 

If your webpage is taking ages to load and is not showing correctly to the customers, then surely, they will move to another website. So, all your efforts and money is wasted.  

First of all, understand that it is not apparent that if you know the technical aspects, then you can design the website. If you only include the interesting design and high-quality content, then you cannot get productive results.  It is important to add the style that matches the expectations of the users with the functionality, which is easily understandable. 

You must have heard that "Beauty lies in the eye of the mouse-holder". It is understandable that distinctive users prefer several styles, but it does not imply there are no tricks that you should consider while choosing the website appearance.

So, if you have an urge that the users find you on Google, then now is the time to convert your visitors to customers. 

But how will you do that? And how will you ensure that whatever you are doing is right?

We are here to give you the guide that can help you to build a professional website perfectly.  But, before diving into the core of the fundamental elements of professional website designing, spare some time to know the statistics to understand how the industry is evolving.

  • 48% of users indicated that the website’s design is the basic factor in determining the reliability of a business.
  • 62% of the businesses have grown their sales by making their design responsive to their professional websites.
  • 94% are those who say that bad design is the principal reason do not prefer some websites.
  • 38% of the customers are not revisiting the website if the photos are taking much time to load, and the content is lengthy.
  • It has been examined that if the website loading speed is cut down from 8 seconds to 2 seconds, then the conversion rate will be improved by 74%. 

Nevertheless, take a look below to know how better professional designing can enhance your brand visibility. 

  • Customised uniquely

The experts of the website designing agency know how to make a website that reflects the aim of your business.

  • Make you stand out

With fewer errors and breakdowns, your professional website can be accessed on several devices and browsers.

  • Less loading time

Users prefer the website that takes less than 2 seconds to load. They love to stay there longer, and therefore, you can get more clicks. And, they make their decision in 0.05 seconds approximately. 

  • Establishes your brand

The professional website is highly beneficial in building the brand.  Practicing this, you will gain the customer’s trust.

  • Make sure you are noticed

The website can help you touch the sky.  You are now keeping the competition high.

Ideas for designing a professional website

Gather and structure the website content  

The website developer and the designers will not assist you in writing the content of the page on the website and in taking the photos of the products you are selling.  You are solely responsible for gathering the content and for finalising the final structure of your website. When it is about the structure, you have to include some important elements, such as:

  • Homepage
  • Blog
  • About page and/or contact page
  • Individual product pages
  • Product directory
  • Terms and conditions
  • Landing pages/marketing pages for promotions
  • Gallery

The elements mentioned above require important information, such as, each page should have the right content and different design.  Here, in this stage, you do not need the exact content; all you need to do it to make an idea that which content you will add in the website. And, make the appropriate plan accordingly. 

Do you have the time to write copy, or do you need to hire someone to get it done? Will you hire some photographer for the photos?

Do you know that you need to store the custom images such as team and logo photos? Here, the web designer can only help you out in giving the sources you want.

Colour contrast optimisation

The element that defines how appropriately you are distinguishing the colors of the design elements from each other is color contrast. 

To measure, you can go with the ratio aspect and should include only the minimum one. Consider that the different design elements are fulfilling the least color ratio, as mentioned by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Here, it is not only improving the readability of the visually impaired users but is also improving it for those who are not visually- impaired. 

This is how basic designing is done with virtually zero effort. But how one came to know about the minimum requirement? Primarily, the color contrast analysers such as Stark were used for measuring the color contrast ratio.  Though, the minimum ratio relies on the element, that is, the qestion is whether it is a vital user interface element or not? Like, form field, or icon, an element is textual.

Is the font size large or small?

As a user, we know that larger fonts become more readable than the short one. There is no need to zoom in, zoom out, the font.  For your convenience, we have taken a color contrast ratio requirements from WCAG for text on the background.

  • 14pt bold or 18pt normal: 4.5:1 (7:1 is better) 
  • 14pt bold or 18pt normal, and above: 3:1 (4.5:1 is better)

Use One-Click Installs

Installing any Content Management System (CMS) is an outdated thing. Though, it is simple but takes longer. Several web hosts nowadays are using the one-click installs to do all the work. Usually,  this feature is integrated into the hosting account control panel.  

The whole process is painless and quick. Just fill in the required details with the information, like, website title and the login information. The server will manage the whole stuff from here.  You do not need to get the configuration file and build a database. 

Grasp the information of CMS

We all know that CMS is a web application and database. Basically, it permits the users to upload the content to visit the varied website parts.    

If you are not familiar with how to change or edit the photos, text on the website, then you surely need a content management system.

The web world has many CMS, several incredible options like WordPress (for blogging), Magento, and Shopify (for hosting an eCommerce website), etc.  However, if you are in need of advanced functionality, then you should get it customized.

Keep visual hierarchy intact

With an evolution in technology, smartphones, a computer screen shows the required information with the best internet connection. The designer’s responsibility is to manage the content effectively. It only takes some seconds to make customer’s engaged and showing what your website is all about. 

If you got succeeded in establishing a transparent representation of your information, then surely, you will get the best footfall. Apply size, contrast, spacing, and color for more accentuation, and define your consciousness while finalizing your website design. 

Rectifying the mistakes

Usually, the mistakes make the users confused particularly when they do not have any idea what it is showing and how to get rid of it. Mistakes cannot be avoided, mainly when it is about the modern-day user. They want to get engaged with UI's that define their mental model. When it fails, to do so, errors occur.  

The typical mistake is one when the user fills the forms and, generally, being weak; they fill in the incorrect data. 

If the errors are getting fixed programmatically, then there would not be any errors.  You can consider an example of integrating https:// to the URL submission if not integrated before and making the user get it done by themselves. 

Find out the below tips for error reduction:

  • Use form labels always for defining the input fields 
  • Use placeholders for displaying an example of acceptable input 
  • Allow autocomplete and autofill to overcome typing error


  • Show the form errors simply in realtime 
  • Verification from the use is necessary before submission 

Assure website easy navigation

The website with reliable navigation assists the search engine to index your content by enhancing the user experience.

It is advisable to link the logo to the homepage. Generally, the users are used to visit the home page again and again to get a brief. If you have not done it yet, then do it now. There are many tools that can be used to link.

The menu also plays an important role. It has to be at the top of the website. And, should be structured as per their importance. 

Try to include vertical navigation. If your website has more content, then it is advisable to use the anchor menu. Just in one click, the user can navigate to the top and down or bottom or straight to the particular section of the website.

Working on the footer and keeping the critical content on the top will also work. Assure that the visitors must get what your professional website is all about without scrolling. 

Secure the functionality you need

What actually the customers are looking for while spending time on your site? Are they need relevant information about your company, like phone numbers, company addresses, and opening hours? Do they only want to buy your products and services? Are your blogs and articles making them interested? Or might they know about your offers and discounts?

Only your functionality needs can give answers to these queries and can develop your website accordingly. This planning strategy will leave a significant impact on your budget constraints. So, you will need to resolve the various norms in order to get adequate results.

Be mobile-friendly

Advancement in mobile technology makes everything simple, right? So, where should we have to be focused so they can scroll the website pages down? Some logo makers develop a mobile-friendly version of the site so that you can stand out among this competitive mobile world. Hence, give a second thought to every aspect and check out every page, including call-to-action-buttons and other components.

Wrapping Up

Here, in this article, we have mentioned all the things that you should keep in mind while designing the professional website. We hope these tips will help out to create the best. 

If there will be some queries and suggestions, then let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading this article. Have a great day!


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