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Kim Leary 4 February 2020
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Top Tips for Success in the Web Design Industry

Want to be at the top of your game in the web design industry? In this article, I use my insight and experience to share some of my top tips for achieving success in web design.

There’s over 400 billion active websites worldwide, and this is a statistic which continues to grow as more of us move online for everything from our grocery shopping to our education.

With so much demand websites out there, you’d think being successful is web design would be easy. But the reality is, it’s a competitive market and you have to be at the top of your game to make it in the industry.

Being successful in web design, of course relies on your design skill and creativity, but with most web designers in the industry offering an identical service, it can be hard to stand out. But there’s other ways, other than your actual web design capabilities, that you can get noticed.

In this article, I share my tips for success in the web design industry. Based on my personal experience, as Managing Director of my own web design agency for almost 10 years, this advice is tried and tested by me to help you on your way to achieving your career goals.

Make a plan

Success comes in many forms, and means a completely different thing to each individual. Whether you strive to own your own company, get promoted to a senior role, bring home a bigger payslip each month or feel happy in your work, these are all forms of success.

To achieve them, you need to make a plan. Although simply ‘winging it’ can work for some people, you’re better to rely on your own actions than on a chance stroke of luck.

From changes to your work which could help you get noticed by management to a change in attitude towards opportunities, sitting down and doing the groundwork to identify the ways you can reach your goals is key to your ultimate level of success.

Think outside the box

And when it comes to making this plan, delivering your work and making major career decisions, you need to think outside the box to see real progress. 

Following others down the beaten path in web design simply won’t get you noticed. You can create great designs, but if they offer nothing new, they’ll go unnoticed. To make an impact, get your name heard and your work seen, you need to do something different. Something with real wow factor.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what that is. You need to use your experience, skill and creativity to find that out. But whatever road you decide to go down to reach success in the sector, always remember to think outside the constraints of what has already been done.

Take (calculated) risks

Taking risks might sound…risky. And of course, no risk is without an element of danger. But when they pay off, they can be exactly what’s needed to get you to where you want to be.

But, as we all know, risks can have detrimental effects too. As such, you need to calculate the potential pay off against the potential damage and ultimately decide if each risk you’re faced with is worth taking.

From physically crunching the numbers to weigh up the possible outcomes of a decision to following your gut instinct, risks have to be taken to progress forward in your career. Think of it this way, no risk means no progression.

Perfect your art

Web design is a passion and a career. While it’s what puts a roof over your head and food on the table, as a web designer you should also remember that it’s an art you’re passionate about.

And it’s also one which can be developed and perfected indefinitely. Whether you’re taking extra courses to develop your knowledge or conducting experiments to find new ways to work, it’s important to continue to grow your skill set.

And this shouldn’t stop once you reach your goals. No matter how advanced you are in web design or how well business is doing, you can always find room for improvement that will help you to achieve even more.


More often than not, web designers don’t achieve success on their own. From the team that help to bring your business off the ground to the mentors that encouraged you to take the leap in the first place, there’s a whole network of people who’ve supported you, offered a helping hand or invaluable advice throughout your career.

If you never get out there and meet the people in your industry who can help you achieve your goals, you’re falling at the first hurdle. Networking through platforms such as LinkedIn and events might seem like a lot of effort, but it could provide the golden ticket which will help you hit your targets and achieve success.

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