Ryan Kotani
Ryan Kotani 5 January 2021

Why Unique Content is More Important for Your Site

Unique and good quality content is especially important for a website, and there must be no doubt about it. There are many reasons why unique content is considered to be an important part of SEO, and your website and some of the top ones would be discussed today in this article. We will also tell you about the best plagiarism checker tool that can help you check your work for duplicate content before you publish it on your website or page.

First, you must know that high-quality content is the only factor on your website that would be ranked by the search engine on the initial crawling. If your work has a lot of plagiarism and replications in it, then the search engine would avoid indexing it. Even if the content is indexed, it will remain on the lower shelves of the SERPs.

Reasons Why You Need to Have Unique and Good Quality Content

Good quality content has a lot of benefits both on a short-term and long-term basis. We have listed the reasons why unique content is so much important and beneficial for a site!

Unique Content Provides More Value for the Audience

Unique content adds to the value of your website and is a source of credibility. It does not matter how much traffic you are getting on your site or how small the niche you are working on is, you have to focus on adding high quality and unique content on the website. If you are wondering how to get organic traffic on your site, then you should focus on creating unique content.

Unique content would also help you in:

  • Growth of website sales and conversions
  • Getting more organic traffic 
  • Improving the share of your website
  • Increasing the level of user-engagement

Unique Content Can Help You Get a Better DA

Domain authority is a very key aspect of a website. This term refers to the credibility of the website, which is directly dependent on the content it has. If you would have plagiarism free content on your website, then you would get improved credibility.

Good content is not only expected by the traffic on the web but also by the search engine, and this is why you must check your work before publishing!

Unique Content Has a Longer Life

Unique content would be evergreen for your website. Evergreen content is the one that stays on the top ranks for a long time. If the content is written well and checked regularly, then it can stay on the top shelves for even years. You have to make sure that the content is not only free of plagiarism, but also is clear, informative, and well-researched. 

Unique Content Gets More Backlinks

You must know that credible websites would only reciprocate and generate a link with your site if you have unique content on your site.

Unique content on a website as we have mentioned earlier contributes to the credibility of the site and the more credible you are on the web, the more backlinks you would get for your site. The amount of quality backlinks is a major factor that decides the ranking position of your site. 

Unique Content is More Discoverable

One should know that unique content is picked first when the search engine is crawling for the index, and so the website becomes more discoverable. Suppose you want to increase the visibility of the website and your business. In that case, you have to ensure that you have plagiarism-free content on your site/page/blog!

Increases the Value of Products and Services

When you are running a website or an online business, the only thing that helps you gain the trust of your customers is unique content. The more you focus on this point, the more value would be added to your products and services. Adding unique content on the website is one of the most successful content marketing strategies that you can find online. 

Best Online Tools That Can Help You Ensure Unique Content 

You have to check your content with the tools mentioned below even though you have not copied content from any source. The reason behind this is that today your content can have accidental plagiarism because of the massive amount of content on the web. Furthermore, you must know that people can also be copying your unique content.

This can have the same severe damages on your website like the one who is stealing from you. The tools that we have shortlisted would help you check duplication in text and also in images!

Plagiarism Checker by SmallSEOTools 

The plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools is a great tool for screening out all sorts of duplicate content. This online plagiarism detector is a free service and can be used by inexperienced writers as well as professionals.

The working of this plagiarism checker is quite simple and elegant, plus the results produced by it are quite promising. The plagiarism detector can find not only deliberate plagiarism but also accidental one in your content. 

If you want to hunt if someone is stealing from you, then this plagiarism tool can also scan your complete website for duplication. You have to add the URL of the Site in this plagiarism checker, and you would get real results! This plagiarism checker online is the best one for finding textual dishonesty in text. To check plagiarism or duplication in images, you have to use the reverse image search technique!

Reverse Image Search by Duplichecker

The reverse photo search tool by Duplichecker is one of the best image search tools that can help you find duplication in images. Suppose someone is stealing your images from the website. In that case, it will result in negative SEO which is bad for the overall credibility of the site.

This reverse image search tool can help you find out if someone is copying your content and using it on a public platform. You will also get the details of the website and the admin who has duplicated your images or other visual content. This is also a free & secure tool for finding duplication and making all other sorts of image searches!

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