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Social Media Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Social media is like any other marketing strategy which is carefully crafted, measured, managed, and founded with a clear plan. To deliver that which has been envisioned, it is essential to be up-to-date with social media tools and all the latest trends to make your life easier.

Social media is evolving with time and there is an emergence to use the right amount of social media marketing strategies to succeed in any market. Social media tools allow you to target a particular audience. Each device will further help you plan, schedule and publish content to your social media platforms at the right time so that it reaches a broader section of the audience and increases sales.

We are here to provide you with ten best social media tools that will make your life easier:

1. Biteable

An essential part of social media is to create content. It is said that visual content gets three times more engagement than any other regular content. With this tool,one can create engaging, informative, and entertaining short videos to share with your social media platforms. They offer the user with an array of free video templates, footage, animated scenes and music. This tool was created for any brand to use it quickly and is known to be the cheapest tool in the market.

Price: Most features are available for free, although a company can upgrade to Premium starting from $19 per month. 

2. Canva

This tool is easy to use that allows a brand to create a variety of graphics for their business. They have templates for everything from social media images to flyers, business cards and many more. This tool has everything that you would need for unusual designs. A brand can design with the help of millions of stock photographs, illustrations and vectors, use filters, and can have access to a great selection of fonts which will go perfect with every design.

Price: This tool is free although large companies can pay up to $30 per month for additional features like unlimited storage, 24/7 Enterprise-level support and much more. 

3. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is an affordable and secure social media management tool for any company. This tool lets you schedule your content in advance. The queue function can help the company share the most liked content again and again. A detailed performance report is available, which will help measure reach, response, conversion rates and customer service. It works with many social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.

Price: Each plan can be customised and the ideas start from $70 per month.

4. Sendible

With this tool, it is easier for those companies who want to monitor their brands, track results from one dashboard and engage with the audience. It has a range of pre-designed templates to help a brand create in-depth social media reports for their clients and the team members. Sendible lets you schedule your content either individually or all together. It takes care of content curation.

The feature of a content recommendation engine helps analyse the posts which are already shared on social media and further suggests the best content which will most likely generate more engagement. This social media tool is suitable for many platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. If you take up an advance plan, you can even publish directly to WordPress or Tumbler.

Price: They have four plans, Base plan starting from $19 per month, Action plan for $99 per month, Growth plan for $199 per month and Large project for $299 per month.

5. Buzzsumo

This is a research tool which tells you how your content is doing amongst your competitors in the market. Research is known to be a crucial part of marketing. You can find content on Buzzsumo that is most shared on social media platforms by entering your or someone else’s domain.

You will be able to discover influencers related to specific topics. A brand can use it to research keywords and the issues that are trending and issues that your audience may be interested in. Get alerts based on brand names, links domain or keywords. With Buzzsumo Pro, a brand can research their competitors easily.

Price: It starts at $99 per month.

6. AdEspresso

Social media advertising is an essential strategy for marketing and can be a complicated process. AdEspresso helps the brands in testing different ads to analyse what maximises the return on ad spend. It is a tool that can be useful for Instagram, Facebook, and Google ads. Creating and managing ads for all the three social media platforms can be worked on in one place.

With AdEspresso, it is easy and quick for ad creation and optimisation using filters to define what is going to be promoted. A brand will be able to automatically sync their leads, contacts and audience with just their Facebook ad account.

Price: Free 14-day trial, plan starts from $49 per month. 

7. Later

Later lets you plan and schedule posts for the platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. The calendar makes it easy for the brand to mark the posts in advance and see at a glance how the feed will look. Track your analytics to figure out the best time to post, along with the appropriate hashtags. 

Price: Free for individuals. They have four plans, Plus plan to start from $7.5 per month, Premium plan for $16 per month, Starter plan for $24 per month and Brand plan for $41 per month. 

8. Feedly

Keep up with the latest trends and topics you care about with Feedly. Organise and read all about the blogs and information of industries in one place. Research from this website and share your insights with your team members. Feedly is also great for content ideation. You can add several influencers, writer's content at one place and see them in a glimpse.

Price: Plan starts from $6 per month- $18 per user per month.

9. Sprinklr

Sprinklr will help the brand connect with customers on their preferred platforms. They can help coordinate the interactions across marketing, advertising, and research to deliver the best customer experience your brand has to offer. It has user management capabilities to manage your processes in an organised way.

Price: A brand has to contact them to find out about their pricing options.

10. Lumen5

Video content is gaining interest on social media platforms. Lumen5 is a great tool that will help the brand ceate videos. They offer a variety of layouts to assist you with the beginning. A video can be made quickly and there is a wide assortment of pictures, music, and video accessible.

Price: It is free for video enthusiasts, although it can be upgraded for more features starting at $19 per month.


The way you use these tools is essential, although having so many tools doesn't ensure success. One should understand that apart from machines, many other social media will help in the success of your business. 

SocioLabs is a company in Delhi which can help any small or a well-established business to come up with marketing strategies to generate sales and leads along with ensuring growth and success for the company.

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