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9 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO

Chrome extensions are very useful for a business to gain traffic, to enjoy security and privacy and surfing without any ads. There are so many chrome extensions that people fail to use the important ones and end up using ineffective extensions.

Such a wide range of options can be confusing, as a result, multiple extensions are used which are least beneficial and require plenty of space. Chrome extensions when used properly and chosen wisely can also benefit your on-page SEO, Keyword research, rank checking, technical SEO, link building, etc. 

These 9 chrome extensions are very efficient and effective and will help you achieve your goals. 

1. Keyword Surfer

If you are struggling to find out which keywords you should be targeting, Keyword Surfer should be able to help. Once installed just go to Google and type the keyword you want to rank for. With the help of the extension, it will automatically add the estimated monthly volume for this keyword. It will show you the estimated cost per click if you wanted to run a Google ad campaign.

This should help you figure out if the keyword is worth going after. Keyword Surfer will also provide you with keyword ideas based on your initial search. It will be in the form of a table on the right-hand side of the search results with an estimated monthly search volume. If you find any keyword worth targeting just star them and they will be saved in the clipboard.

You can export those star keywords in the form of CSV format and import them in an excel spreadsheet or Google sheet. You can scroll through multiple pages of results the higher the similarity percentage is the closest it matches the keywords you have initially entered. To change the country results just use the dropdown next to the flag at the top of the table.

2. Fatrank 

Install fatrank extensions from, a website where your site ranks for some of your targeted keywords. Click on the icon and enter the desired keyword and enter the country for which you want to see the results. After this, the results will show the position your website ranks for that particular keyword. Check as many keywords as you want.

After checking, you can export your result by clicking on the session report tab. Save the CSV report and store it in an Excel spreadsheet or Google sheet. This is a continuous process to check your performance and. has to be done monthly for that particular keyword. Also, do not forget to include your competitor's site.

3. SERP Trends

If you want to know who is going up or down within your space you want to add SERP trends to your extension arsenal. Using color-coded arrow icons next to your Google search results search trends will track who is going up or down over the time for the keyword you've been looking at.

It is very useful if you want to quickly identify who your most aggressive competitors are and how well your site is doing. Please note that you'll have to wait at least 24 hours before the first results start showing. Obviously, this will only work if you check the same keywords over time. 

4. SEO Meta 

Before I cover this extension let me quickly describe what a meta tag is for those of you who are completely new to SEO. Meta tags are snippets of HTML code that describe information within a web page. Here is an example of such a snippet for the title of a web page. In a nutshell, meta tags help search engines to understand what a page is about. Those tags are not seen by viewers but by search engines only.

They are important to get right since search engines use them as signals to rank websites in search results. The most common ones are the meta title and the meta description of a web page that gets displayed in search engines. There are many others which can all be found quickly with SEO meta in one-click extension.

Once you have installed the extension go to your website and click on the app icon this will show a summary of the existing meta tags on your page. You can click on the question mark icon to find more about the tag itself and some anomalies will be highlighted in red when you hover over it. 

5. Broken Link Checker 

Having broken links on your site is not recommended. A broken link means that when a user clicks on it, a 404 page will be returned. This provides poor user experience but also sends signals to search engines that the website is of poor quality.

Too many broken links can be detrimental to your ranking so it's important to fix them identify broken links quickly on any given page of your site with Atom SEO broken link checker. This will help in finding all your broken links and highlight the faulty one in red and then you can fix them using your content management system. 

6. Ahrefs Toolbar

Ahrefs, in my opinion, is the best SEO tool on the market due to the quality of its data and functionalities and is used by many SEO professionals. Unfortunately, it's also fairly expensive, especially if you only run a single local website.

Thankfully there is a free Chrome extension available which displays data directly into Google search results in the form of a small table. It also attaches a toolbar to your browser which provides information about any given website or webpage you want to check. Once installed you should see the air X logo in your browser which you can turn on and off by just clicking on it.

7. Page Speed Insight

How fast your website loads on a computer or on a cell phone has become a very important ranking factor in Google. The slower your site is, the more likely Google will push you down the pecking order. To find out how fast your website really downloads, get the Google PageSpeed insights extension.

Once downloaded click on the page speed icon extension and wait for a few seconds after which you will be given an overall score. The higher the number the better it is. You can find further details if you click on the see more link where you'll be able to see the performance for both desktop and mobile separately. It will be easier to fix the pain points. 

8. VidIQ

For those of you who run a YouTube channel and want to improve your video rankings, I thoroughly recommend you download the VidIQ extension. You will need to create an account to use even the basic version but it's worth it. Once downloaded you can go onto any YouTube video and VidIQ will provide loads of information.

You can use it to optimize your very own videos such as the number of users per hour a video is getting and how well it's doing across social media channels. The overall SEO score shows how well it's doing in comparison to the overall channel and also a video optimization checklist which enables you to verify if you've done everything right.

9. Grammarly

If you write a lot of content for your site you should consider the Grammarly extension. Grammarly is a free digital writing assistance that will help you write better content as it will check your spelling, correct your grammar, and also make semantic suggestions. Add it up to your toolbar, click on the icon and set up your preferences then click on the new document. As you type away Grammarly will automatically make suggestions and corrections the free version is very decent. 

Using some of these extensions should help you save time, effort, and improve your overall online visibility. Don't hesitate to use them, check out your competitor's performance.

So now you know where you stand and what you need to work on. You don't need to download them all just click the ones you feel will be the most useful to you. The best SEO Companies know what your website needs and can analyze what strategy your competitor has, what they are up to, and how to rank you up with their efforts.

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