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Mansi Rana 9 December 2020
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5 SEO Quick Fixes for Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce is a broad niche and it has a lot of things to deal with. If you are also an ecommerce owner, then you must have done a lot of things to drive more traffic to your site. But there are always some fixes that need to be done to ensure the site runs in a hassle-free manner.

In this article, we will check out what the powerful, yet fundamental, SEO quick fixes are that you must do to ensure the top-notch performance of your store. 

1. Navigation Links 

Without any kind of issue, navigation links are the most common issue that most ecommerce owners face. This is the primary issue behind not getting proper ranking and in the end, signing up for ecommerce SEO services. 

The menus can get out of control when people use the method of fewest clicks, as contrary to the least amount of time to finish a task. When websites have too many categories and multiple products and even product variations in it, then it creates a problem. When overlooked, the site ends up being a mess for the crawlers.


For fixing this navigation problem, make sure all products are placed in a category and every category is linked to each other like a proper hierarchy architecture. This simple navigation tweak will help you a lot in gaining higher traffic. 

2. The Schema Architecture

Another important thing that every ecommerce store owner needs to fix is the proper schema markup for the site. Most of the ecommerce platforms lead to missing organizational schema, product schema, or both.

And for those who don't know, both of these schemas are highly pivotal for a healthy SEO. Many site owners tend to ignore preparing a schema by saying that they will do it once the site is live, but it's not the right way to deal with it. 


The best way to fix a schema problem is to generate a new schema by yourself or by asking your ecommerce SEO services provider. If you are using a WordPress CMS, then you will find a lot of plugins to do it with a click.

And on the other hand, if you are running a site on another platform or it's HTML-based, then you can use any open-source platform. Schema is an important aspect of your site as it provides all the important details about your business and products on the go. 

3. The Titles of Your Site and Products

Site titles are basic things to optimize but most people just ignore them and focus on other unnecessary things. Most ecommerce CMS platforms are packed with a pre-configured system for how titles are being made. More than 50% of business owners never feel that it is important enough to check out the structure and try to optimize it. 

Optimizing the titles is not rocket science, it just needs to be basic and reliable. Both the visitors and search crawlers need to know what this page is about. But, most of the time, this simple thing is not in the right place and it spoils your other SEO efforts. 


The way to fix the titles is to declutter them and keep them readable. Make sure the title is carrying all the essential details about the product in a very brief manner. Don't try to confuse users by stuffing too many details into a single title. 

4. Fixing the Backlink Profile

Be it a normal website or an ecommerce store; people tend to make mistakes by making poor quality backlinks or buying them. But, when we look at it from a long-term perspective, it's bad for the overall reputation of your brand. There are many packages available in the market that promise hundreds of backlinks at a dirt-cheap rate, but they are all of inferior quality.


The only way to improve your backlink profile is to first clean it. Run a disavow test on your website to analyze which are the inferior backlinks your store persists. Once you figure them out, remove them, and clean your profile. And, if you wish to make good backlinks, guest posts are the way to do it in the best way possible. You can take the help of ecommerce SEO services for quality guest post opportunities.

5. Google My Business Products

Google is an excellent platform to promote your ecommerce products in front of a large set audience. Most business owners make the mistake of simply uploading the products and not optimizing them. Treat Google My Business just like your website.


Once you upload the products, make sure you fill in all the details, and always ensure to add a UTM source to the products' URLs. This will help in tracking the products in analytics. 

So, which fixes you are going to try and gain the maximum out of your ecommerce store? We recommend you to check all these parameters or avail a professional ecommerce SEO services provider to make sure your store is optimized. 

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