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Benefits of Social Wall in Social Media Sports Marketing Campaigns

Wherever you go, people are always busy on their phones, especially social media. This is why, with more than 3.8 billion active users, Social Media has become more than just a trend. Whether it's sports, events, or any other activity, social media can upload, tweet, comment, share & post about it in real-time.

If you are a sports event organizer and want to get huge online traffic, you can leverage a Social Media Wall very easily in your sports social media marketing strategy.

As sports is one of the largest industries in the world, it would be great to bring attention to your sports event this way.

In this blog, you will be informed about;

  • Social Media Walls
  • The benefits to sports social media marketing
  • Top sports social media campaigns

So, let’s get started!

Social Wall - Introduction


Have you ever seen a combination of images or videos on display screens like digital signages, projection, etc. in events or public venues?

Well, this display of either images or videos that are aggregated from various social media platforms is popularly known as a Social Media Wall aka Social Wall.

In simple words, the social wall is an amalgamation of social media feeds that are aggregated in real-time (via handles, hashtags, mentions, etc.) & from various social media platforms, and then curated into a single feed. This wall can be displayed either on a single screen or within a website.

Besides being used in events, the social wall can be leveraged to strengthen your brand’s reputation, boost audience engagement, increase customer loyalty & trust, and more.

For example, displaying a social wall comprising user-generated content from social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is a way to create the buzz on a particular subject.

Furthermore, it also encourages audiences to be a part of the event by sharing their opinions about the brand.

Social Wall Benefits to Leverage in Sports Social Media Marketing Campaigns

To be honest, most event organizers just love leveraging a Social Media Wall because of the all mushy benefits it has to offer. But here are some of the reasonable reasons to take advantage of this in your sports social media marketing wall.

●Increase audience engagement

Giving your online community a face, social media walls has a lot of influence on your event.

This is why it can be a key factor to increase your audience engagement by displaying their social media posts up on the big screen.

You can also create a buzz around your sports event by encouraging even more people to socialize your event’s hashtag in their post.

●Add the ‘wow’ factor


The real wow factor of a social wall comes mainly by streaming it on a big screen.

How? You can customize your event’s social wall by applying various elements like banner, background, font size & color, beautiful themes & layouts, and more.

Also, what makes social wall even more worthy is that it can be displayed at different events and in different years. Why? As it’s content is always customizable and fresh.

●Give exposure to your sponsors

Sponsors and events go hand in hand. And what could be better than giving your sponsors an exposure by offering them a visually engaging live platform? This way they are more able to reach their target market.

●Boost interaction


Last but not least, displaying a social media wall brings the element of interaction to your event. 

With the help of a social wall, you can make activities like live polls, competitions, and giveaways a part of your sports or any other event.  This is especially helpful when you want to reduce your audience’s distress of waiting by captivating their attention to other aspects.

Examples of 3 Sports Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Here are 3 of the best social media marketing campaigns that might need your attention.

1. Tell stories like Nike

How can we not start with one of the leading names in the sports industry since ages? Apart from technological innovations, this sportswear brand is famous worldwide for telling great stories via its campaigns & advertising. 

By featuring celebrity endorsements who tell their stories in the media campaigns, Nike makes it’s audience believe that they can do the same.

2. Do it like Adidas

By focusing on three factors in its strategies i.e. ‘Attract’, ‘Engage’ & ‘Activate’, Adidas focus on multiple touchpoints. The brand provides great insights into the brand’s strategy and promotion with its killer collaboration with celebrities.

3. Make the customer hero of the story just like GoPro

The American technology company GoPro has built a loyal and engaged audience. How? It involved its fans in content curation so that the customers feel more connected to the brand.


Leveraging a social media wall in your sports social media marketing campaigns will help you increase your brand awareness, boost audience engagement, increase customer loyalty & trust, amplify sales & return on investment, and more.

While social media aggregator tools like Taggbox can help you create your sports social media wall with features like customization & moderation to make its content even more attractive and fresh.

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