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Nikunj Shingala 17 April 2020
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Why Is Marketing Important for Mobile App Success?

In this article, we have written about why mobile app marketing and app store optimisation is important, including step-by-step tips and strategies to boost online success.


  • 98% of the businesses create a mobile app marketing strategy and get good results.
  • Updates are necessary for the mobile apps and more than 38% of the companies update their app without fail every month.
  • 90% of the companies claim that their mobile app was successful and they could reap financial benefits from the same.

Given the statistics and the popularity of various mobile apps, the mobile app industry is getting more and more crowded day-by-day. As you are here for insights about mobile app marketing, let us tell you the Apple store alone receives an entry of 1000 app submissions every day. To make sure your mobile app stands out in the market, it is imperative that companies designate a considerable share of their marketing to promote and advertise their business apps.

As a modern day business person, you should carefully create a marketing plan that will not only improve the ranking of your mobile app but encourage your users to download it and use it often.

The most important reason to enter into the mobile app marketing arena is to reach out to your smartphone users and make them aware about your mobile app. With so many apps rolling in the market, there is a high risk that they will bypass your business app without noticing it on the app store.

Let us now examine the main reasons for mobile app marketing. 

Users spend more time on the mobile devices

An average person spends at least two hours on his mobile device. This is the time that the user plays games, explores various apps and makes notes on his digital notepad. When the user spends time to explore various apps on the Play store, your app should attract them to proceed with the download. Do you want your user to bypass your app only because you couldn’t promote it well? Think about it.

1) Mobile app marketing bolsters mobile commerce

These days, everything is happening on mobile. From booking an appointment with your doctor to getting groceries at home, mobile apps are doing wonders. This way, mobile apps are boosting mobile ecommerce and they are playing a very important role in enhancing the growth prospects of a business. However, the app needs to be marketed well to reach the target audience.

2) More shoppers are enjoying their purchases through mobile apps

We already stated that mobile users are purchasing their daily essential and the luxuries from the mobile apps. When this is the scenario, how can any business person take the risk of not marketing and promoting the mobile app? App store optimisation is not allowed with iPhone users, but the app can be advertised through various other online marketing mediums.

3) SMS clicks get more responses than emails

Users receive plenty of emails and SMS every day. However, data suggests that they are likely to click on a link in a text message 50% more than they would click on an email otherwise. Some 75% of users delete an email without even reading it, and this isn't the case with SMS. They are read and they act as a useful tool.

4). Mobile apps are the back bone of ecommerce business

Lastly, we would like to tell you that mobile apps act as a backbone of ecommerce business. No one sits with a laptop and orders the required products or services; smartphones have already outperformed all the other bulky digital devices as far as ecommerce is concerned.

It is time we embrace this fact and pay attention to mobile app marketing strategies at the earliest opportunity.

There is an exponential growth of mobile users over the past decade. The mobile user penetration across the globe has covered half of the world’s population and millennials are spending an average of 185 minutes on their smart devices every day. This data and the above-mentioned points would be sufficient to convince you that to succeed your mobile app development needs extensive marketing and promotion in the market.

Make your users devices more useful with excellent mobile apps.

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