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7 Email Marketing Ideas for Fashion Communication

The fashion world is ever-growing, and companies require a reliable way to communicate their brand image. Being in the fashion industry, you need a strategy that allows you to connect with the customer because this is how you can sell products. A unique brand identity guarantees maximum impact because people are always on the lookout for something different. As a brand, you’ve got to strive for more visibility because this is how you get the word out. People cannot know you sell high-quality products if you don’t have an active online presence.

Aside from marketing on social networks, you should also leverage email marketing as it targets customers individually. A feasible email marketing strategy can only be achieved if you take the time to know what your customers want.

The email marketing ideas you have for your fashion communication strategy should focus on design, as well as the message. The last thing you want to do is sent irrelevant emails to customers and expect them to read. Each email should express fashion thinking because everyone wants to shop with a company that has a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry.

To ensure your emails are void of grammar and spelling mistakes, enlist editing services. There are numerous online editing jobs sites out there that have expert editors who can work on your emails.


1. Get to Know Your Customer Base

Everyone in the fashion and apparel industry will agree that email marketing delivers excellent ROI. You can drastically increase your sales if you come up with a robust email marketing strategy. You can use emails to get to know your customer base so that you know how to serve them. Knowing a customer’s preference allows you to cat to the chase with successive emails.

You can only achieve email marketing success if you use customer data to drive your marketing strategy. This might come off as cliché because you've probably heard it several times before, but customers should always be at the center of your business. Since the customer is king, their needs should matter to you.

Successful brands remain at the top because they understand that there only there because of their customers. Use email marketing to get the information you need to streamline each customer’s shopping experience. Excellent customer experience is what will get you return customers. Use technologies like marketing automation to ensure to maintain engagement throughout a customer’s buying journey.

Every apparel company should analyse customers’ buying behavior and use the insights to target them with appropriate emails. Segmenting your email list saves you from the trouble of sending one email at a time. If you have a mailing list of over a thousand subscribers, this could be time consuming and exhausting. With a detailed customer profile, you are in a position to cater to everyone’s individual needs.

2. Create a Community

Every customer wants to feel a sense of belonging. You can use your email marketing strategy to create a community of loyal customers. Keeping your customers in the loop gives them the impression that you’re always thinking about their needs. As a fashion brand, you have an excellent opportunity to have brand ambassadors. You can use customer-generated data on different social networks to market your products and penetrate new markets.

Customers are always glad to post your products as long as you offer high-quality apparel. This is an excellent opportunity to leverage mmnichannel marketing. Merging social media and email marketing to spread your brand message allows you to cover more ground.

Speaking of brand ambassadors, you can collaborate with a popular fashion blogger to market your products. Every marketing effort you make should be to get in front of your ideal customers.

3. Create Styling Guides for your Customer

Once you learn about your customers, you can use the information you have to fix problems in your marketing strategy. Remember that email marketing overlaps with several other marketing strategies, and you can use it to improve your overall marketing strategy.

Your strategy should go beyond boosting your sales because most customers you get are genuinely interested in fashion. With styling guides, you can show your customers how to wear different pieces of clothing.

Offer every customers tip on how to incorporate jewelry into their everyday life. Many people have a hard time finding jewelry they can wear every day that doesn't look conspicuous. As the owner of a fashion brand, customers should be in a position to look up to you for fashion advice. Do seasonal guides for winter, spring, and summer and for occasions like weddings and parties as well, not to forget holidays like Christmas and New Year's Eve.

4. Run Promotions and Giveaways

It's no secret that people love free things, especially when they're coming from a well-reputed brand. Loyal customers want to be appreciated, and running a giveaway is an excellent way to do so.

You can use emails to gives customers a giveaway alert. For this to significantly boost your sales, you need to work with a timeline. Consider adding a countdown because this adds a sense of urgency to the whole operation.

The goal of your giveaway should be to create excitement around your brand. Customers are bound to share the information, and this is how you earn new customers. Every brand in the fashion industry needs exposure to achieve success. You cannot be a well-reputed brand if just a few people know about you.

5. Use Email Marketing to Earn Social Media Followers

When you get new email subscribers, consider directing them to your social media pages because you wouldn’t want them to miss in on the action. On the thank you email, include a call to action that directs them to a specific social media page. If you want more followers on Instagram, you can include a link to your page. Customers can easily discover your other social media pages once they follow you on one platform.

Your call to action should be straight to the point and easy to find. Since many people today open their emails on their mobile phones, the call to action should be easy to click on when using a small screen. To achieve this, use three words or more as your call to action.

6. Remember Customers’ Birthdays

Nothing shows appreciation for customers’ loyalty than remembering their birthdays. This is a personal event in every person’s life. Use customer data to ensure a customer’s birthday does not pass by without you wishing them a good one. Ensure the email you send is a heartfelt message which is personalized. The last thing you want is for customers to find out that you’re sending a generic birthday message to all of them.

Personalizing a birthday message is easy when you track customer data. You can even give then a product on offer because it’s their birthday. Loyal customers who get appreciated hardly take their business elsewhere.

7. Ensure Customers get Shopping Cart Reminders

It’s not uncommon for customers to add products to their shopping cart only for them to forget to complete their purchase. It could be because they didn’t have electronic money at the time, or it just slipped their minds. A shopping cart reminder helps you boost sales.


As a brand in the fashion and apparel industry, you need to understand that customer is always king. This is why your customer should be at the center of all your marketing strategies. Ensure you engage customers throughout their purchasing journey.

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