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Make Your Linkedin Business Profile Great Again

Let’s say you work for an organization where someone, one day, set up a LinkedIn profile. It does exist, yeh, but there is nothing, zero, null information about the brand, and the page itself has four followers: including your Marketing Manager, her husband, her sister and sister’s friend. Quite sad, isn’t it? And you know that your company could do better. So, instead of looking with some compassion at that page, roll up your sleeves and do something about it with our ultimate guide. If you are looking for some advice on how to post on LinkedIn and how to bring life to your LinkedIn business profile, we’ve got you covered.

Why is it worth having a business profile on LinkedIn?

You may ask yourself: why should my company have a Company Page? Well, for many people it is more than enough to run just a private profile, or for business – just a Facebook Page. However, with LinkedIn, you can unlock a lot of amazing, professional opportunities for your brand to sparkle and make it look giant in your competitors’ eyes. 

What can be the role of LinkedIn business profile?

  • Supporting recruitment processes
  • Building brand awareness
  • Showcasing corporate culture
  • Announcing news within the organization
  • Building a community around the brand

No one said that your page cannot play all of those roles at the same time. See – we told you about the huge potential of LinkedIn! 

Some organizations actually set up their business pages already, but they failed to keep it updated or care about. Others can’t see any added value in business pages. However, you should be aware that maintaining your LinkedIn business profile can be really beneficial both for employer branding (of your organization) and personal branding (of yourself). 

why should you create a LinkedIn Page

What are the benefits of Company Page?

  • Building brand recognition within target groups
  • Encouraging other employees to be active and form a community
  • Giving some good examples to follow for the whole company
  • Supporting personal brands’ boost
  • Learning about employees and desired target audience
  • Staying as “top of mind” company and building expert appearance within your network  
  • Easier connection with prospects or potential employees
  • Building a positive company image and culture

Once you are convinced that the LinkedIn Page is a good choice for your company, you can start working. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to learn how to post on LinkedIn. If your organization does not have a Company Page yet, follow our guide. If you have a Company Page and want to grow it, skip to the next step.

How to set up a Company Page on Linkedin?

It is relatively easy. Click on “Work” on your private profile on LinkedIn, scroll down a bit and select “Create a Company Page”. 

creating a LinkedIn Page

Then, you need to choose the type of LinkedIn Page you want to set up and fill in some information about your company. That’s it!

how to create LinkedIn Company Page

Is that all? (Un)fortunately not. 

You need to make your page not only present but also active. Encouraging colleagues to interact with the page can be tricky, and can take ages, but it is necessary to kick it off.

This practice will increase engagement and make the brand look more trustworthy. In some organizations, there is a practice to reward employees for extraordinary activity on LinkedIn.

Remember about finding a golden mean between the corporate news and the life of the company. It is relatively easy to make it uninteresting – but at the same time, it’s easy to make it super appealing. Show a human face, share success stories or announce recruitment processes, but try to keep it balanced with other content as well. After all, you want people to follow your profile and your story, not stand in the first row with standing ovation all the time.

Sharing information supports the growth of reach and engagement. If the brand already stands out with great engagement, it is easier to make it even larger – people are more eager to interact with brands who already have a strong following base and great content that engages (get inspired by content curation).

So, what is the recipe for success? 

Attractive Company Page with the support of professional Personal Profiles who do not hesitate to share some content from time to time. This situation is nothing but win-win for both parties: the brand easily engages others, and employees build their personal branding strategies with another pillar – the employer brand. You can also use some paid promotion to help with the start.

Good practices for growing your Company Page

  • We mentioned that engagement is the key to success. Use internal newsletters or other social media channels to spread some information about your new LinkedIn account. 
  • If you want to grow your profile for other business purposes and want to attract not only employees or potential candidates, there is a new feature on LinkedIn especially for you. Now, you can invite your network to follow your Page. Be careful with this option as it is extremely simple to overuse it and annoy your network. Do it only if you know that your Page gives some added value to that particular person. 
  • Set up a custom call to action. It seems to be a very little thing, but it can definitely help you drive the desired conversion. 
set up a custom CTA on LinkedIn
  • Did you know that LinkedIn suggests some interesting content for you to share? It can work like a charm if e.g. you are preparing some press reviews, or you just have no clue what to share right now (for instance, the post you planned can’t go live due to some obstacles). You can choose a topic, industry or location to be sure you share relevant pieces of content.
LinkedIn research
  • If your employees are active and publish posts on LinkedIn, you can share their articles on the Company Page. It can be a bit tricky since articles’ sharing options do not enable to share content directly to the Page. To make it work, you simply need to copy URL and paste it in the post box on the Company Page. Publish – and voila! The same you can do with their presentations put on SlideShare. 
how to post an article on linkedin
  • Also, you can manage your LinkedIn Company Page in several languages. If, for example, you run a global business in Italy, you may want to share content in Italian, but also English. 
  • Simply: complete your profile. Some organizations share a lot of content, but it is impossible to find their website or phone number linked to the profile. First things first – make it easier for your followers. 
  • If you feel that content on the business profile is suitable for groups or someone in particular, do not hesitate to share it using your private profile. This way, you can attract some extra followers to your content.

LinkedIn management: how to post on LinkedIn?

One of the most common reasons for companies not working on their LinkedIn Pages is lack of time. They are more focused on the business core, or they are busy with planning content on Facebook or Instagram. However, LinkedIn management does not have to be a pain in the neck. 

A lot of social media marketers ask themselves: when to post on LinkedIn? What to post on LinkedIn? How to post on LinkedIn? There is no universal answer to these questions, it all depends on your needs and statistics, but also capabilities.

Of course, you can do it manually. But… a only social media management tool allows you to schedule all types of LinkedIn posts and tag other business pages in your posts? You can save time and efforts, especially, if you are already planning some content for other social media platforms. Of course, it does not mean that you only need to plan – still save some spots for RTM (real-time marketing) posts or whatever happens in your company in the next 15 minutes. However, with the plan, you can feel more secure, and you can focus on community management & driving engagement, instead of thinking of what to share next. Speaking of sharing…

LinkedIn Business Page vs LinkedIn Business Profile

Well, they are pretty much the same thing. Some people call it Business Page, some call it Business Profile and LinkedIn calls it Company Page. So there you go. You will find different articles online referring to this and using various expressions while still talking about the same thing. Sometimes, LinkedIn business profile refers to your standard personal profile that a person decides to use not just as an online CV but rather for building a personal brand.

No matter whether you call it LinkedIn business profile or LinkedIn business page, the important part is to know how to use it to your advantage. Whether you want to build brand awareness, gain quality leads or hire new team members, you need to know how to post on LinkedIn and what to do to keep your business profile growing.


Having a LinkedIn Company Page can definitely help you achieve your business goals – even without spending money on advertising on this platform. We didn’t cover that part as we believe there are many organic methods to do it right. 

You shouldn’t have too many high hopes for the start, since like every method, this one needs some time, too. It can drive additional traffic, it can generate additional leads and it can help with building brand recognition. However, to make it happen, you need to work constantly on the quality of content and interaction.


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