Jamie Costello
Jamie Costello 8 October 2019

5 Steps To Create An Awesome Facebook Business Page

Here are 5 steps to creating an awesome Facebook business page to generate plenty of leads!

Facebook has lately become quite a questioned social media channel. After the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, which resulted in over $1.2 billion in fines for the British company, many moved away from the popular social network and especially its business-side of things. With this being said, the power of a Facebook business page is still tangible and being able to properly set it up is still mandatory, especially if you're planning on running multiple ads. Let's analyse 5 actionable steps to create an awesome Facebook business page

Step Number One: The Graphics 

Even if you're still be relying on Facebook's UI, having a good looking profile picture and cover picture are two easy things which could instantly boost your credibility and brand's image. General guidelines on the matter would definitely be related to having overall consistency with the brand's purpose: if you're a financial advisor, a business coach or a broker, it's very much not recommended to have flashy pictures and cover pics, but something more "professional" and "corporate" could definitely help. You can use a variety of apps to add specific email targeting/newsletters to your page, which, when optimised with your same colour pallet, will definitely help your Facebook business page. The facade of a business, especially on social media, is extremely important! 

Step Number Two: Reaching and Audience 

​Before planning your content, it's extremely important to understand what your targeting goals are and how to better reach your audience. Ultimately, unless you're gonna actively invest in paid ads, reaching a specific audience, with Facebook's current algorithm, requires a lot of trial and error, so it's good practice to have your Facebook business page ready for it with loads of content ideas, which are well-targeted as well.

Step Number Three: Anticipation, Via Quick Content 

A rookie mistake in content marketing, especially on volatile social media like Facebook, where every piece of content is consumed in a relatively quick timeframe by the users, is definitely related to delivering too many pieces of information in one single go. For example, if your company on his Facebook business page is releasing a new product/service, the worst practice would be releasing every single detail on that very product/service in one single go. In fact, what you should do is building anticipation, with images, videos and trailers/infographics about that product's release. This way, not only you will keep your audience engaged to your content, but you will also determine which users are more active/less active on your Facebook business page. Although this may sound a bit "naive", it has been proven to work multiple times and has become Amazon's, Facebook and Twitter go-to social media strategy for product's release and events. 

Step Number Four: Boost With Paid Ads When Needed 

When you're setting up a brand new Facebook business page, chances that you'll want to invest a consistent amount of money in your first posts are pretty high. That is, although, an extremely bad decision: boosting facebook posts without a pre-built audience will most likely result in people landing on your Facebook business page to then leave it shortly afterwards without any conversion.  A healthy paid ads campaign should rely on boosting already well-performing posts, targeting the right audience and, therefore, achieving success. Ultimately, paid ads should have some form of ROI and should not be used for mere brand awareness, so keep that in mind! 

Step Number Five: Be Creative.

A bit of a cliche, but very true. If you're building your Facebook business page by strictly following tutorials on the internet, then you may want to consider other forms of advertisement/social media. In an extremely noisy marketplace, creativity, "out of the box" thinking and everything in between is mandatory to succeed. Creativity may come from posting memes, funny quotes, interviews, videos, motivational (but still products and business-related) quotes...everything really, as long as it's coherent and quickly attracting people! Be creative and forward-thinking and you'll be easily able to create a great Facebook business page. ​

To Conclude 

Facebook is still one of the most popular social media channels in the world and, especially for eCommerce, mastering its business side is still mandatory from an entrepreneurial perspective. Analyse what you have currently and, hopefully, these tips will help you! 

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