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Alice Herman 24 September 2019
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4 Ideas To Increase e-commerce Conversion Rates (For 2020)

With the advent of social media, smartphones, internet connectivity, online shopping has become one of the top 3 activities on the internet by consumers. The eCommerce industry is dealing in trillion of dollars of sales presently. But the growth rate of eCommerce will not be the same in the next decade as it was in this decade. It will require efforts and strategies to keep up the growing sales if the eCommerce won’t be able to deliver a supreme all-inclusive consumer experience.

eCommerce & Consumer experience

Consumer experience is the most crucial element that needs to be taken care of by the eCommerce industry for long-term growth & success.

You don’t have to focus on what you can offer to the consumers but you have to focus on what consumer expects from you. And if you can deliver that then you can ensure maximum eCommerce conversions. 

As customer loyalty, trustworthiness, authenticity, reliability, and positive image are all crucial aspects that help a customer to stay with you in the long run and bring in new consumers continuously. 

Also, the deficient consumer experience has been a key reason for cart abandonment, high bounce rate, low click-through rate, diminishing engagement & conversions for most of the eCommerce. 

Therefore, it is essential that you provide a superlative experience to the consumer that will lead to maximizing your conversions and ultimately profits. 

Ideas To Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

We have listed 4 ideas through which you can increase your eCommerce conversion rate. These ideas do not require high investments and gain present visible results.

1. Exclusivity Superpower

We all have seen that people are attracted to and interested in buying the products that are limited edition or exclusive. Consumers are more intrigued by such products, for example, a product available to bought by “invites only”.

This is a classic marketing mantra that is still highly impactful in today’s age. It grabs consumer attention and creates an urgent intention to buy the product.

As an eCommerce, you can collaborate with brands and products that are popular among the consumers and build a deal of exclusivity.

This will give a two-fold advantage where the brand & eCommerce would get the hype, exposure, awareness, extended reach, and an interest among the consumers.

There are various eCommerce platforms that have used this mantra and have been successful.

2. Visual integration

Visuals are more important than ever as the consumers’ consumption of visuals is expanding at a high rate.

Especially for eCommerce, Products photos and videos are crucial as that is what helps in expressing and showcasing the product aesthetics to the customer.

Besides, visuals have a better recall value and consumers will be able to recall your products for longer reducing the chances of an interest decomposition.

It is recommended that you use high-quality stunning photos of products, show videos guide & product reviews, display user-generated visuals of the products on your eCommerce.

As visuals are more descriptive, interactive, and attractive which will help in grabbing the user’s attention and pull them to the eCommerce purchase funnel amplifying the chances of conversion.

3. Bring Social to eCommerce

Social media is a big influencer in shaping a consumer’s online purchase decision and Social media content is a big reason for it.

So, it is suggested that you bring social media to your eCommerce platform. It means that you should link your social media presence with your eCommerce platform.

You can use a social media aggregation tool to aggregate content especially user-generated content from diverse social platforms and display it in a single feed on your website.

This feed will be a blessing for your eCommerce as it will provide vibrancy to your eCommerce, enhance product discoverability, easy navigation to products, and most importantly add real-time shoppability.

You can make the posts in the feed shoppable which will allow users to buy the products directly from the feed. This real-time shopping will make the purchase journey shorter, easier, and quicker allowing more chances of conversion with instant shoppability.

Besides, UGC content will also provide social proof to your eCommerce platform.

4. Personalization

Every experienced marketer out there will say you the same thing over and over that personalization holds the key to a supreme consumer experience and a gratified customer.

Personalization might seem like a complex strategy as there are thousands of users but its not. It is much easier and automated for the most part.

You have an analytics panel for your eCommerce platform and cookies that can help you track a user’s activity on your website, their demographics, behavior, click & dwell time, geographical data, the device used, click-through rate, sentiment analysis, and much more.

You can create a personalized experience for your customers with customized offers, product recommendations, discounts, emails, promotional messages, and more tailored content.

This will help in making the consumers feel like the are being rewarded, listened, and catered to individually by the business. It will generate higher engagement from the customer with enhanced chances of loyalty and conversions.


It is disappointing when you have an excellent eCommerce platform but the conversion rate is displaying it otherwise. So, It becomes important to realize what customers want and shape your strategy accordingly.

These ideas will be immensely helpful in optimizing your eCommerce’s conversion rate as these ideas focus on enhancing the consumer experience with your eCommerce.

Besides, it is also essential to keep updated with the latest trends and innovations so that you are not lagging behind in the competition.

This will ensure that you are aware of potential threats and issues that might hamper your conversion rate.

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