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10 Tips to Improve Your On-page SEO in 2020

What is SEO? Probably you have heard the term before. SEO is basically an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is usually considered as a tool which search engines use to determine which web page deserves to be placed where?

What is SEO? Probably you have heard the term before. SEO is basically an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is usually considered as a tool which search engines use to determine which web page deserves to be placed where?

SEO mechanisms use keywords, layouts, webpage effectiveness and a system of logarithms to rank a website.

Actually there are two kinds of SEO: Off-page and On-page.

Off page refers to the activity away from the website’s page such as linking, marketing, brand image, etc.

On-page SEO is everything that occurs on the page of the website. From layout, to content, from loading to mobile friendly pages, etc. will be included in the On-page SEO.

Do you know how important an on-page SEO really is?

Have you ever visited a website that just caught all your attention? What was it that you were attracted to it? The page designs, or the written content, or the fast loading of its pages? Whatever it was, it surely gained many users because of its quality and attractiveness.

On-page SEO is very, very important for a website if it wants to retain the existing customers and gain more new ones. On page SEO has a range of factors involved in it. Let’s see some of the following:

  • Quality of the page
  • Links and sources
  • User friendliness
  • Optimized headings
  • URL compatibility
  • Loading time
  • Text structure and formatting
  • Categories sections
  • Easy navigation of the website
  • Use of images and videos
  • Language and linguistics

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your On-page SEO

Do you want to boost up your SEO rankings? Then improve your On-Page SEO with the following tips:

Best Quality Content:

First of all the content should be exceptional, it includes everything from the written work to digital features. With the written content make sure that the content is highly professional and engaging. The web content should be able to attract and grab users’ attention in the first few seconds, otherwise they would move to another website without any hesitation.

The language of the content should also equally match the language that users speak or understand. Content should be written in a conversational manner, so that the reader feels he’s being directly spoken to.

Your Page Must Load Quickly:

How many times has it happened to you that you were loading a website and suddenly it stopped or started dragging, making you feel frustrated?

When the user is not able to reach your website easily, or when web page takes time to load its simply natural for the user to move to another website. If you want to grab more users, traffic, etc. make your website load as quickly as possible.

Using Suitable URLs:

A website URL that is easy to remember is visited quite a lot more than the one that is difficult to remember. URL plays an important role in getting the web traffic, if your URL is not relevant to your services chances are that you will get overlooked by the searchers, and someone with a relevant and well-suited URL will get the traffic. Try to choose the best URL for your company.

Use Images Effectively:

People do get attracted by the images that they see on a website. But the question in are you using the images effectively? If you are just putting irrelevant images that will not interest the users, you are surely going to lose the traffic..!

Place images very elegantly on your webpage and put images that are high quality and classy. Some websites just simply spread images all across their website not knowing how to use them, and they wonder why there number of users are decreasing. Use right images in the right place to improve your On-page SEO.

Become More and More Relevant to Google:

How could you become relevant to Google? uses a range of factors to determine which website lands on which number. Luckily for the websites Google has given some factors which could be excelled if the website wants to get to the top. For example, relevance of the content, responsiveness of searches, how well the website entertains the user’s questions.

Relevance to Google can be increased by making the content user friendly and interesting, allowing the customer to come to the website time and again.

Internal Linking:

Internal linking has a lot to do with On-page SEO. If you want your website to get extra traffic, you would be well-advised to use internal linking. Internal linking helps the website generate more viewership through its multiple pages, so different pages of the same website get linked to one another.

Target A Specific Audience:

This is important if you want to grab attention of a particular sector of people. For example, your website is related to the nursing sector, would you not focus the theme, design, language and just about everything according to the profession of nursing.

If you choose to focus on a specific group of people you are more likely to hit the target and get ranked by the Google as relevant because the traffic or users will be coming to your website.

Most-suited Keywords:

Keywords are the backbone of any web content that appears on search engines. Websites with high visibility will usually have a range of keywords hidden and sometimes overtly presented in the web content.

If you are not sure how to effectively use keywords? Then start observing and learning from websites that use keywords and phrases most successfully.

Allow Conversations:

Make your web page open to chatting and conversations. People like sharing opinions on a webpage they are using. If your page is open for conversations and threads this will help more users will be attracted to your page.

Provide easy conversation options on the website and welcome posts and blogs from the customers as well this will encourage the users to have their voice heard and will help you build more and more traffic.

Use Best Design and Page Layout:

Don’t you want unlimited traffic for your website, pay attention to the design and format of your webpage?

If the page layout is well designed and attractive who would not want to visit and see the web content, whereas if the layout is boring and not relatable, most of the users will simply move to another website. That is the role a beautiful layout may play in increasing and decreasing your web traffic.

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