Merlene Leano
Merlene Leano 13 November 2019

Virtual Assistants: Key Factor in a Startup Business’ Growth

Have you ever wondered why some startup businesses seem to boom and achieve growth in just a short period of time? Why is it that there are times wherein startup businesses display a surprisingly increasing trend in their productivity almost similar to the trends of some huge companies? It is as if startup businesses have some kind of secret factor behind their successes. If you wish to know the answers to those questions, keep reading this article.

Managing startup businesses require a lot of work, time, and effort. Given that those businesses are just starting, resources are deemed to be limited and constrained. Moreover, startup businesses are usually only composed of less than five employees – just imagine the heavy workload of each employee.

In this situation, some employees experience burnout due to the heavy workloads which lead to inefficiency and less productivity of the startup business. This is something that business owners are avoiding to happen and so they try to look for ways to solve this. One way that might come across your mind is hiring additional employees. Technically, you are not wrong. Additional employees would mean that the tasks will be equally divided, hence, no one will suffer from burnout and in addition, productivity will definitely increase.

However, the problem with this solution is that this is an expensive way out. Hiring additional employees would lead the business owners to shell out much more money for the salary and expansion of the workplace and that is a bad situation for a startup business.

Now that we have scratched that solution, is there another way to solve this problem? Yes, and fortunately, there is the existence of virtual assistants who can cater to all the needs of your startup business and will eventually be driving your business towards growth and success.  Before we delve into the rationale of how the virtual assistants become the driving force towards your startup business’ success, let us first look into what they really do.

What can a Virtual Assistant do?

Isn’t it amazing how advanced technology is? Many things can be done with the use of technology – things that are impossible to do before are now made possible. People from older generations may be fascinated with what technology can do. They probably did not expect innovations such as mobile phones without keypads, computers, online payment, and even outsourcing services from the likes of virtual assistants. Development of technology has really gone so far that businesses can be managed online and office work can already be done without being in the office, and this is actually what virtual assistants do. A virtual assistant is someone who can execute administrative and clerical tasks for your business without being physically present in your workplace.

He/she is someone who can assume the role of another employee. Virtual assistants are responsible for assisting you in whatever support service that you need for your business. Here are some of the tasks that virtual assistants can do for you:

  •        Answering emails
  •        Managing calendars, meetings, and appointments
  •        Preparing presentations and reports
  •        Doing market research
  •        Managing social media sites/pages

The list of things that virtual assistants can do goes on and are not only limited to the ones stated above. Because of what they can do, demands for virtual assistants are continuously increasing and in fact, there is a forecast saying that the annual growth rate in the global virtual assistant market is at 11.60% for the years 2017-2021. It has also been predicted that virtual assistants will take up 40% of the US workforce by the year 2020. Basically, virtual assistants can be perceived as people who can do anything that can be done in the virtual world. They can be considered as the backbone of your startup business since they are the ones executing the administrative tasks. This is the reason why many startup businesses hire virtual assistants which usually leads their businesses to increased productivity and growth. I bet you are already wondering how virtual assistants are the key to startup businesses’ growth. Continue reading to know the reasons behind this.

Reasons Why Virtual Assistants are the Key to Startup’s Growth

We have already established the fact that virtual assistants help in the growth and productivity of a startup business. The question is how. Here is a list of reasons why hiring virtual assistants leads to the growth and productivity of your startup business.

1. Hiring Them Cost Less

It is no secret that hiring additional actual employees will be a burden to your startup business’ pocket given the high salary that you will be paying them. However, when you decide to hire virtual assistants, the same results will be delivered but with a lower cost Since virtual assistants are not going to be physically present in the office while working, it will save you money in a way that there is no need for additional workspace and paying for employee benefits. In this way, you saved up money that can be utilized for further development of your startup business which can eventually lead to growth.

2. They Work Efficiently And Effectively

Virtual assistants are known to work fast but still deliver outstanding results. Hiring them can definitely help your startup business to grow in such a way that they are able to work and help you 24/7. Unlike when you hire actual employees, they can just render their service for a limited time. Moreover, virtual assistants can drive your startup business towards growth through their multitasking skills. They are able to simultaneously do tasks without feeling burned out since they can work in places that makes them comfortable. Moreover, research by Canada Life Group says that office workers are deemed to be less productive than workers who are working remotely. In this case, virtual assistants work more efficiently and effectively than those who are working in the office.

3. Virtual Assistants Save Your Time

Handling a startup business can be really time-consuming as it requires you to accomplish numerous tasks. Some tasks can be simple while others are complex. With the help of virtual assistants, you are able to utilize your time in much more valuable matters. Virtual assistants take simple and administrative tasks off of your plate so that you can focus on other important tasks like thinking of new strategies and techniques to help your startup business grow. 

4. They Come Bearing The Skills

When hiring new employees, trainings and seminars are inevitable. These two are essential in order for the new employees to get a context of their job and for them to successfully perform their job. However, when you decide to hire virtual assistants, there is no need for them to undergo training and seminars. They already come bearing the skills needed to get tasks done. Virtual assistants are known to have management, organization, and multitasking skills which are believed to be essential in performing administrative/office work. With this, you won’t be spending money for trainings and seminars when you hire virtual assistants instead of actual employees. Their skills and services are tailored to drive your business towards growth and success.


The takeaway? Virtual assistants have the capabilities to support your startup business. They have certain skills that will surely be utilized in order for your business to grow and prosper. And this is why virtual assistants are the key factor in a startup business’ growth. No wonder why many startup businesses opt to hire virtual assistants instead of hiring actual employees.

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