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How to Market Your App Globally

The mobile app market is thriving, and according to Statista, by 2020, mobile apps are expected to produce $189 billion revenue via in-app advertising and app-stores. The figure exhibits the sheer potential of mobile apps and its increasing usage around the world.

Due to the rising demand in  apps, all forward-thinking companies search top mobile app development agencies to stay competitive in a cut-throat market.

Every business is integrating new technologies to perform better. Therefore, delivering an app to make significant profits is not the only thing that you should do. There should be something extra that can earn more for the business.

The best way to utilize your developed app is global expansion. Select countries in which you want to launch your mobile app. But, before expanding globally, make sure that your app has something valuable that your future clients don't yet have.

Global app expansion is quite an expensive process, but it opens many doors of opportunities. Some of the benefits of launching an app globally are:

  • Access to a broader customer base
  • Enables business to help more users with its solution
  • Access to foreign investment opportunities
  • Diversifying company markets

Hence, expanding your reach globally is a great way to earn more profits if you have a great app. Here is everything that you need to know about how to market your app globally.

Ways to Successfully Market your App

1. Research your Target Countries

Every big project starts with in-depth research, and when there is an audience involved, then research is a must. It is the first step where you need to research and determine in which countries you want to launch your app.

It is essential to comprehend a country’s culture while expanding your app because not all apps work well in all states. For example, an app that contains adult content will not be appropriate for some Asian countries.

You need to research thoroughly to understand if your app’s concept matches with the market’s culture or not. Once you are sure that your app is good to go in the market, then plan your promotion activities accordingly.

2. Localize the App to Fit in the New Market

Once you have determined the countries in which you want to launch a mobile app. The next step is to localize your app as per the country’s cultural requirements. When entering into a new market you have to tweak your app’s language, UX/UI design, descriptions, and other essential elements should be resonated with the new user base.

All the elements will equally contribute to your app’s search ranking in a particular state; therefore, don’t forget to also work on the keywords, Meta descriptions, and descriptions. The more your app will reflect the market’s culture, the more downloads it will get.

3. Promote your App in the Local Market

App promotion in the local market is crucial because Google Play doesn’t work in China; therefore, all the developers shifted towards Baidu. Baidu is a Chinese multinational technology company. App promotion must be relevant with your chosen country’s platforms. Otherwise, your app will not be able to be accessed locally.

4. Define your KPIs

When you enter into a new market, then there are various risks associated with the product. You are unsure whether your app will work or not. Therefore, the best bet is to define your KPIs through which you can monitor your app’s performance in the new location.

You also need to continually review customer feedback in the new state to improve your app’s performance later. KPIs will help you to understand and measure your returns and the key areas through which you are getting traffic.

5. Promote your App via Video

People love to watch videos, and that’s the reason which makes video content users’ favorite. Moreover, videos also get maximum shares because they is easily shareable. Video promotions are not expensive and also provide a good response.

Keep in mind that your video has to be exceptional with engaging content that can powerfully connect with the users’ emotions and explain how your app is going to solve their problems.

Everything should be perfect, pay special attention to the video and sound quality, and don’t forget to place CTAs at the right place.

6. Create Hype

Being proactive is the key to success. Always promote your expansion via different social channels. You can use your Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms to create buzz about your app.

It will increase your app’s visibility even before the launch. People will know about your app, and chances are your app’s downloads will increase ultimately after the official launch.

While using social media platforms for the app promotion, be careful about certain things. Introduce attractive teasers of your app, give an engaging description of your app, and use appealing graphics to catch visitors’ attention simultaneously.

7. Pitch a Blog

Pitching a blog is another effective way for promoting your app. you can write a tech blog in which you can share your app’s details and ask the most relevant publisher to publish your blog on the site.

Before pitching your blog, make a list of all the relevant editors and then ask them to publish it for you. The more readers will read content; the more people will know your app. Therefore, try to pitch your blog on sites with maximum readership.

8. Attach Discounts

When you are expanding your app to the new locations, then it is essential to incentivize your app usage to increase the number of downloads. You can provide discounts on the initial download of your app in the new country.

For example, provide a 15% off on any specific food outlet; you can also attach discounts for clothing. The strategy will boom the app downloads because people love to get discounts on food and clothing. Also, you can offer giveaways to the users who refer your app to their friends.

9. Seek Help from ASO

ASO stands for app store optimization. The process improves your visibility on the app stores. To get found faster, you need to upgrade your ASO. Also, don’t forget to optimize your app’s description, screenshots, title, and icons.

10. Write a Press Release

Press releases also allow you to get featured on various platforms through which people come to know about your app and its expansion. Releasing a press release is an effective and promotional way of promoting your app.

Get Ready to Prepare your App’s Promotion!

Promoting an app is not a one-time effort, it has to be constantly updated as per changing environments and users’ preferences. You have to work hard to create effective marketing strategies for your app promotion.

You can only create the right strategies when you research your new audience and their preferred platforms. Once you will understand all the core platforms and your users’ interests then it will be easier for you to continue your app’s promotion in the right direction on the right platforms. Be ready to expand your app in the new country. Let's follow the strategies mentioned above, and see how it works for your app promotion.

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