Natalie Crawford
Natalie Crawford 5 November 2019

7 Steps to Make, Use and Perfect Automated Email Workflows

As a business owner, you need a strategy that helps you maintain engagement between the business and your customers. Interacting with your customers throughout their customer journey is how you retain them. Automated Email Workflows are the solution you're looking for because it not only sends multiple emails to several customers; it also saves you the time you'd have used to do this manually.

Email Workflow software ensures you succeed in engaging customers at every touchpoint. This is essential because you need an effective strategy that allows you to collect customer data. You can then use the information you gather to improve service delivery. You need to find an Email Workflow Automation tool that works for you because each business has unique needs.

To make the perfect Automated Email Workflows, you need to compile an email list and come up with a suitable email concept. You need to use your strategy to convert everyone on your email list into customers. Working with Email Workflow software gives you the efficiency you need to make this strategy a success. The software streamlines the entire process.

If you’re a freelance ghostwriter, you might not have the time to check on each one of your clients personally. To ensure you maintain engagement with all clients, develop a structured email marketing workflow that works for you. 

1. Set your goals

The very first step should know why you need an email marketing workflow. Set your goals and ensure they're realistic; otherwise you'll be setting yourself up for disappointment. The only way to build an Automated Email Workflow that works is if you have a purpose behind every action you take.

If you want to boost sales, your emailing strategy cannot be the same as that of a business' promoting a new product or service. This, however, does not mean that you can have just one goal at a time. It's possible to use different emailing strategies to achieve several goals simultaneously.

2. Have a Road Map

There is a process of coming up with every marketing strategy, and email marketing is not an exception. You need to map out your plan, so you have a path to follow. Of course, there are times when you're being forced to go off course, but you'll always need a path to come back to.

A road map also helps you set realistic timelines for the completion of your strategy. You cannot take forever to come up with an Email Workflow and expect to achieve your goals.

Since every goal you set should have a separate strategy, mapping out your plans is quite essential. You cannot achieve success if an email is sent to the wrong recipient. That said, bear in mind that workflows can merge or intersect depending on the response recipients give you.

3. Develop the Right Content

Now that you've laid out all your plans, you can create content for your email workflow. Make sure that the content you create for all email workflows is relevant and useful. Customers will not respond to your emails just because they transacted with you once. It has to be something they're interested in. People have busy schedules, and they're likely to ignore any email that's not worth their time. Get a professional copywriter to help you work on the content of your emails.

4. Test the product

Before you set the ball rolling, you have to find out what works and want you should eliminate from your strategy. Testing your product gives you the insight you need to improve your product. Ensure you test out several subject lines to get useful reactions from your ideal audience.

5. Make Changes Where Necessary

Use the test results to tweak your emailing strategy. If it means you have to shorten the emails, carefully compress the content to ensure, the message is not lost. Look at the efficiency and clarity of your emails from all angles.

6. Branch Out

Your Automated Email Workflows can have as many branches as your business requires. Use every opportunity to expand and enter new markets.

7. Focus on What Works and Grow

As your business grows, you need to focus on what works and eliminates what does not. Look back at your original goals to ensure you’re working towards achieving them. It’s very okay to introduce new goals because a business model is not cast in stone.

Sometimes, what you set out to achieve might not be the same thing you’ll want a year or two down the line. Make the necessary amendment and give your business the push it needs to scale to greater heights.


When creating an Automated Email Workflow, the aim is to come up with a strategy that works for you. Every business has different needs, and you need to understand your goals to come up with a winning strategy.

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