Roman Onischuk
Roman Onischuk 11 October 2019

7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use Marketing Software

Attracting and retaining customers has become every small business’s top priority. It is due to the reason that consumers don’t just look at the price or product anymore. Instead, they give their loyalty to companies who provide them with satisfactory customer experience.

In fact, it’s recorded in a customer experience statistics report for 2019 that 86% of customers will pay more for better customer experience. In order to do that, marketing ideas for small business have been developed. It consists of multiple processes that involve data gathering, market analysis, campaign and lead management, and much more.

However, these kinds of small business marketing strategies require a huge amount of time, energy and workforce. You’d be exhausting many of your resources without the assurance of gaining much profit. This is why marketing software platforms were created in recent years. Over time, it has been proven that marketing software is efficient in campaign improvement, lead maximization, increasing sales, and conversions. A 2018 marketing automation study shows 51% of business enterprises are using marketing software and 58% of small businesses plan to utilize the technology.

7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use Marketing Software

Marketing software is a comprehensive web system and application that helps businesses remain competitive and enables them to keep up with customer demands. Here are 7 reasons to use marketing software for small business: 

1. Drive efficiency and productivity 

Marketing software allows a business to automate regular tasks that consume a big part of a day’s procedures like data organization, nurturing leads, scoring, and scaling campaigns. Following the right steps to marketing automation removes chances for human error. The software provides a smooth and simple workflow for the whole marketing process as it is the most important factor in any business. This gives room for your workforce to focus on more important marketing aspects and responsibilities that require stricter monitoring.

2. Improve Customer Experience 

Marketing software allows your business to have personalized interactions with your clients and develop relationships with potential customers for an effective customer engagement. This is achieved through features such as lead qualification and nurturing, footprint analysis, scoring models, marketing and sales alignment. The software also has a function that sends email campaigns to customers whenever they browse for an item. These campaigns can guide customers to certain products that they may need or want, which is crucial in a diverse marketing world.

3. Increase Customer Retention 

Marketing software provides you with insightful information about customers. With this, you will be able to predict the needs and decisions of your customers and act without wasting time. The software has functions for loyalty and retention strategies like receiving feedback and reviews, sending exclusive offers to high-spending customers, and sharing re-engagement email campaigns for customers who become distant.

Marketing software helps small businesses by embedding cross-selling and up-selling into the business’s culture to ensure that follow-throughs reach the right customers at the right time without putting any pressure on your workforce.

4. Monitor Multiple Channels and Campaign Scaling 

You can track all channels you utilize to interact with potential clients and present customers. You can gain detailed information and measurable data about customer preferences from emails and social media. With marketing software, you can coordinate multiple programs in a centralized platform. You no longer have to switch from one system to another just to implement campaigns.

Additionally, the software allows you to scale campaigns beyond limits. You can develop an all-inclusive collection of campaigns to maximize revenue throughout the purchasing process. The software also allows you to segregate your customers and identify the right marketing campaign for a specific location or group of people.

5. Create Detailed Reporting 

With marketing software, users can create detailed reports from tracking and monitoring all channels containing hundreds of customers. These reports can be presented in a statistical or graphical data to assess campaigns and business growth. You can measure a campaign’s effectiveness and see areas requiring improvement and make appropriate changes. This way, sales and marketing teams can benefit from data

6. Streamline Customer Profiling 

Marketing software helps in creating customer profiles by gathering their web behavior, responses and number of opened email campaigns. This information can be analyzed and the results can be used in enhancing your marketing strategies. There are also tools for content marketing to make sure your campaigns are targeted to the right audience. 

7. Lead Management 

The process of lead nurturing can be automated through marketing software. You can easily identify and get information on prospects and leads from multiple social media channels. The lead nurturing system covers features for lead scoring, email automation, and auto-responders so that you’ll know which leads should be given priority. 

Things to Consider When Buying Marketing Software 

The common misconception when using marketing software is that it provides a new method of working. But in truth, its primary purpose is to automate the majority of marketing tasks so that the workforce can focus on more significant duties and opportunities. After realizing the reasons to maximize a marketing software for your small business, you may be interested to know the buying factors to consider before choosing the right software.

There are various marketing software products with varying features and services to choose from. Arguably the most important factor to consider is your available budget. Take your time in checking out marketing software since prices and available functions vary depending on the vendor. Top-rated vendors usually offer affordable prices for small businesses and those with a limited budget. These packages are equipped with the essential features you need, so you won’t have to worry about other tools that are not relevant to your workflows.

Marketing software offers diverse functions. However, more advanced platforms can be quite complicated and expensive. Make sure to develop an action plan that fits your goals and expectations. To guide you, you can refer to templates for a marketing plan. You don’t want to end up trying all available functions without resulting to your preferred productivity and profit. 

Recently Added Features to Marketing Software 

Since marketing software platforms have proven efficiency and effectiveness in the marketing industry, developers continue to improve its service and features to match the ever-growing expectations of customers. Some added features include:

  1. Improved navigation
  2. Social intelligence, and
  3. Mobile integration.

A usual marketing software interface can come a bit complicated to most users. Difficulty in navigation ends up with ending the usage of the software. It is why vendors are aiming to simplify the software so that companies can easily adapt to its interface and tools.

Social intelligence helps in predicting a customer’s future product preferences with the help of feedback and responses gathered from social media channels. Since the internet has a fast-paced environment, it’s important to keep up with the latest 2019 digital marketing trends. This way, businesses can stay in the competition while continuously reaching customer demands.

Finally, you almost can’t find an individual who doesn’t carry a mobile device in their pockets. It is agreeable that these devices are used in communication and various leisure activities. This means that mobile devices can be a major game changer in the marketing industry. Thus, vendors are aiming for marketing software products that are accessible through mobile platforms to ensure users can stay connected even when on-the-go. 

Grow Your Business with Efficiency and Effectiveness 

Marketing software is a collection of systems developed to improve customer experience. It is ideal for businesses of all sizes, especially the small ones or those that are new to the industry. This technology is capable of eliminating repetitive mundane tasks and using your resources to their full extent. It saves time and energy spent on manual marketing strategies and tasks. Most importantly, the prices of marketing software may be costly, but this investment is worth every penny because it helps you attract more customers and gain more profit as the business grows.

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