Aakansha Damani
Aakansha Damani 1 November 2019

17+ Eye-catching Minimalist Website Designs Curated for your Inspiration

A minimalistic website is a trend that’s been evolving over the years. This trend is seeing even fewer details and more empty space than before. Simple things are difficult. It’s a challenge to keep your site from looking boring and dull while keeping things fewer and simple. But there are people who excel at working with bare minimum and bringing the best out of a website. 

Tips To Remember While Designing a Website

We have curated a list of 19 minimalistic responsive websites highlighting how they went the extra mile to stand out from other websites. 

1. Paravel Inc. 


 The landing page shows an image with white text centered on a black background with bonfire glimmer animation for great contrast. The Amigos (Friends in Spanish) reflects their brand value as a team of 3 people. Limited use of text allowed minimized effort on the part of the user. Neo-minimalism is applied here - even stripping away the CTA - to keep the attention focused on their web design.

2. Solitude Agency 

Less is more” principle is followed diligently in this website design. The website is themed around the outer space elements justifying best with the brand name Solitude. As you scroll down, the page shows a series of information with an appealing typography. The green button in the end stands out on the black background drawing the connection to its CTA “Discuss a Project”.

3. Bravoure 

The landing page uses page transition animation to showcase brand name and an image, guiding back to main web page. The homepage of the website scrolls sideways to showcase the clients that Bravoure has worked for. Bright images are used against white backdrop for the client’s portfolio display. The other pages have a solid color in the background and white as the font color.   

4. Intersection Advertising Agency 

Grayscale color palettes used in whole website are a shortcut to more visually dynamic and artistic images. Making it a good fit for brands who want to appear serious and thought-provoking. The other landing pages utilizes a section break with an accent color - Green - making it look stronger. The black and white images in subsequent pages get a colorful contrast as we hover over them. Minimum colors and bold typography in all the pages is giving the website a cool minimalist look.   

5. Versett 

Versett homepage tells right-off-the-bat what they do - through a video running in its hero section. Its product line has used effective color blocking to separate itself from other sections of the page. The white background with black font gives the whole website a consistent look. 

6. Brault & Barnes

This website is again set in the white background, black font pattern. The images are vibrant. The differentiating factor of Brault & Barnes is the limited landing pages, covering the vital ones of course. 

7. Create/Disrupt Studio

Create/Disrupt Studio’s website has a vibrant cursor-sensitive landing page background focusing on brand clearly. The website has played a lot around the typography by using large typefaces to grab user attention on the core content. Additionally the social media buttons are limited at 2 only with the CTA highlighted in bold font. This type of minimalism can be great for edgy and unconventional tech brands.  

8. We Ain’t Plastic 

Fewer details and a lot of empty space present on the homepage is drawing attention to the ‘Gems’ of the company. Contrast is the MVP here. Using black font and occasionally, the green color, the website has proven that not many colors are required to make one’s website engaging. Tilted page breaks are giving an elegant look to the website.

9. Animal 


The custom animation present on the homepage engages the visitors very well. The cursor is customized as a black eraser for the homepage animation. The Our Work and About Us pages have different solid colors as their background coupled with vivid imagery, and conversational text. It suits best to brands reliant on strong customer relations such as B2B.

10. Mug Services 

The website revolves around ‘wow’ user interactions which is referred as microinteractions. Homepage’s bright neon color choice along with responsive 3D logo animation acts as a good attention drawing point.This minimalist design ensures that the visitor is not overloaded/distracted with too many moving objects in one go. 

11. Legacy Rules 

There are a very few websites which uses asymmetric layout, like the one used in Legacy Rules website. The image transitions, and a call to action asking to scroll down on the landing page is placing the focus on the intricacies of the products. Also the trick of using strikethrough of words puts the emphasis on the content, and highlights the values of the company. 

12. Never bland    

Never bland has lived up to its name with the website design. The homepage features a customized animated logo. The parallax scrolling is used as a magnifying glass and a guiding element both when hovering over the content. The consistent black background adds power to images and bold white letters of the text giving the website perfect minimalist look. 

13. Everess 


Everess website’s landing page gives the first impression of monochromatic web design. It has used slow slide in style for its hamburger menu. The homepage features a vertical sidebar navigation for its social media links and low/high contrast images. This gives the website a clean look overall. 

14. Studio Rotate

Studio Rotate website design left no elements for removal at all. There is a lot of empty space on the homepage with a customized animation. The image play is used when describing the client’s work. Use of less details and visuals in the menu is used to grab attention to the products page individually. 

15. has used vibrant images for narrating the work they have done. Using white color as the background, they have leveraged high contrast images for lively looking website design. They have displayed their clients in neat and organized grid style. 

 16. KickPush 

KickPush has used minimum words to put across strong messages. There is a lot of word play with bold typography present throughout the website. The website has used only solid colors for the background. Important content is placed above the fold giving the users ability to take actions easily. The following pages on the website has more elegant use of quirky images and content. 

17. Cooper Perkins

Cooper Perkins has opted for a balance between text and visuals. There is no bold or dramatic typography used and yet it manages to engage via just text. The subsequent pages has used a professional way of showing its client’s case studies by using minimal use of colors and high quality imagery. They used the classic white background for all their landing pages giving it clean and cool look overall. 

18. BLEND Digital Agency

Blend’s landing page is another example of CSS animation showing both parallax scrolling, and intuitive image hovering effect. Visitors can see the services provided for various clients on the homepage itself. There are small microinteractions present on the homepage to ensure that navigation is not hindered at any point. The font color used is also limited to blue and black.

19. Kolaps 


Kolaps opted for the work done as its introduction. Different solid colors are used for the client work page. Black and white theme is followed in the About Us page. There is no clutter through out the homepage. Other landing pages has used vibrant imagery and videos that successfully shows off their work. 

These minimalistic websites ensures that there is no cognitive load on the user. And users feel most attracted to clean design. 

CSS media queries, flexible images, and a smart mix of fluid grids and layouts like of these websites will ensure a minimalistic yet highly responsive design.

Users need 50 milliseconds of exposure of your website to determine whether you’re worth investing. It’s always a make-or-break moment.

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