Zoe Kahn
Zoe Kahn 28 November 2019

The Secret About Online Reviews

Reviews are essential on ecommerce websites and marketplaces for B2C and B2B sectors. They express users' advice for products and will impact future users' actions. That is why it is important to understand how to deal with them properly and include them in the stories of every product whatever they are positive or negative. They will be part of the choice of buyers.

What is the first thing that people do when they are considering buying a new product on marketplaces? They head to the computer and look up product reviews. They want to know if the product is exactly what they are looking for, if the transaction is trustful, and what other people’s experiences were. This is because they will likely encounter the same issues with the product if there are any.

And on big marketplace, such as Amazon or Ali-Baba, users are looking for reviews about sellers in order to be sure that he is trustful and the product will be well delivered on time.

Reviews: a global overview

Negative reviews

Some retailers might shy away from product reviews because they don’t want negative messages being spread about their products. However, this is the wrong approach to take. If there are negative reviews, it means that there is a flaw in the product. This is crucial information for the retailer, and they need to find out about it immediately. Then they will be able to act and fix the issue. Retailers must respond appropriately to negative reviews and show the customer that their concern is being investigated.

Staying believable

It is a benefit to have both positive and negative reviews on your website. This is because people tend to avoid businesses that have only completely positive reviews. The customer will become suspicious, as though the business is trying to hide something. This may not necessarily be the case, but it is unlikely that only good things are being said. A client will seem more relatable if a seller has both kinds of reviews, because everyone makes mistakes, and no one is perfect.

Swaying decisions

Positive product reviews are beneficial to both the company and the potential customer. The retailer has the knowledge that its product is being enjoyed. The potential customer gets to see exactly what it is that they will be buying. Overall, a large percentage of people regularly read product or seller reviews. They feel better prepared and more knowledgeable after reading such material. Then they can make an informed decision, without having to guess at which product is better. Not only product or seller reviews are important for e-commerce, there are also fundamental for your B2B marketing strategy.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO occurs when certain keywords are activated when users make online searches. They are useful because they help the user narrow in on what they are looking for. When someone leaves a product review, there will be keywords that are sure to come up in a search engine. The user who is doing the searching can easily find the review and read it. If they are happy with what is being said, they may decide to purchase that exact product.

About product reviews

Focus on product

Products are noted and commented on by buyers on most platforms. They will offer a global view of the product but may not necessarily be pertinent. The profile of the client who wrote the comment is not mentioned, and his needs could be different. You can also find opposite reviews for a similar product, that could be confusing. Which product review is the most relevant? That is a good question.

Used product

C2C platforms are growing and offer more and more competition according to the lowest prices that are proposed. When looking for the best offer for one product, end-users need to choose the product they want through a larger panel of offers coming from professional and individual vendors. Product reviews are essential, but not enough to compare. How to be sure that one product offered by one vendor is good quality if there is no review?

About sellers’ review

Informative scoring

More specific to C2C platform or B2B marketplace, vendor reviews are very pertinent. When buying a product on Amazon or eBay, customers check how trusted vendors are . They need to know if previous transactions were correctly completed. We meet same expectations on B2B marketplaces, when a professional buyer compares vendors and chooses the one with the most suitable review.

Trustful shipping

Seller reviews can also alert on the way products are delivered. Were some products broken or missing? Was the delivery date respected? For professionals on B2B marketplaces, the delivery date can have a real impact on business, and so really matters when buying online. 

Difficult marketplace entry

Attracting sellers is one of the most important steps when managing a marketplace. When one new seller arrives, he will face one big challenge: getting reviews to be equal with competitors, and so build trust around his products. Operators of marketplaces should be very careful about that in order to avoid sellers to run away and choose another platform.

Online reviews about products or sellers are incredibly effective at attracting customers to click or buy products. Customers expect some type of review of your business and products. If customers cannot read about products they are looking for, they will be unlikely to trust vendors. The customer will be suspicious because they do not know who they are dealing with.

Trust is crucial when it comes to pay online. Online reviews are one important part of the quick growth of online sales on marketplaces.

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