Priya Kumari
Priya Kumari 16 May 2019

Predictive Content Analysis: A well-considered Content Strategy for Supporting Sales

Using predictive content enables sales to redirect the hottest prospects directly into your CRM. This not only helps in shortening the sales cycle, but also boosts the Return on Investment (ROI).

Methods of Leveraging Predictive Content for Increase in Revenue

  1. Scrutinizing CRM & Outlook:

CRM & Outlook can be integrated with analytical tools to keep a track record of the type of content utilized during a particular sale. Such data can help the marketing team reshuffle their content strategy as per the preference of the buyers.

  1. Mapping Content at Specific Situations:

 Marketing teams can map the content in the CRM & Outlook being utilized by their buyer persona during specific stages of their individual buying cycles. This data can, in turn, be combined with the demographics, psychographic & technographic data of the prospects to create personalized content for them for further boosting the conversions. This can help the sales representatives considerably cut down on the time spend per month for creating their own content, which can take up to 35 hours (Source: & focus more on closing the sales.   

  1. Serving up the Content to the Prospects through CRM:

CRM comes handy in delivering content to the buying prospects. This not only increases the use of CRM but also automatically keeps a track record of all the data being used for finalizing the sales, for the marketing team to look into & improve the personalization being delivered via contents.

A study by Aberdeen Group shows that companies that gave the marketing team access to their sales content utilization, witnessed a 3% increase in the total company revenue over the year. Moreover, their total number of deals increased by 5.1 % over the year with a comparatively lesser amount of content being utilized & by the elimination of all the meaningless content being generated by the sales team.


Predictive content is a newbie in the field of content marketing.  It’s a radical approach towards content creation & execution.  It requires the internal processes within a B2B company to be changed to synchronize the sales & marketing teams which helps them work cumulatively towards the ultimate goal of optimizing Return on Investment (ROI). 

While mapping content strategy down the funnel over the period of time can help boost sales, an analysis of content strategy on the top & mid-funnel levels can help attract more specific & engaged buyer persona than ever before.

A shorter sales cycle, decreased efforts for content creation, targeted content focused on attracting & engaging users (based on their buying preferences & individual, demographic, psychographic & industrial data), bridging gap between marketing and sales content, increase in marketing team’s contribution to sales pipeline by up to 3.6% over the year (Source: & ultimately increase in the revenue for B2B marketers are key  advantages of creating & executing predictive content strategy.


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